Grinch Character Breakfast at Universal Studios Orlando 2019
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Grinch Character Breakfast at Universal Studios Orlando 2019

Jared and Lindsay back at Universal studios
this time over in islands of adventure for day two of the holiday celebration
and today we’re doing the Grinch character breakfast which we are really
excited about the horror night character breakfast and we had a good time now we’re
going to do the Grinch breakfast So far it’s just as cold today as it was
yesterday anyway if you are new to our channel we would like to welcome you if you like the videos
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get to know you pretty excited I had a really good time with the horror night
breakfast who did in the other because I’ve never been into this restaurant
everyone’s seen it pink love green eggs and ham so you’re confident they’re gonna have
it I don’t see what I don’t know why did they have a green eggs and ham
restaurant over there by the carousel that’s never open it is so fun in here
craziness yeah even in this cool photo op in French
there we go yeah Keitha and veggies like roasted potatoes and peppers and
onions and cheese fun chief dinnertime yes green eggs and ham Wow
what there’s so much food a parents crazy muffins and cookies I think we’re gonna
have to try one of these and blue sprinkle donuts so lots to
choose from I don’t know about you but this is a lot of food why not it’s our special breakfast
I also got their specialty drink the Grinch punch
it’s yummy it’s like a sour apple she says cat in the hat’s visiting from he’s fall today Oh fantastic
hey listen eat the green cookies better God all right I can do double travel I guess they didn’t like your classic
monster shirt well would you think the character breakfast I really liked it
they did such a good job with that there were so many characters in there yeah
how many characters head walking around prepared to like because when we did the
scare actor one I think had one actor walking around and then they had a
couple in stationary spots but you had to go to and take pictures and they did
a really good job but the dr. Seuss character breakfast was way better man
and the dude playing the Grinch like wow he’s he’s so good at that and
you can hear him throughout the entire place that you’re sitting so I mean even
when he’s not at your table doing you know talking to you and interacting you
can hear him everywhere so that’s worth it but on top of that they had like four
or five other characters yeah walking around and just really really good they
just do a super good job and the food was good what green eggs and ham man I
told you it would have it yeah I’m not sure it did taste a little bit different
I’m not sure what was in the green eggs but I like good yeah but the food good
drinks good the characters are good that’s well worth doing
I was $34.99 for adult I don’t know if there was a kid Bryce or not I don’t
remember but the dates were pretty limited so if you are interested I want
to check like all right now because they won’t run in yeah
that many dates and I’m trying to think I don’t even know if they went through
mid-december with it but anyway get get on the website and double-check that
seven yeah highly recommended if not this year like make it a priority next
year yeah that one super worth doing


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