Grinchmas At Universal Studios Hollywood
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Grinchmas At Universal Studios Hollywood

hello everybody today we’re at Universal
Studios Hollywood and it’s Christmas time wow this place
is amazing we’re in Whoville I see the California to the wrong
location buddy no give you free expedited thank
you so much what do you want Noah second stone that okay let’s kids there’s some et okay we have to do it
that looks amazing donut thank you so much they’re good might be good daddy’s chopping it down please like the Simpson donut well what
happens at 5:30 of life we’re coming for you dreams here we go you know what hello mr. grant
how are you I’m very good I like your hair
I know it looks like candy how are you you good night
yeah right your name no okay Marge gasps are you Santa’s goodness that was
amazing but first our first time actually being immigrants it’s Lydia is
that first time here we love the tree and it’s amazing oh that’s pretty high
oh yes thank you


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