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  • IP Rainwater

    Governor Blackface Wearing Northam and AG Blackface Wearing Herring must be the dumbest people on this planet because they are still saying their proposed anti-gun laws do not infringe on our State and Federal Constitutional Rights. They are the few you can count on your hand that keep on spewing this propaganda to further their Communists' agenda of GUN CONFISCATION. Since we are a Dillon Ruled State the laws passed in the House of Freaks, Senate and signed by the Governor do not have to be Constitutionally sound since the counties by law are "supposed to" follow any law they choose to ram down we the people's throats. The VA Dems now owe NYC Bloomer-berg his nut busting disarmament he gave 3.5 million dollars to VA to flip seats in the General Assembly. So now the Dems cannot turn back after accepting all that money. This is election interference at it's finest. Why is a billionaire from New Your influencing VA Elections? Shall not be infringed still means shall not be infringed so I am unsure what Constitution these dummies are reading.

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