GTA – Divine Intervention (Zombie Movie)
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GTA – Divine Intervention (Zombie Movie)

eProducciones presents Divine Intervention Directed and edited by ezequieldavid Script written by Herr Schadenfreude With the voices of — Story and characters
by Herr Schadenfreude My brothers in Satan, my brothers in hell! This reunion has been great But like every year, we must part. It’s been an honor my friend. We will see you on the other side
of the desert, if you ever need us. You undead brain eating shits are
going back to hell! For it is me, Tex. the saviour of all good children in
the shadow of the Valley of Death! Lord… Bless this round as I drive it into
ievery of these maggot infested shitbags! Damn straight! We got survivors. Move the barricade! Hey there, strangers. I want to know who you are
before we let you anywhere near us My family is inside
the gas station. We have food, beer and protection. My brother has the flu, but that is a
virus we should worry the least about The one to my left is Garrit. The one to my right is Donovan. My name is Slater. I don’t like the look of this
motherfucker over here. This homeless piece of shit thinks he
can shoot a real man’s gun. I don’t like the look of this chump
standing in front of me either. Well boys, we have
talked about this. Well, what do you plan to do? You motherfuckers! You can’t do this! I hope you rot in hell… My family will not die so easily They will kill you before you kill me! Any minute now my son is gonna come
through that door and blow your fucking balls off! We are all taking a ride to hell,
and you are riding shotgun! Please, if there is anyone here…
anyone at all… We can provide protection
we can provide shelter and food. We have all the resources you need. It appears that they do not succumb
to the necrosis of the flesh… They do not decay… they are alive. I may say they are alive
but in no way humans You think I am insane, but look at you, trying to convince us
that those things are still us. They are… they merely
resemblant to us They are not the same. Did you find anything? I went out twenty miles I could not find anyone Everyone is… I think everyone out there is dead and has been for a long time. Do you really think we
are the last ones out here… I do not like to admit it. None of us do… None of us do… Oh shit, I shot the lock! You are not leaving me to die here! God… Why have you forsaken us? If you still love us… Tell me… what I can do to save them. Thank you, God Amen. Hm, I guess there isn’t anyone here. Are you bitten? No. Have you come into contact
with the Devil’s advocates? What?! Answer the question! No! Ah, fuck! I can’t believe this,
you goddamn old man! Do not ever take that
Man’s name in vain. Who the hell are you? Who the HELL am I? Wait, seriously. What is your name? Gerald, what’s yours? You do not need to know that much. What do I need to know? I did not send you to St. Peter’s gates be grateful and repent to your God. OH for fuc- You can not just leave me out here! Why is that, Gerald? Aren’t you supposed to be a shepard
guiding the scared or some shit like that? Fear is non-existant. Bullshit. Even when I walk through the shadow
of the valley of death I fear no evil, for the Lord is by my side. Just follow me. My brothers! We have finally been rewarded
with the Apocalypse May we use it to our advantage. Hail! We shall fuck all the female survivors! Hail! We shall kill every man and child! Hail! And we will feast upon their flesh,
like our undead brethren! Hail! Satan! Lets raid this fuckin’ shit! Where are we going? You mean, where are you going… You can’t fucking leave me out here! I’ll get killed! Aim for the head. If those necro fuckers
don’t get me. the damn bikers and raiders will! Raiders? Bikers?. You talking football, son? Nevermind The goddamn Satanists have been
telling us this shit for years And while your people sat on their asses
praying to Mr. Goddamn Kite they were right! I prefer the Octopus’ Garden. Since when does a Priest
listen to the Beatles? When the world ends,, we all
have our guilty pleasures. Sometimes, they do not need repentance. South or North? This is bullshit! I am hear to kick ass for the Lord Not kiss his
whiny sons’ asses. Some priest you are… Fantastic. Hm. Well what do we have here? A priest and a choir boy! Any last words, ya sorry sonava bitches! I don’t want to die this way! How do you want to die? Having a heart attack during
an orgy on my 90th birthday? Once we start firing, the zombies
are going to come and eat your asses You ain’t afraid, preacher man? I fear no evil, for the Lord
is on my side. Yeah, yeah… That’s what they all say.. Hail! Satan! Go home and baww,
like the sheep you are. You filthy son of a mother
I will cut you! God bless this land
and this day! Yeah, yeah. Have fun with that. We are dead… we are dead… Anything encouraging
you have to say? You ever heard
of Divine Intervention? When God comes down from
Heaven to make a miracle? He’s God, not Santa Claus, who
will make your dreams come true. What is Divine Intervention then? A bullet to the head! Directed and edited
by ezequieldavid Script written by
Herr Schadenfreude Story and characters
by Herr Schadenfreude Starring
Patric Whitstone


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