Gun Rights Activists Rally Against Gun Control Legislation In Richmond | All In | MSNBC
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Gun Rights Activists Rally Against Gun Control Legislation In Richmond | All In | MSNBC


  • William Wisnieski

    Listen here MSNBC and woman talking in this segment. I am no far right winger. I am no nazi. But you people know how to push us who are conservative to a point where we don’t see enough room in this country for the both of us. Look at what this Congress is doing to this president. It’s all BS. And they are talking about doing it again and again when this one doesn’t stick. I am so sick of you people. I am so sick of the direction you want to take this country. I am so sick at you taking my worlds and twisting them into something they are not. You all better chill. We’re not the ones that needs to find piece it is you. You need to find piece with us because we’re getting tired of being pushed around.

  • GodSon

    America is the most violent country in the world. They need to change the 2nd Admendment. There needs to be stricter gun laws. I don't know why people are so in love with guns. There are too many people and children getting killed by people who are racist and so called law abiding citizens. There are so many people who have died because of mass shootings 58 people at a concert, 50 at a club, Wal-Mart, multiple school shootings, people at a church. They are not getting killed by criminals but mostly by racist hateful and so called law abiding citizens. People in this country love guns more then saving lives and more the helping people. There are other countries that have stricter gun laws and there are not as nearly violent or have as many death per year like America. So people rally for guns but don't care or rally for peace, the poor, the hungry, racism, crime, injustice or the way we treat other countries. What would Jesus do!

  • true Jesse James

    All fake news, white supremacist, white man, come on there were plenty of minorities defending their second amendment right all three are bunch of idiots

  • GlowFish

    “Far right term” oh stfu. See how the MSM tries to control the narrative? I say they are just as guilty as the blue line nazis and should get the same treatment as well…

  • Ulfric Stormcloak

    boogaloo isnt even far right. libertarians here in aus use to to define the end of the world. libertarians are "far right" now?

  • NuVersion

    Thousands of people gathered here with guns and not one shot was fired, there were no violent out burst, no one defecated on a police car, there was no vandalism, and the grounds were clean when everyone left the area. Compare this event with the leftist rallies. If guns were really the problem, why didn't anything go wrong?

  • Edda Wyberski

    Last I checked it was a "RALLY " NOT A PROTEST.
    Who is this lady talking⁉️ you sound racist by saying that it's mostly "white men" out there marching. STOP spewing hate lady it shows.

  • Charles Lowrey

    "Our cruel and unrelenting Enemy leaves us no choice but a brave resistance, or the most abject submission; this is all we can expect – We have therefore to resolve to conquer or die: Our own Country's Honor, all call upon us for a vigorous and manly exertion, and if we now shamefully fail, we shall become infamous to the whole world. Let us therefore rely upon the goodness of the Cause, and the aid of the supreme Being, in whose hands Victory is, to animate and encourage us to great and noble Actions – The Eyes of all our Countrymen are now upon us, and we shall have their blessings, and praises, if happily we are the instruments of saving them from the Tyranny meditated against them. Let us therefore animate and encourage each other, and shew the whole world, that a Freeman contending for Liberty on his own ground is superior to any slavish mercenary on earth."

    George Washington

  • Louis Cammarata

    I guess I don't I guess I don't understand what part of the Constitution where it says not to be infringed upon don't they understand up there

  • Cool Hand Mark

    Bwahahaha… check out 1:48 (gotta be quick)! Typical deliberately ignorant education-hating illiterate Drumpf-cockholsters can't even spell a five-letter word correctly lol! The fact that they can't even spell "Cival War" correctly, is just one of the many reasons that these whack-job G.I. Joe wannabe's (yeah, check out their militant Halloween costumes) shouldn't even be allowed within 100 miles of firearm, let alone own one!

  • stopthecrazyguy

    The NRA is paying for a lot of trolls (see below.) Small investment for a lot of thousand dollar suits.
    Guns are phallic symbols. Real men don't need outward symbols of fertility. Only insecure little boys need guns to prove their masculinity.

  • Me MyselfandI

    Welcome to the Democratic party Virginia plenty more coming your way! Higher taxes, gun control, rich getting richer ousting of the middle class. Great voting enjoy what you created.

  • Kevin Bransky

    And so many gun owners are just dickless cowards who would rather use a gun as an equalizer, since they know they can't compete in society by using their words – or lack thereof. Beware of these meat heads armed to the teeth, as they are more like violent and lonely bullies instead of the thoughtful patriots they claim to be.

  • Someone Else

    The sad thing is that these gun reforms may not have ever even gotten as far as they have had pro-gun reforms groups not started spending more in lobbying than the NRA lately, which was made easier due to the NRA being a mess recently.

  • Chinese American

    Question: 1, in USA reality, is gun has violence result more ? or has justice results more? I mean what is the gun representing the meaning of people life? 2, is gun right more important than people life? 3, let’s compare 2 extreme countries between USA and China, USA one month of the gun violences more than 40 years of China gun violence combined. And you have to notes that China has 5 times more population than USA. Is anyone want to build this country same like Middle East countries as war zone?

  • Sergeant 302

    marther Luther King was Republican. Democrats was fighting against Martha Luther King and today despicable Democrats be using for their political Gained. He wanted same rights . Even to day the Democrats trying to destroy everyone right and news team play their part say it ok for them do that big government good freedom bad .

  • princeoftidds

    Protesting those basic common sense regulations is a sign of idiocy. The gun lobby undoubtedly put forth disinformation saying this is the first step in confiscating guns. No one is going to take your precious guns. You're fine. Fewer guns on the streets means the criminals who don't want to follow the law will have a harder time. That's it.

  • Jason Robertson

    I don't think they meant it as an insult to MLK or his family – having it on this day… Now if they would've had it on April 4th instead – THAT would've been an actual insult. I think it was just a coincidence of timing to be honest, or maybe just trying to prove that "all men are created equal & can be equally nonviolent – even when everyone doubts that as a real possibility".

  • TheNanners5

    They try their hardest to make this about the alt right and white supremacists/ white nationalists. But in reality, gun rights are for all Americans, especially minorities. I don't think MLKJ would be disappointed in this rally on his day at all.

  • Tink Ertime

    Someone stated that crime goes up 127% when Trump gas a rally, but did not say from which side, AntiFa, the crime is perpetuated from!

  • Louise Dean

    How stupid American gun lovers look to the rest of the world….you are not piece loving people, you are still stuck in the cowboy days…your egos need guns to show how tough you are….what you are afraid of each other? if so, it's the hate you created that has made you fearful… sad, to the outsiders you look like
    cowards compared to other countries that don't need to carry arms…..

  • Brad Dibble

    Do you think they realize, they definitely had sniper rifles trained on their heads, no intimidation allowed, the people have spoken, they want gun reform. It's way past due, we were supposed to do it after Columbine, but you know. We named our daughter after one of the children that was murdered at Columbine, it's been over 20 years, it's way past time.

  • Andreja Calibri

    See, it was violence free because of all the guns. So why doesn't Trump allow guns at his rallies? Why is he denying people their right to carry guns at his rallies?

  • Dimitri Ignatowski

    Guy shot up a Chief's victory party in KC, killed two, wounded 15. Msnbcucked more interested in smearing the law abiding gun owner.

  • Steven

    I like the guy who said it is God's giving right to to own weapons like wtf ……pretty sad when you need a gun to show your a man …..stupid people

  • Heritage NOT Hate

    All TRUE Patriotic Americans reject and abhor leftist commie scum. Especially cocksuckers who want to disarm law-abiding gun owners.

  • ᙅYᙖᙓᖇ ᗪOᙅ™

    "The Base" sounds like some CIA creation with such a corny name. The police weren't responsible for the calmness of the crowd today. The people themselves were responsible. I was there before the sun even came up, talking with people, drinking coffee, and jumping around to keep warm. Everyone was very disciplined and friendly. The police are not your friend.

  • barbie99

    Quote: "Mostly white men, marching armed to the hilt, the level and intimidation of fear that, that can stoke is terrifying. Actually what the Virginia legislature did was enact the will of the people… You've got this kinda smaller minority of folks that can come out and look like that and intimidate folks and really kinda try and intimidate legislatures from enacting the will of the people… Yea, I think that is what we have been witnessing in the last several years is the emboldening of white supremacist and white nationalists kinda coming out of the woodwork in plain day…"

    {"The Devil is a liar and the father of it!!!"} No; what you are, and have been witnessing; in the past several years and continuing, is the awakening of a sleeping giant!!! It has only appeared to be a minority; until you all began pushing your agendas way too far!!! It is the likes of you and others like you, that are stirring up trouble; and therefore you would not have one thing whatsoever to fear, if it were not for your attempts to dis-arm and enslave a free people!!! All these men were quiet and stayed within their own homes; until you all, started this mess, and continued in your diligent efforts to try and de-story the Constitu-tion of this Great Christian Nation!!! They are acting completely within their God given rights as the free men that they are, and that only, because of their rights to keep and bear arms; to defend those rights!!! If you are so darned afraid to live here, then leave; you don't need to be here.

  • Spens inthevalley

    MSNBC is so dishonest before the rally "guns are banned" after the rally "guns were banned on government property". Stupid f***s

  • Davex 4545

    Look at all the thumbs down this slavery party feltcher gets…….what a joke this network is. The 2nd amendment is in place for the control of government it doesn’t take the use of guns anyone can rent a Ryder truck whenever government gets to big and pushes taxpayers around. A second civil war isn’t a bad idea a chance to do away with all the treasonous slavery party politicians and their feltchers

  • Jim Jackle

    Anyone that disagrees with these leftist idiots, they call them white supremacists or racists. How in the f**k can these leftist morons conclude that pro constitutional, 2nd amendment supporters are white supremacists? It just shows the dishonesty and slanderous nature of these low IQ yoyos.

  • MultiSkippy101

    This rally and its activists have NOTHING to do with Charlottesville. These are Americans protecting everyone's 2nd Amendment rights. FU MSNBC for spinning propapanda! From a former Democrat who is fed up with this type of Media Extremist Liberal BS!!!!

  • Lou Montana

    I cannot find one photo to prove the number of people.
    A couple of thousand people do not represent the 8.5 million people of Virginia.

  • Shane Johnson

    The limp wristed leftists are finding out that the majority disagrees with their distorted view of reality. Governor Blackface was crapping his pants when he saw the tens of thousands protesting against his butt.

  • Mike Zimmer

    So, a rally for wannabee Rambos playing dress up in military gear goes off without shots fired and these twits are proud! They seem to forget that at least six were arrested prior to the event for planning mahem. Why don't these gun toting fine people go join the actual military. We all know that answer! Meow.

  • Lou Montana

    Sorry, buddy but it was not thousands. At no time did they ever show the actual size of the crowd.
    1. The parking, where would thousands park?
    2. Walking, fat gutted deadbeats hate to walk.
    3. Food, those kinds of people don't like to be thirty feet from their fridge.
    4. Toilets, where did those people poop?

  • Mike Zimmer

    The reason why there wasn’t any violence or drama is because the pro gun protesters made it clear that they were going to bring loaded weapons and the counter protesters wisely didn’t show up or stayed away from them – obviously – because you had a situation where literally thousands of angry, racist, and violent White men were locked and loaded – and not surprising not one of them was arrested for breaking the law. Sane Democrats are not going to argue with and will logically stay as far away as possible from armed and crazed, racist Trumpfruits. That’s not a victory but the rise of fascism. Fascism rising folks.

  • Mike Zimmer

    It was a day for everyone to lobby for causes they believe in and the gun nuts ruined it. Virginia voters will not forget.

  • Laurie Hairfield

    Msnbc you make me sick. All those people with guns in Richmond Virginia today and NO VIOLENCE AT ALL!! NO HATE GROUPS EITHER!!

  • Mike Zimmer

    Huh, all those people with guns!
    And they still had them, when they left.
    I thought Donull said, Virginia was going to take them away?

  • Val Alonzo

    This rally has nothing to do with MLK Day as the Lobby Day in Richmond Virginia was determined by the legislators, not the 2A supporters…..get it right MSNBC, Americans aren’t as ignorant as you want them to be.

  • Jim Murphy

    Okay here is a question for you. You have an armed home invasion robbery at your residence. Would you rather protect your family and your property with your 2nd Amendment rights or call 911 and wait 5 minutes for the police to show up and watch your family get murdered because you let the Government take your 2nd Amendment Constitutional rights? Remember this: Your 2nd Amendment rights were originally intended to defend yourself and your family and your property and to keep the Government in check. Civics 101.

  • Cheap Whisky

    Nothing happened.Because the people their were not violent. Antifa "protest" are violent.

  • Mike Zimmer

    I'm not for taking anyones guns away, but after listening to these fruit loop gun owners it's fun to get them going. MAGA = trump gone = safer America…I will miss the pillow-biting trump gaywads.

  • Ganiscol

    I would like to see these assclowns enlist and go play war in Afghanistan, Northern Iraq, Saudi Arabia or where ever trump has relocated the troops to this week. There is also still a possibility for a war with Iran they can join to play "pew pew".

    All these proposed laws are sensible and will help to reduce the innocent body count without even taking guns away from anybody – when you oppose this, and hold up signs like these, walking around dressed up like that, then you probably belong to a domestic terrorist group.

  • Volcanic Ash Advisories Daily Updates

    MSNBC, it’s time that you stop peddling fear and focus on truth. Virginia patriots, it’s time to recall the traitor called governor.

  • David Moody

    Gupta you are a race baiter lots of blacks were there. More than 22,000 people get it right people. Race Baiter Gupta!!!!

  • Pat Smith

    so msnbc is saying there were neo nazos there and yet there was no violence. so does that mean neo nazis are more peaceful than antifa!?

  • Edward SB

    The very sole reason why this is the greatest country on earth, because we the people have the right to rid ourselves of a treasonous government

    God bless the founders of this great nation

  • Mary Rodger

    Those mofers must all be on the public dole since they don't appear to have that thingy called jobs and families to support.

  • Martin Hwang

    Wait, I don't get it. So they think a few thousand people with guns can fight against a Governmental forces such as US Army or National Guard? I mean it worked back in 1700 (barely) when the idea of Militias actually did work to some degrees, due to the (somewhat) evenly matched level of weaponry on both sides (American+French vs English), but in this day and age of advanced weaponry? I mean… drones and well… drones with missiles?I mean I get that y'all like guns and I respect any citizens' rights laid out in Constitution, but an armed struggle as what these folks are hinting seems a bit foolish. Unless someone can explain to me how this CAN be achieved…
    Just being a curious AND concerned Canadian, to the north of you guys. Stay safe.

  • Philip Fontaine

    Thumbnail; Gun rights activist rally against the Democratic party in Richmond, for attempting to remove their 2nd amendment rights. Apparently the Dems there don't understand what infringement means…. Imagine if the Virginia legislature were trying to chip away at the 1st amendment, same difference.

  • W S

    Vanita Gupta is hypocrite who is head of "The Leadership Conference" an organization that's vision is rooted in the premise that when our democracy is in peril, so too are civil rights. So basically she's stating the people who support the 2nd amendment at rallies like this are wrong. She's nothing but a progressive talking head attorney that agrees with only some parts of the constitution.

  • Jimmy Frost

    This year's lobby day usually falls on MLK day, to say or imply that the 2A Rally was scheduled on this day as a slight to Dr. King is a bold-faced lie,

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