Guy Who Can’t Stop Quoting Movies (feat. @Gus Johnson) – Addiction Busters
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Guy Who Can’t Stop Quoting Movies (feat. @Gus Johnson) – Addiction Busters

– Brad is the most
annoying guy in our office, maybe the world. We share a cubicle and
mornings are rough. – Good mornin’. And, in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good
evening and good night. That was the…
– Truman Show, got it. – Well, alrighty then. (suspenseful music) – The first time
Brad’s dad messaged me on Seeking Arrangements, he told me his
son had a problem. I assumed it was a drug problem, but he said no, worse. – I met Brad in a chat
room for Shrek fans. I thought it was cool that he
knew every line from Shrek, but then, a few weeks in, I realized that he knew
every line from every movie. – I can’t live with
him another day if I have to hear him
shout through the walls “This is Sparta,”
before he cums. – This is Sparta, oh. – He masturbates
twice every morning. (whispering) – Here’s Brad. – Oh. – Instead of Johnnie, so… (laughs) – Taylor, Taylor,
why so serious? – Oh, God (beep). – This is an intervention
because your entire personality is quoting movies and it’s
pissing everybody off. – It’s a trap. – Son, are you ashamed
of your personality? – No. It’s Christopher Walken,
Catch Me If You Can. – Yeah, I got it. – You’re quoting Christopher
Walken saying no. – Yes. – Oh, my gosh. – Anyway, I have a
speech I wanna read. Brad, we’ve shared an office
space for three years… – Excuse me, I believe
– I don’t have your stapler. And that’s 1,000 times
you’ve quoted Office Space. – You set me up. – Even there, I can tell
you’re quoting a movie, even though I don’t
know which one it is. I can’t, I just, I can’t,
I can’t, I’m sorry. – Okay, I can tell what
you’re all thinking. Why, oh, why didn’t
I take the blue pill? – No. No. – Okay, Brad, I obviously
love your dedication to film, but I’ve never seen
you be yourself. – So, it’s not gonna be easy. It’s gonna be really hard. And, we’re gonna have to
work at this every day, but I want to do that. – If you don’t stop, we
can’t date anymore, okay? – He’s quoting The
Notebook, yeah. – I hate that movie. – Why are you dating this guy. – ‘Cause dating in New
York is impossible. – That’s why you gotta
get a sugar daddy. – That’s gross, that’s… – Ah, clever girl. – God, shut up. Do you wanna know why no
one comes to our apartment? It’s because they can’t
have a (beep) conversation without you quoting a movie. – You’re tearing me apart, Lisa. – What she’s saying, son, is just because we
have chiseled abs and stunning
features doesn’t mean that we can’t not die in a
freak gasoline fight accident. – I wish I knew how to quit you. – Not like this, not like this. – I am Groot. – I have nipples, Focker. Can you milk me? – It’s like lookin’ in a mirror. Only, not. – Leeloo Dallas multipass. – Show me the money. – There’s no cryin’ in baseball. – You guys are right. I’m
so sorry. I’m pathetic. (collective sigh) – That’s great. You know, Brad, I
actually, I collected all your DVD’s and we’re
gonna take you somewhere and they’re gonna help you. – Thank you so much. I’m sorry about all
this stupid nonsense. I’m really
embarrassed right now. Can I just say one more thing? Frankly, my dear, I
don’t give a damn. – God. There he goes. Ahhhh


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