Halloween Horror Nights 2015 at Universal Studios Orlando
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Halloween Horror Nights 2015 at Universal Studios Orlando

*music in the background* Ahh!!! What are you looking at? hi friend *alarm sounds in the background* Eyes are the best haha Ah!!! hahahaha AH! The pancreas is the part you wanna cut out Why the eyes? Ah?The eyes? Cause the eyes is the best part to eat hahahaha *chainsaw sounds in the backgrounds* hahahaha Ahhh!!! I knew it I knew it I knew it! yikes! Ahh!! hehehehehe! AH!!!! Owww ahh that shit is scary Ahh!!! what was that! Stop!!! Grrr! *dark music plays in the background* AHHHH!!RUN!!! Oh no!!! hahaha. Come on I’ll protect you AHH!!! What this? Is someone trying to cut in line? That is unacceptable and now I must purge you Hiss! His coming! Beware of the moonlight hahahaha OW!!!! oh god!! yike! ahh help! Look alive, Look alive! Ahh!!! Grrr! ow! AHH!!! AHHHHHHHH! *man coughs up water as the lady dunks his head back in* ahhh! GRRR!! AHHH!! Oh god!! Ahh!!! Never!!!


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