Harry Potter Actors Play ‘Would You Rather: Forbidden Forest Edition’
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Harry Potter Actors Play ‘Would You Rather: Forbidden Forest Edition’

Are you full on arachno?
Really? What do you do when you find one in the house? I can’t go anywhere near it, I’ve been known to cry.
Oh, it’s quite serious.
Sorry, I…
serious phobias I would rather turn into a werewolf
The shaving would be a nightmare
No, it’s only once in the full moon, isn’t it? and they’re not exactly the type of guy who would be like. “You alright mate?”
“what you say?” (hisses) They’d be like that guy in the gym who would be pumping and going wild.
Yeah, I’d turn into one. What’s the worst Norbert could do? Set fire to stuff?
Burn you, like, kill you. What’s the worst his brother could do to you?
Sneeze on you. I’m keeping the dragon I think, I’ll look after the dragon. I actually think I would do Grawp
I think I would be ok with him Yeah, it would be fun to follow him around, just bond with another species, yeah. Gigantic spider
I hate spiders, I’m an arachnophobic but it’s the little ones that I don’t like
But have you seen a massive spider chasing you? But it’s kinda so big that it loses its kinda – what I hate about spiders is the little kinda thing when they crawl on you.
Ahh ok Oh, definitely eat Hagrid’s food
Definitely, 100 percent. Food poisoning is the worst thing ever. No, I’d go with the food poisoning because surely there is a spell to help you out. I missed two days of filming on the second movie because of food poisoning, because I had a bad omelette from the hotel. Hagrid’s omelettes.
Hagrid’s omelettes, yeah. No shoes
Yeah, I’d have a centaur pick me up, gallop around the woods. What’s the worst that could happen? There’s some twigs and stuff on the floor. So, you could have no shoes and a wand? But then you could like Wingardium Leviosa around the Forest and don’t worry about having no shoes on. Sorted.
That’s too easy. Ooh
I dunno, your mum’s pretty strict mate. I don’t know about that.
I know but, crashing is bad. Crashing could be hazardous, yeah, I’m not sure about our general health there.
I think it’s going to hurt. I think we will go with the punishment and keep the car intact. I think the Willow tree is probably the best option here
Molly could go on for years about it whereas the Willow tree, it’s done with innit It’s so violent though; it will whack you. But then as soon as you are out of it, you’re out of it, aren’t you? But the other thing never would end. She’s never going to forget it. And having read Prisoner of Azkaban, we know there’s a little knot on the tree that if you press it, it stops it So as long as you know where the knot is, yeah.


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