Harry Potter Wand comparisons – Noble Collections vs. Universal Studios – Review
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Harry Potter Wand comparisons – Noble Collections vs. Universal Studios – Review

Hello Potterheads… In June 2015 ToyScoopers reviewed a Harry Potter wand replica sold by Noble Collections. If you missed that just click on the link above and you can watch the video. We received a comment on this video from one of our viewers “Jonathan C”. He said “Great video! do you know why Noble Collection and Universal studios wands differ even though Noble Collection makes both? At that stage we couldn’t really answer “Jonathan C” because we only had the Noble Collection wand. So ToyScoopers decided to do a bit of research of our own. After we confirmed that indeed Noble collections do manufacture both the wands, we ordered one directly from Universal Studios in order to compare their wand with the one we already have from Noble Collection. So here they are… This is the wand from Noble Collection, the one that we already reviewed, and this is the one we ordered from Universal Studios. Now the first notable difference that you can see is the wand from Universal Studios comes in a much narrower box than that of Noble Collections and the Universal Studio box has a sticker with the name “Harry Potter” written on it as appose to the one from Noble Collection that has a sticker with the numbers written on it. So let’s open them up see what’s inside. We’ll start of with the Noble Collection wand. The NC wand comes with a little certificate of authenticity. It reads, The product’s inspired by the world of Harry Potter. This document certifies that the enclosed wand is an authentic replica from the Warner Bros. Pictures Harry Potter film series. Please enjoy the unique offering rom The Noble Collection. So, as you can see the Noble Collection wand’s display case looks exactly like the one from the movie it even has the chiffon ribbon covering the wand, as well as the red/burgundy velvet lining inside. The velvet is really soft and covers a sponge casing that keeps the wand secured and protected. The wand can be easily removed and placed back. Now on the other hand if you look at the wand from Universal Studios. The wand only comes with a teeny tiny note saying: “Fragile collectible wand – not a toy”. The interior is brown, and the wand is laying inside a hard casing that is covered with something meant to look like velvet. It has this little hard plastic cover over I guess for more protection. The wand comes out fairly easy, but it’s a pain to try and put it back. It took me a few tries to figure out how to twist and turn it to go back in. So from my point of view the interior of the Noble Collection’s wand is far more superior than that of the one of the Universal studios wand, both in looks and protection of the wand. So let’s compare the actual wands with each other, and see what we get. Just by looking at them, these two wand look exactly the same. Their color is the same, their paintwork is the same, the detailing on the handles are the same, and they even have the same Trademark stamp on them. But just to be sure I did a few measurements of my own. They are both 14 inches in length, well, just a teeny, tiny bit less than 14 inches, and they weigh 83 grams. ToyScoopers has come to the conclusion that these two wands are indeed the same thing. Maybe “Jonathan C” has bought an earlier version at Universal Studios, but the wand we received from Universal Studios and the wand we bought from Noble Collections are identical. So which Harry Potter wand will ToyScoopers recommend you buy? Well if it goes on looks alone, the one from Noble Collection is a winner. I mean it looks exactly same as the one in the movie. And even if you have to recon in the price we paid almost double for the wand at Universal studios than what we paid at Noble Collections. So Noble Collection wins again. Hope you find this helpful. If you have any other questions or remarks either on this video or any of our other toy reviews, just leave it in the comments and we’ll see what we can do. Please remember to like, and subscribe and to follow me and the rest of the ToyScoopers on Facebook and Twitter. I’ll see ya soon then.


  • Francesco Castelluccio

    Probabily he was talking about the interactive version of the wand that is sold only inside the park. It works in diagon alley and hogsmeade sections of the universal studios and only that version is different from both wand you've reviewed. First the detail is poorer than the noble and the wand actually feel a LOT lighter that because is created for being used as a toy ( you shake it using it on the park) so I think that would be more resistant than the noble one. The interactive one also have a good looking map with it that show diagon alley and hogsmeade and the areas in which u can make spells. Greetings from Italy !

  • Kaiden H

    From what I've seen, some wands differ quite a bit in colour and slightly in design but some are pretty much identical like Harry's.

  • Kenny Williams

    Hi i would love a review like this on both the Bellatrix Lestrange wands from Noble Collection and Universal Studios. PLz and thank you

  • iceflamewolf

    Hi! I have a question. I have a NB Harry Potter wand that glows, and I have a friend that actually has the Universal Studios wand. What I think is that their very different by weight and the light. My wand has a light tip and my friends wand doesn't glow! Isn't that a big difference?

  • SleightLee

    I love your videos!! Can you do one comparing the wands from universal studios that actually do magic there? Its true! You can go there and there are sensors where you can wave your wand and something will happen!!

  • Andrea Patane

    I bought Hermione Granger's wand at Universal Studios Hollywood. It wasn't as expensive as the same exact wand at Universal Studios Orlando. I'm baffled about the meaning of my mom's phrases, "You like Hermione. Yes, a little bit", because I have trouble interpreting if Hermione is my favorite character from the movie or not. Luckily, I had money saved in my account. My parents were with me the whole time at Olivanders that day in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, because they haven't been into that shop before. Your wand videos are magical. Please keep them coming. Can you please request a comparison of Hermione Grangers wand from Noble Collection and Universal Studios Hollywood?

  • Michael Crapper

    im not a fan of the noble collections wands i have hermiones and snapes and the reason i dont like them is because they are just a piece of wire coated in in plastic i would rather have one that was made out of real wood preferably the proper wood that the wand was made of

  • Martyr Devil

    i love the whole noble collections wands but i really hate the fact that they break really fast i would really like wooden ones but everywhere on the internet i can only find really shitty ones does anyone know where i can find really really good wood ones or atleast ones that dont break fast???

  • Sam Wagster

    The older version of the Noble Collection version of Harry's wand was drastically different than the version they are selling now. When they updated the sculpts for Universal they started selling the same wand through both options.

    The old NC wand was extremely skinny and the shaft of the wand was basically just the support wire they put into the center of the wands with a super thin coat of resin and paint with a flat tip.

    Now it looks like they made it more accurate to the movie with a rounded tip and the wand being thicker and easier to hold.

  • Choik

    I wonder about fragility of those wands. I heard Noble Collection wands are more fragile than Universal studio's wands. So Noble Collection wands can easily broken by single swing. Is that True? I wanna buy Death Eater's wand for Noble Collection but, I'm worrying about the fragility so i'm still hesitating. Plz Help me!

  • Tyler Wong

    May I ask, although you came to the conclusion that the wands are indeed the same, has the durability factor been checked? I'm actually planning to buy a wand, either Snape's or an Ollivander's Birthday Wand. I just wanted to see how durable these things are.

  • Hayden Mcfarlane

    I don't think she realised that the one from universal studios was made from the same people who made the film so how is the noble one better

  • John Ayon

    Noble collections is a great place to buy a replica wand at a great price $37.50+ vs. Universal Studios at $47.50. But even though the Universal studios wand and Noble collections wand look the same but the boxes differ in looks, you could interact with the Universal Studios wand in the World of Harry Potter at the Universal Studios Theme Park. You could use the wand at many interactive spots in the park. When I bought mine at U.S.Hollywood it also came with an instructional map with spells and locations in the park. N.C. has great movie replica wands but U.S. looks the same (minus the box) but is interactive. Worth it.

  • Marco Trujillo

    Thank you for this video, I found it very usefull since I am about to buy a wand from Universal… and yes, the "old" Noble Collection used to be different, however since now both are the same, is the same to buy one from Noble Collection or Universal nowadays.

  • AussieMountainDoodle 27

    This video is very helpful! I do have a question though, does this apply to the other wands (like Ron’s, Hermione’s, Draco’s, etc.)? Again thanks for this video!

  • Ryan Bonner

    So if I want the most accurate and overall best wand, I should order a Noble Collection wand from www.harrypottershop.com? And I do like how that one comes in an Olivander's box. If I go to Universal Studios, do they not come in an Olivander's box? I already have a wand, but I think it's an older design and it doesn't come in a very pleasing box so I'm looking to replace it eventually. I'm not sure if I have an older design or not, but I would like to have the better and more official one with a fancy box. Do you think that they'll keep changing the design?

  • Hürsu Öke

    Thank you very much for the lovely review. Can you do the same comparison for Dumbledore's Elder Wand? Because I heard that Universal Studios Elder Wand has different dimensions…

  • Sweaty Chungus

    If you buy a NC you can perform spells, charms, hexes, curses, enchantments, etc. If it doesn’t work at first make sure your movement and pronunciation of spell is correct. Universal wands have high chance of being fake due to the Weasley Trick shop put in…..

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