Helmut Kohl on Freedom | 1989 [HD]
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Helmut Kohl on Freedom | 1989 [HD]

It has been the renewed dynamism of the process of European unification
in recent years that has given the processes of
reform in the countries of Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe such strong encouragement. We would therefore be making a bad mistake and completely misjudging the situation, if we were to deprive
this process of European unification of its momentum at this of all times. Let all those who have doubts
about the position of the Federal Republic of Germany
take note: the Federal German Government stands
by the Single Act and its goals in every respect. It is a staunch supporter of
the completion of the European Union. We see no alternative
to the continuation and strengthening of the process of European unification. The Federal Government holds fast to the goal once formulated by Konrad Adenauer: “in a free and united Europe
a free and united Germany”. What is at stake is
the freedom of one Europe. What is at stake is a future of joint freedom
for all Germans and for all Europeans. Let us join together in this spirit and work for a just and lasting peaceful order for the whole of Europe. The Federal Republic of Germany is prepared to make its contribution to this major task.


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