• Person McPerson

    Stupid. Media-stoked "heat"
    These rallies are racist! Most Dallas-ites would agree.
    Put these statues in a museum. And let's move on. Thanks.

  • Joi Scorpio

    I am a black female my car ran out of gas on the expressway white guy pulls up in his car the car had Confederate stickers all over the car and on his jacket and on his hat the guy took me to the gas station and I bought a gas container he put gas inside of it took me back to my car put the gas in my car and he made sure that I got back on the road safe and when I offered he didn't want it anything

  • Carolina Lopez

    Why the flying world!!!! It's not racism it's HISTORY shit President Lincoln is Republican by the way he gave men and women freedom 🇺🇸

  • NightOwl16

    The confederate army committed treason against USA so why should they be honored? They killed real Americans in the north who were fighting to keep America together. think about that the next time you see these statues.

  • Paul Bartulica

    If one hates for whatever reason the reason is secondary- the living hater is the problem and that is easy to "play" with or set-up!

  • James Martinelli

    treason? confederate troops were treated as enemy combattents! every one knew statues could leave the union- it was even taught at westpoint …lincoln lied and manipulated for the corporate elites… he was the first president to call the country a nation! jan 20 state of the union address by the president…not nation!

  • Southern Man

    The only hate I see is the ones that want to take them down. One person said a reminder but those statues were there before they were born. The hate is on the left and they remind us everyday. These people are not happy with their selves to rain on someone else happiness and pout to they have their way.

  • Virginia Coble

    I am only 13 but I know way more about the Confederacy than people who are way older than me. This is heritage these statues are not racist. I'm very supportive and I take part of SCV, and UDC meetings and activities I also participate in civil war reenactments. My ancestors were slave owners but in all of the letters and artifacts I have they treated them as family. Confederate armies would mostly fight under their state flag, the Confederate flag is not racist. Most people think that the monuments were put up during the Jim Crow Era which they were but they were not put up to be racist the Confederate veterans were dying out and the south wanted them to be remembered and honored. Also when freed during the civil war alot of slaves chose and also volunteered to fight for the Confederacy. Remember if your family is from any of the 11 Confederate states or the 2 border states even if you are black or white your ancestors probably fought in the Confederacy.

  • Valentina Ramones

    These blacks are erasing history. This country was founded by and for white christians. Blacks is just something extra. It is not hate plus you have earned your civil rights but you do not deserve it because you are erasing history.

  • Legionnaire Gaming

    0:55 lady learn your history President Davis wasn't racist and neither was Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson Lincoln on the other hand owned slaves and William T Sherman was a terrorist

  • Brian Sheehan

    The Pro-Slaver's Rebellion against the United States was rightfully put down and should learn to stay down before they awaken a sleeping giant.

  • Southern Man

    Hieremila Haile say it represents Murder of millions of people. Has she ever read the paper or looked at the news black on black murders? The racism on their side. They want to destroy American History. They want Lincoln and Columbus down too. These Democrat's have open a can of hate to destroy our history!

  • Southern Man

    Liberals at work! They spend more time and tax payers money fighting the past than feeding the hungry or helping some body and need . Keep voting for democrat’s and we can start problems instead of solving them!

  • Tony Wright

    Despite the fact the south started war over slavery not everyone in the south west fighting Just and for slavery. They were fighting to keep the union a union of states because the states not the federal government ran the nation (The federal government did run the nation but the states were the final authority, ) Therefore it was “ Government for the people,” Not “people for the government” like it is today. They were fighting to show loyalty to their state they were fighting to defend their homes, not only just to defend slavery but also for what I just said earlier. They were also fighting for The principle of the LeGall Ites of secession. (although secession was caused because of slavery and that’s why the southern leaders seceded. To protect slavery. There were a lot of southern soldiers that didn’t fight for slavery yet at the same time there were a lot of southern soldiers that did fight for slavery. A lot of monuments after the Civil War were put up to honor the veterans well at the same time a lot of these monuments were put up as symbols of oppression to Black rights. A lot of the symbols are symbols of heritage and Southern pride as well as symbols of hate bigotry racism and treason. But since most Southerners have been over the fact that they could not have slavery especially since 1865 and even bend over the fact that black people have had equal rights and they get along with black people in any one else that is of a different background creed culture and what not, you people need to get over the fact that we have our monuments not just to honor our veterans but also for historical value they should stay up not because Southerners are just racist. If you want to be reminded of how you were oppressed back during the times of segregation we can institute once again in our society segregation in the Jim Crow laws and whites only. But come on since we’ve moved past it it’s time for you people both black and white liberal and conservative to get over it north end even south (More southerners then we realize or against monuments of the confederacy) because were over a racism and hatred of black people and for his Storico sake we should keep the symbols around what’s important is that black people as well as white people in Chinese Jews German British mentally disabled people physically disabled people of whatever election culture creed is treated fairly throughout the south as well as the rest of the United States, maybe not by all Americans but a great deal of Americans including southern Americans with you like it or not. And that’s the way it should be I am very glad that everyone weather black or white Jew Mexican Spanish German has four equal rights… no matter who they are… by the way yes I think we should have the Nazi flag to a Notsi symbols also but for historical value just in case any of you people who say” why not the Nazi flag too”… you say that stuff because you want to control and subjugate things and make people feel guilty because you just want your way. Common sense anyone who uses any flag of any type weather US flag Nazi flag confederate flag any type of flag is a symbol of racism and hatred and cruelty no only shit that flag be taken away but they should be severely punished. In the Nazi flag represents peace this symbol of the Nazi was originally peaceable at least that’s what I hear. NO !!! I’M NOT for the Nazi flag AT ALL, since other than that I’m just trying to prove a point.

    Let’s get off the flags and the monuments and any other symbols of any other kind confederate or otherwise and focus on the hate groups the people themselves that are orchestrating division.

  • DragonRanger1990

    Hate is personal problem, not a statue or symbol issue, most people are just looking for a problem and will do anything to get it.

  • Southern Gentleman

    Don’t people know Confederacy was extremely diverse? Mexicans, African Americans, Jews, Irish, French Algerians, and Cubans fought for the Confederacy.

    Like Stand Watie, Loretta Velasquez, Moses Ezekiel, W.S Lewis, and Santos Benavides.

  • Southern Man

    The BLM is a lie. They are a violent group. Antifa is a lie a violent group. That is what they should spend their time on and not harmless statues! Put statues of big black guys up if that will make you feel better! I’m sure we could find a Confederate or Union soldier to put up.

  • Southern Man

    Most of the kids today don’t know anything about History but liberals are pushing a narrative to act as their doing something for their voters!

  • Panzer_Luft_waffle

    I’m black and I support the flag. The flag is history don’t erase it. That fuckin black girl said it’s a racist flag. Nope 👎🏽. Some white folks are right some black people do need to get educated. Fuck those black people.

  • William Stryker

    US federal law 85-425 section 410 states that Confederate Soldiers, Sailors and Marines are infact US veterans by Federal law. And to those wondering why?, it was about healing the rift between the North and the South and to those of you who say it’s not true see below


    And when you remove that statue, you are infact disgracing a US Veteran

  • Jesus Alvarez

    Until this day racism still exist even if the Confederate statues have been removed, good job you stupid liberals just wasted tax dollars people's time just to try to erase the Confederacy because of racism and slavery supposably,?? Well I hope you woke up racist still exist no matter what side of the country

  • horseman528

    Its amazing how one group can tell all the other groups what is acceptable and what is not. They love their victimhood.

  • Deisel Watts

    Fuck black people that is Heritage people are stupid is that goes down kids won't learn about heritage so black people just need to stop their fucking stuff and suck it up

  • Raggin Cajun

    So sad been there since 1896…really?!! Take it down now why?? They took the one down over here in new Orleans. Did they ever take that one down in Dallas?

  • Brotherhood of Ram

    The Monuments and statues are nowhere near the definition of being racist
    The Civil War was never fought over slavery and President Lincoln even said so
    The Civil Monuments are there so that younger generations can remember there past and their loved ones and they are also there as a sign to those who want to preserve history and not erase it

  • DJ Harris

    People who can't let go of the past vs People who just want to rep where they're from… This debate is bizarre to me. How many people that support taking down statues and burning flags are from the South? How many of their OWN lives have been affected by them?

  • Southern Man

    Very few had slaves and blacks own slaves too! The confederacy didn’t own the slaves. They fought for their own country that pull away from the Union and last I check we are still the South.
    The people that want them down please move up North

  • Change Name

    I agree 100% that it is about southern heritage. Part of that heritage is slavery and white supremacy.
    Fly it but don't pull a Daughters of Confederacy and try to change the significance. Own up to it all, or nothing at all.

  • Aiden Binns

    The statues are not a "painful remider." They are a part of history and they say if history is forgotten it is likely to repeat itself.

  • viktor borisov

    im from bulgaria end hulariusly that thing happend in bulgaria twise first when the comunists came 1945 diged the grave of king boris the 3rd teard his heart out of his chest end beried him in uncnow grave now his heart is here in a jar you can see it if you want but interesting thng came at the end of comunism the chields of our comunism when democrasy came did exacly the same think with the comunist for fathers they dig the corpess out of lenin like refrigurator end beried the corpses in un cnown grave end also destroyed the mansolium his boddy was placed an eye for an eye

  • taylor Merriweather

    It's hate we all no it's hate. Our Ancestors are black my great grandmother was Native American and we been treated badly till this day. It's bad for our lives. Even living in a Community where people making front of you for no reasion at all.

  • Nick Aprill

    This is just so dumb this is history were talking about my ancestor may have fought for the north but I do not hate those who fought for the South and the South was not fighting to keep their slaves and if other people say that the South fought to keep their slaves then they are wrong

  • Harvey Tipton Tipton

    Time for reminder how can it be a painful reminder when you weren't there think before you say things she won't Robert E Lee took him down what's next you want George Washington took him down then you won't Abraham Lincoln taken down

  • Carlos Vieira

    Then here's to our Confederacy Strong we are and Brave …
    Like Patriots of old we'll fight, our Heritage to save……..

    Hurrah for Southern rights……. hurrah .

    GOD bless the Confederacy.

    Howdy from Dallas.

  • Roman Darius

    Our communist media is doing everything it can to constantly convince you that non-whites are the constant victims of white racism. Liberals may be their useful tools, but the few communist globalist on top are doing this on purpose to divide America, especially ABC, ESPN, CNN, MTV. This is not by accident, and here is a good video of the communist brainwashing going on, pull up:

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