• Apex Gemini

    Then Mark Herring and Gregory Underwood are in violation of the law. The law specifically states that no monument may be moved or removed and the law can't be changed. Any moron politicians that bow to these minority fake outrage mobs needs to be voted out.

  • David Jones

    Change priorities. An argument of the confederacy for slavery was, if freed, they would murder each other more than their owners without reason or justification. 10/20/10, Philadelphia, sons of former slaves, 4 times shot an 11 month baby who is a grandchild of former slaves & was in a vehicle driven by a daughter of former slaves. Within a day, a 2 yr. old baby who ancestors are former slaves was murdered while inside a home of a daughter of former slaves. Monthly in various cities sons of former slaves intentionally/recklessly murder babies of former slaves, but seldom does anyone from off-spring of former slaves complain. I am not pro-slavery, but certain groups should have been then & now slaves for 7 years until they learned not to murder babies. Stop blaming guns for the murders that children of former slaves do. If they did not use guns they would use knives, swords, hammers, machetes or whatever object they could murder with. Leave the Confederate Monuments where they are until former slaves stop intentionally/recklessly murdering the babies of former slaves. Signed: a Proud Son of former slaves. https://www.inquirer.com/news/philadelphia-children-baby-shot-2-year-old-11-month-old-kensington-hunting-park-20191021.html

  • David Jones

    At Mc Arthur’s Mall, AKA Norfolk’s premier mall, sons of former slaves murder sons of former slaves chasing away jobs, customers, & millions of dollars in revenue because wealthy customers fear for their lives. However, Greg Underhanded CWA priority is to remove a statue which has stood circa 1934 because he doesn't want a past relic reminding him that it was correct. Make no mistake about it, most malls are closing not because of Amazon, but, wealthy patrons are afraid to shop where sons of former slaves frequent. Liberals who vote for people such as Greg should demand that he respect the wishes of all races.

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