Highlights: Constitutional Experts Testify In Trump Impeachment | NBC News Now
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Highlights: Constitutional Experts Testify In Trump Impeachment | NBC News Now


  • Duncan McCockiner

    Oh, so the three Democrats think Trump committed impeachable acts, but the one Republican doesn't. What an absolute waste of time and money.

  • Miles North

    So in a country of 327M people these corrupt Dems were able to find 3 like-minded partisan hack "scholars" who are in the tank for impeachment? Wowww! Shocker! What are the odds? Yawn.

  • John Olay

    I want another tax cut so there is no money for these waste of time and waste of money hearings that only prove that Democrats make things up about our great President who has actually saved us from the harm that Obama brought to our country.

  • Erick Bencomo

    Can someone explain what happened?
    I'm supposed to be following the impeachment process for my democracy class. But I have no clue what's going on or the results of this hearing

  • Jimmy Stanbery

    If it is so obvious that a crime was committed then why hasn’t President Trump been impeached already? Come on Democrats. What are you waiting on? No guts or what? Cmon!!!!

  • JeepDan777

    This is the biggest waste of the taxpayers hard earned money I’ve ever seen. Nothing but a back and forth of theories, suspicions and opinions. And can someone please tell me what these “Supposedly” professors are doing testifying in a hearing that they have nothing to do with?

  • mattimus

    Interesting that of the cherry picked “abuse of power” talking points that NBC chose to run with, they skipped Turley’s? Being no Trump supporter himself, he made the most salient and dispassionate summation of the consequence and gravity of situation.


    I wonder if the media has caught wind of the fcc and fbi and secret service investigation into NBC CNN ABC CBS for there parts in the coup de ta and the arrest warrants and search warrants that will be issued on Dec 10 for major dems at the top for treason and coup attempt


    So many Russians and inbred southerners on here. These people hate facts and hate the constitution – even worse they hate education and educated people. They only appreciate liars, fake news, conspiracy theories and Nazi propaganda.

  • Jonathan Lane

    I couldn't help noticing the posters behind some of the Republicans with Trump style slogans, like Trump will win in 2020 or something to that effect. My questions is can the Judiciary majority ban these obvious outlandish ads in the middle of a serious congressional hearing?

  • cjanitorialinc

    All these Republicans are just stupid and don’t understand the Constitution themselves so what is Collins talking about. Turley should not be a prof anyway.

  • vachief

    Communist Jews love creating chaos within Christian societies. They destroyed Rome, and the'll do the same thing to America. Ukraine, also known as Kazaria, is their pet project, just ask Hillary (Jew) Clinton and her synagogue buddy Victoria (Jew) Nuland who pilfered millions of American tax payer dollars to kick off that coup.

  • Sharon Creamer

    I think the main point is missing. President Trump has repeatedly usurped Congress. Therefore, Congress has determined that it cannot get along with the current President. It then has the right to try to impeach the current President. The question is, are we going to continue to have a President that constantly belittles, berates and rebels our most important brain of Government? I don't care what you think, the whole of Congress is smarter than 1; anyone. I side with Congress.

  • Miles North

    Lol Network TV turned away and returned to their normal programming a couple of hours into this trainwreck of a sh!tshow. Hahahahahahahahaha!

  • Nicholas Pipitone

    I think I had to stop listening to Turley the moment he said "Will it only invite an invitation..", like, on the spot maybe, but he's reading a script? Does he really write like that?

  • Laura O'Chamney

    Similar to the previous Michael Cohen and John Dean circus hearings wrongly set up by Dems, this is just another impeachment hoax hearing, which will eventually lead to nowhere because like Mueller and his team in the totally collapsed Russia collusion hoax, Dems clearly have insufficient evidence to charge the president with any crime. Sadly, Dems’ witnesses this time publicly presented only their opinions, not any solid evidence in this impeachment hoax. Dems have another epic fail just like last week!

  • Laura O'Chamney

    Similar to the previous Michael Cohen and John Dean circus hearings wrongly set up by Dems, this is just another impeachment hoax hearing, which will eventually lead to nowhere because like Mueller and his team in the totally collapsed Russia collusion hoax, Dems clearly have insufficient evidence to charge the president with any crime. Sadly, Dems’ witnesses this time publicly presented only their opinions, not any solid evidence in this impeachment hoax. Dems have another epic fail just like last week!

  • Saul Gland

    Before our public servants debate anything; make sure your hands are clean and are abiding by the us constitution and protecting and promoting the bill of rights,like you said when you got sworn into office and or other public official positions to protect and uphold the us constitution from foreign and domestic traitors/terrorism.

  • James Malnar

    fact is constitution was not followed and though the Republicans dont like it is important for professionals in the U.S law to speak about tg U.S law and how it was broken and there saying we dont need to hear or be explained the law, WOW, and to say impeachment wouldn't be good for our country as excuse, yet tearing down our democracy by saying the laws set for our leader are not important is lunacy and hypocrisy at best.

  • Kathleene Standefer

    Trump has committed no crime what so ever! This impeachment is a joke. Because demorats want to destroy are country!!!! Democrats have destroyed are country in everyway possible instead of are country being a safe place. Its turned into the land of everything that's is wrong with society!
    And there is a huge difference between standing up for the poor and a democrat and saying its ok to be a criminal! The only thing Democrats represent is criminals and junkies and people who have no right to be here!!!!



  • steve MITCHELL

    Sad day for america when you have a party trying to overthrow an elected official all in the name of power. It was a circus and the clowns were the Democrats and the 3 biased elitist college professors. What are these goons teaching at these universities.

  • LongTall Texan

    We have to ask Devin Nunes real soon if he's on THE LIST of Republican's shown as illegally taking $128 Million in Russian oligarch cash distributed by Lev Parnas and Oleg Furman since 2015?
    Lev Parnas' Russian cash ledger that has a listing of every Republican who recieved money, was turned over to the SDNY DOJ along with Lev's 9 gigs of data. Data he says supports everything charged against Rudy, Trump and now Republican's!
    The Federal charges revealed in the Parnas arrest records by SDNY DOJ, states they know Republican's took the illegal cash from Parnas and Furman.
    Rudy Giuliani provided cover for Parnas to spread the illegal cash.
    Rudy was also the link for Russian oligarchs to have direct contact with Trump!
    Indeed! A whole host of criminals are about to come out of Lev Parnas' testimony, data, phone records, videos and tape recordings backed with photos!
    Trump is truly criminal and unfit to be president.
    It's time to impeach Trump while at the same time WE can cleanse our U.S. government of these Russian paid Republican stooges in Congress.
    American's can then close the doors on all these Russian's we see rushing around buying up Trump and Republicans to get them to lift our U.S. sanctions on Russia and all of Putin's criminal oligarchs!
    Let's prove the two cents Putin spent to buy our low life Trump has run out, game over!
    Use the sword of impeachment as outlined in our Constitution to cut away the criminal and corrupt cancer we now know now as Trump!
    Save America!

  • An Heretic

    The House presents the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate, which then holds the trial, presided over by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Trump has too much support in the Senate and this will never result in Trumps rightful removal. The facts of this have not gained any traction with the American public and the GOP will continue to support the Criminal Narcissist in Chief until it's perceived by them that such support will hurt their individual re-election chances.

  • K K

    Shame on Ms. Karlan for disrespectful comments against a minor CHILD! Her bias is over the top. If she can hurt a child what lies is she saying about adults.

  • Jeff

    Pamela karlan had to call out Trump's young teenage boy and she has proven her bias in the past by saying she couldn't even walk on the Trump sidewalk but yet this is who the dummycrats pick to make an excuse for impeachment.

  • Brian Kearnaghan

    Liberal professors like Karlan don't understand sarcasm. When trump invited Russia to find Hillary's 33,000 deleted email, I took it as being funny, she did not. For me, I don't care if foreigners investigate corrupt Americans like Hillary and Biden (especially when the law enforcement agencies in our own country tend to look the other way).

  • Bruce Wayne

    I find it interesting, That the Democrats seem to want to educate the masses to their way of thinking. I also find it interesting that by doing so they are alienating 63 million voters, and I don't believe it is doing anything good for them. This election cycle will tell the tale, when they lose the house and the White House.

  • bowtie3

    Trump has committed un-American crimes. Now the GOP House members are doing the same. They're in essence giving support to a traitor. Spouting off Russian propaganda.

    There's a Trump supporter that wants to make it illegal to feed the homeless, yet Trump is committing extreme un-American crimes against our country. That tells you where their values are.

    If he GOP do not convict, then vote them out. Hold them accountable for being corrupt just like Trump.

  • Joseph Van

    Constitutional experts? No wonder the Constitution is under assault when bozos like this, who teach law students to become attorneys, don't even understand what the document states in plain English.

  • jack spencer

    it makes me sick to see how one sided this hearing is .the democrats think that people in the USA are dumb .and cant think for them selfs. oh how blind they are. people are sick sick of the democrats not getting any thing done .there so full of hate . I have never seen so much hate in my life for. trump the democrats are drunk on hate.. I cant belive the democrats are running the USA . .the democrats are looking very bad on tv. these hearings are the democrats down fall .so much for the united states democrat socialist party.

  • ThePdxster

    Apparently the Republicans were only able to find one law professor in the whole country that doesn't think Trump is guilty of high crimes against our country. And even he did not say Trump is innocent, just needs to see more evidence before impeaching. Sad that the Republican politicians are more worried about losing their jobs by Trump's hateful tweets than protecting our country. They are not upholding their oaths of office, and certainly not patriots of our country. Cowards.

  • Michael Wallace

    The only one with even a shred of credibility is Turley. Everybody knows any accurate analysis is free of bias, or it's just a biased opinion. All we got from these "scholars" was how inept they are at actually understanding anything. One voice of reason in a stacked deck does not an impeachment make. Dems, you failed. As an independent, I'm done with anything identity politics related or even brushing against the ideals of socialism. You abandoned the middle class for power. Bye bye.

  • mighty mouse

    Here is what I hear from this committee and their biased witnesses. CRUCIFY HIM, CRUCIFY HIM, CRUCIFY HIM. Does that sound familiar Noah and Pamela? Along with the rest of the filthy Democrats trying to impeach and innocent man. Karlan showed her true colors by attacking Barron Trump. Her disrespect for the Constitution is so obvious. Nobody can be this biased and hateful who never met the person they hate. FIRE KARLAN

  • Mark Smith

    3 Jews from the Ivy League that hates Trump and fly over country. What’s news about that? I’m not counting all the Dems asking questions that are Ivy League Jew lawyers. They are so, so irritating.

  • Jim Russell

    We know this is the Trump proven world record Presidential serial lying, ignorance, treachery, and outlaw era, but FACTS and TRUTH remain the gold standard of the fair minded, rational, educated, and knowledgeable. Trump and Republicans have no facts or truth and are hiding all the culpable witnesses and documents they can. Which equals the tacit admittance of guilty as charged.

  • Jim McCandless

    This is the real news not
    fake news propaganda!
    If treason against the U.S.A. is known what does the law say who we should report it to.

    § am jurisprudence Title 18 section 2382. Misprision of treason
    Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States and having knowledge of the commission of any treason against them, conceals and does not, as soon as may be, disclose and make known the same to the
    (" President") to who?
    (" the President ") or to some judge of the United States, or to the governor or to some judge or justice of a particular State, is guilty of misprision of treason and shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than seven years, or both.

    Why do we report treason to the President because He is the
    Commander in Chief!
    Duly elected by We the People that believe the Commander in Chief will be the Greatest Defender of our Constitutional Republic ! 👍

    The Socialist that have infiltrated our once Great Democratic Party are not holding public hearings of impeachment because of evidence that reveals treason committed by members of their own party!

    Self Serving Socialist Dictators that have infiltrated our once Great Democratic Party and our News media Cnn, Msnbc (Microsoft ) have become an International Embarrassment! Spreading Gossip, Snide Innuendo, Libel, Slander and defamation of character !

    Source :
    Dems overwhelming vote for Trumps immigration plan! Clinton we build the wall straight from the horses mouth! CNN

    While Bill Gates and other "new world order" self serving socialist public servants, sell off the U.S.A. and eliminate U.S. Competition software companies like Dbase, Word perfect, Borland, and many more !

    Sending our best jobs that secure our intellectual properties, offshore to enemies that have infiltrated and threaten the U.S. ! Communist China, Russia and economic Adversaries and their scammers in India that are given access to sensitive data on our U.S. computers under the guise of technical support !
    The deep state ! ( new world order)? Plunder our Great Nation.

    Source :
    5 Biggest US companies that offshore to India | 31West

    Source :
    Silicon valley! Home of Google, Microsoft, and many telecom and cellular companies send there call center operations, IT services, and other business processes to India and China .
    Resulting in.
    More than 10,000 people living without shelter across San Jose and Santa Clara only a portion of
    (Silicon valley ) on any given night in 2016, though that figure is probably low.

    Source :

    The Obama Biden and Clintons ! They conspired with the communist governments and sold 20 percent of our nuclear weapons grade uranium 1 to our Adversaries Russia! Even though we the U.S. import 90 percent of our uranium!

    Source :
    Russian Uranium One Deal And Hillary Clinton In The News Again

    They said sure just make a donation to the Clinton foundation, our military intellectual secrets sure just make a donation to my campaign.
    Our peoples homes no problem they can live on the streets and we will use the cheap labour of illegal aliens who we will subsidize with welfare. We will implement chain migration. Go ahead flood Silicon valley with your communist thereby you can infiltrate and take over our high tech industries! Just make sure illegals register to vote for me.
    Fools Participating with United States Adversaries enemies in Economic Warfare against the United States !

    Source :
    5 Biggest US companies that where sent offshore to India | 31West

    SOCIALIST that have infiltrated our once Great Democratic Party Sabotage our private industries!

    Source :
    Former CIA says Biden blackmailed Ukraine

    Source :
    Ukrainian releases proof that
    Joe Biden was paid off and fake news does not report it. Fake news creates diversion, goin after Giuliani

    Source :
    Bidens real whisleblower
    Telizhenko blackberry

    Source :
    Joe Biden and his sons linked to billion dollar deal to sell military industry to communist China ! Wow

    Source :
    Nancy Pelosi's son has some explaining to do with his Ukraine connection!

    Why the socialist fake democrats are mad because Trump has put the kibosh to USA for sale!
    No more pay to play scams!
    That make Bernie Madoff look like a beginner!

    Source :
    Trump routs communist out of California

    Source :
    Republic vs democracy

    Source: .
    Patrick Henry Give me Liberty or give me death speech!👍👀👌

  • MrSeezero

    If Trump gets removed from office, Pence could possibly win.  Assuming this happens; Pence may win if he does not pardon Trump, and Pence may lose if he does pardon Trump.  Even though Nixon was not able to be removed from office since he resigned too quickly, it was at least almost as bad as being removed from office anyways.  To me, that was as silly as a criminal turning himself in to the police and bragging that they can't charge him with resisting arrest.  Ford may have lost his election to Carter because he pardoned Nixon.

  • Eric Peterson

    Chuck Schumer and Devin Newness both knew about the phone logs and CHUCK fails to call DN out on that fact?? REALY talk about Cohoots??

  • Cánh Thép Channel

    This Dems clown doesn't seem to realize they are only destroying their own party and American with this circus. Truly one of the most seft destructive stunts in the history of American politics.

  • Prachuab Charoensuk

    Karlan is lying the script does not say that. Her long testimony is abusively bias against Trump, lacking legal due process. What about the basic constitutional rights of the President? I am a Chinese-American and very surprising to see the kangaroo court created by the democrat. Secret hearing, no cross-examination, changing rule to fit their own narrative. This is unethical, unprofessional and wasting taxpayers' money. Three years Democrats have not achieved anything for the Americans.

  • NYC125street

    The Republicans in Congress remind me of JIMMY DURANTE in the movie JUMBO.
    Jimmy Durante is trying to sneak the elephant out of the circus and a police officer stops him and yells; "Where are you going with that ELEPHANT?"
    Jimmy Durante looks left and right then says with a perplexed look; "WHAT ELEPHANT?!"

  • Roger Williams

    Now Democrats are asking us to believe the fantastic proposition that the PRESIDENT CANNOT ASK FOR AN INVESTIGATION INTO A CRIME THAT WAS COMMITTED AGAINST HIM AND THE USA ("… Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump backfire: Kiev officials are scrambling to make amends with the president-elect after quietly working to boost Clinton …";  By KENNETH P. VOGEL and DAVID STERN01/11/2017 05:05 AM EST (https://www.politico.com/story/2017/01/ukraine-sabotage-trump-backfire-233446 )

    Will America, or the idea of America,  survive its Democrats?

  • Mike Null

    Karlan…Feldman…spokespeople for the Cumminst Party…Uncle Joe is on film bragging about holding aid back…what a sh-t show…

  • kam2057

    Ok so where is the proof? All of a sudden hearsay and 3rd person witnesses are the word of God?? What a complete biased joke!! Hang every democrat taking part for treason!

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