• soundcheck2k7

    All this did was piss off more people.  I can guarantee you that many native Floridians (generational with confederate ancestry) will be propping up more flags and banners on their cars, houses, you name it.

  • John Perkens

    This is absurd. These brave men fought for their states only to be shit on by pc politicians. By the way, that confederate veteran was a major founder of the town.

  • throttleitup

    Brandon welcomes this beautiful monument, it's a perfect match with our GIANT General Lee/rebel flag.Dixie has a home in Brandon,Fla.

  • throttleitup

    Let's not forget the majority of us are Yankees and we're going to tell these people to relocate their monument?Really?We are guest in their land.What is the difference between this an invading foreign army removing statues,like ISIS?This is there history.Like it or not.

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