Hogwarts Express – Behind the Scenes | Universal Orlando
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Hogwarts Express – Behind the Scenes | Universal Orlando

[Harry Potter™ film score]>>Dale Mason: I believe that the journey from King’s Cross to Hogsmeade™
is actually one of the great moments of the books and the movies.
>>Thierry Coup: You know, what’s really cool about the Hogwarts™ Express,
right from the platform, you’re gonna be able to walk through the brick wall
at the platform 9 ¾™ just like Harry Potter™ did.
And right then, just that is going to be a pretty magical moment.
>>Mason: That’s what we wanted to give our guest. We wanted you
to experience the Hogwarts™ Express in all of its grand glory, sitting there belching
steam ready to depart. [Harry Potter™ film score] It is the most authentic vehicle I think we’ve ever built—
maybe anybody’s ever built for a theme park experience.
>>Coup: Taking the Hogwarts™ Express to go from London to Hogsmeade™, normally you
will experience what Harry, Ron, and Hermione experienced when
they went to Hogwarts and Hogsmeade™, but they will be on
the train with you and you may actually see them there.
>>Mason: Out the window, you’ll see the Weasley boys flying by.
You’ll see Hagrid and all kinds of things that happen along the journey
from London to Hogsmeade™ happens upon this train. And then similarly from Hogsmeade™
to London, the reverse trip, is a totally different experience.>>Coup: You’re gonna
be transported in a world that you can only dream of.
And that journey is a game changer. It’s something that no one has ever done before,
connecting two parks and under one great story
of Harry Potter™, but being able to go back and forth and experiencing this beautiful
journey in between. It’s tremendous. [Harry Potter film score]


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