Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protests expected to continue into 2020
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Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protests expected to continue into 2020

as we reflect on 2019 the year that it
was and looked toward to 2020 the new year we cannot but talk about the
turmoil in Hong Kong now many Watchers expect a similarly if not more chaotic
2020 there too what we saw for more than half of last year our um Ji Young with a
forecast since last year Hong Kong has been rocked by pro-democracy protests
that have captured international attention
it was June 9th when about a million Hong Kong citizens took to the streets
against a controversial bill proposed by the government of Hong Kong chief
executive Carrie Lam that would have allowed for criminal suspects to be
extradited to mainland China for trial tensions peaked in November when police
shot a 21 year old demonstrator and a student died after falling from a
parking lot near a protest site the demonstrators had initially made five
demands which included the full withdrawal of the extradition bill the
release of all protesters who had been detained an investigation into police
misconduct during the demonstrations and free and democratic elections a sixth
demand has been added in the past month which is for the Hong Kong police to be
reformed an expert in Korea says that although the protesters claim they will
not stop until the government meets all of their demands the most important one
is direct elections for both the city’s chief executive and its Legislative
Council the key demand is direct elections because the protesters think
that it will bring about fundamental improvements in Hong Kong society the
withdrawn extradition bill and what it implied prompted many Hong Kong citizens
to consider electing their leader directly she adds that the protests will
end when Beijing allows universal suffrage in electing Hong Kong’s leader
and legislature she also says Beijing is likely to enact the national security
law that will push Hong Kong to crack down on the protesters another expert
says China will instead take a long-term approach to the situation and maintain
the one country two systems policy if the central government tries to suppress
protesters with armed force it could easily become an
international human rights issue and this in turn could be used by the u.s.
to discredit China a professor in Hong Kong says the Chinese government will
resist the movements demands and so there’s very little prospect for any
settlement we had elections democratic forces won big in those elections and
now they’re looking forward to elections for the Legislative Council which is the
Parliament of Hong Kong and those will take place in September so at the very
least we can expect that demonstrations will continue the expert adds that the
fight will continue indefinitely because one third of the population is more or
less okay with the relationship with the mainland but about 50% of the population
is not Ong Ong Arirang news


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