House Conducting Vote To Limit Donald Trump’s Powers As Commander-In-Chief | Deadline | MSNBC
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House Conducting Vote To Limit Donald Trump’s Powers As Commander-In-Chief | Deadline | MSNBC


  • Leah Beale

    Whos making the decision when the House speaker is on recess break????? This is so STUPID that they limit t he President for doing his job. Im glad the President took out this EVIL man even though Pelosi and his crew liked him.

  • Phil Watling

    trump lies like a side walk and stupid people believe this evil very perfect' perfectly evil man it's all about him, it was always about him, and his commie friends

  • altitude illume

    republicanism, my party for 25+ yrs, THEN 911bush reds of florida, jeb bush STOLE BLACK VOTES(1 million discarded), embarrassingly, #CRIMINALREPUBLICANISM glared, then #GORE2000WINs TAKEN FOR DRAFT DODGER 911BUSH-SAUDI OIL INC, #REPUBLICANISM.

  • Scottish Wifey

    Frumpy pumpy said that Obama would start a war with Iran to get re elected but he didn’t. Is this frumpy pumpy doing it to get re elected? I think it’s backfired on him biggly, and I think he slightly crapped himself too.

  • Larry Ames

    0:15 Boy, you are not mildly intelligent. Killing this General was not urgent or even necessary if some of your crap is to be believed. If you know the target (being an incredibly harden piece of real estate – probably the most hardened building in 1111km, you move people to the internal shelter and/or heighten security. You monkeys are trying to sell the other monkeys that this General was going to lead his medieval army to the castle wall. The more you talk, the more stupid you sound. This Boy should and may do time in Guantanamo.

  • Peace Candidate

    Congress is abdicating its responsibilities when the executive branch enacts war without dialogue. TULSI2020 saying it for YEARS

  • Richard A. Valdes

    I have said that TUMP is looking to start a Major conflict or war to get Americans behind him after the impeachment process started. TUMP and his Red Haters and bigots that support him have sent America back decades . Ask yourself , is a good economy worth losing our position in the worlds prospective of being a strong America . Russia had planned for the last 50 years to tear America apart from the inside out. TUMP comes along and they find a perfect deranged puppet that will help them. Russia continues to pump the Red Haters , bigots and NRA groups with false propaganda that leads America down the path of self destruction.

  • Eva Lananrop

    😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I knew it. I said “ Americans are going to regret voting for trump! Men see Americans for being racist and trying to get Hispanics and other races out of this country backfired. How did people believe he was going to build a wall? Hello if it was possible then how come other presidents not build a wall? Business men don’t care about people they care about money and how to get richer!!! If we get attacked by missiles that’s going to be trumps fault! Americans hate us but they don’t hate taking advantage of us and how hard and cheap we work for! So to all the Americans thank you so much for destroying this country with Donald trump in the house!!

  • ngoma

    We traded a scandal free presidency for war criminals. Now we seem to lack the political machinery to fix it. Going down everyone?

  • tina Haynes

    My grand parents and parents fought in WW1 and WW11.
    They continuously talked to us kids about the gaslighting NAZI and Communist party’s.
    That nobody could debate, people where not allowed to know what was what. That they would eliminate anyone who asked questions.
    That human beings different from us, or who have their own sovereign interests in mind are deadly enemies.
    They lie about the news, they make the newsroom the enemy.
    Frightening good people off.
    Taking apart rules and regulations to suit
    They rile up the psychotic’s of the nation.
    The trump administration reminds me of those stories.

  • marcos valdez-cruz

    i wait patiently every day for a day like today. a day that i get to see two of the sexiest women alive talk politics. Nicole Wallace and Heidi Pryzbyla…. mmmm Put those two together throw in a little Hallie Jackson and I dont think Heaven could be any better….

  • Sask Sun seekers

    The president is hanging with the wrong people??? NO NO…the people are hanging with the wrong guy " the president " …let's face it trump is in way over his head …

  • Greg Maxwell

    Trump gets an idea and the people around him have to scramble to dredge up reasons for implementing his idea.  That they had trouble convincing Congressional people that the idea was sound, is not exactly a news flash.  Trump has a real problem understanding that actions on the global stage have consequences.

  • Paul Padegenis

    Mike lee is a never trumper, and the crime in his state is through the roof, he loves OBAMA, Terrorist, and antifa. He’s a crazy left wing Pelosi Democrat!🤣🤣🤣

  • Starsurfer74

    It's so pathetic to see those hypocrite slime-balls acting so offended that they got a bad briefing while non of them touches the actual issue: that their dear orange buffoon acted to have a senior official of a sovereign country assassinated on flimsy evidence and doubtful pretexts!!
    Another blatant abuse of power which merits another article of impeachment!

  • marte thompson

    Why doesn't any news remind the American people that the US overturned the democracy in Iran and installed a military dictator in 1953? This is what radicalized Iran. Did we do this in Saudi Arabia? The story goes back before 1979.

  • Anthony Hewetson

    I love watching these guys (a President who never served in the military and a bloated bureaucrat who never served in actual combat) talk tough about taking a bad guy off the battlefield in the deepest tones they can muster. It's one thing to talk calmly and thoughtfully about what occurred; it's another to bass up and act like you deserve the credit.

  • Rose Johnson-Tsosie

    "A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit." –Arnold Glasow

  • misttylyn

    Trump takes out Soleimani and in retaliation Iran sends missiles at our military bases. In the process a Canadian plane gets shot out of the air, killing all. Trump owns the deaths of all those people.

  • David Hill

    There wasn't any inteligence from anyone. that's why you are told to be good little boys and girls, It's just Trumps way to get re-elected!

  • Gary Truthteller

    And take a wild (WILD) guess as to who the first Eternal schoolyard bully to test the "Non-binding" limits of the resolution will be???!

  • Jeanie Piecara

    I thought they already did this when he first got elected–because they knew he would abuse his power sooner or later. I guess nothing came of it the first time. Very reckless of them to give him free rein, gambling with our lives.

  • Popcorn Playah

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  • Willie Martinez

    If I'm in a position of authority where my opinion wasn't asked, or if asked probably not even considered, yet if my name is on the blame line meaning people who had nothing to do with it are gonna pay for a couple peoples stupidity. That's one thing I always dislike about the military is one or 2 idiots force the military to incorporate some type of knee jerk reaction.

  • frances martin

    Lynsey Graham was told by Trump, 3 days before it happened & yet they didn't have time to tell Congress, something Fishy going on there

  • Leonard NII BOYE Mettle

    If you modify the Car, you have to supply an alterations Manual and the related safety information as well as any dangers. The original design is what the original buyers sign for when they buy a new build.

  • Richie Tattersall

    The Constitution grants CONGRESS the authority to declare a war, NOT the President. The saga in Vietnam caused them to put a limit on the Presidents rights regarding their authority regarding using our Military for any reason.


    After the Bay of Pigs, after JFK fired CIA Chief Allen Dulles, Dulles continued to run the state department from his townhouse against JFK through his war hawk networks. He became very dangerous to JFK. Bolton seems to be running the same playbook. Just because he's fired doesn't mean he's stopped from provoking war with Iran.

  • Mike Perron

    Now democrats care? haha. Obama gave Iran a plane load of CASH. Trump killed their top terrorists. Iran attacked US forces 10 times past several weeks before Trump retaliated. Democrats support Terrorists now? Arrest them

  • diego f

    Pelosi needs to lead the democratic delegation to Iran and beg for
    Forgiveness for trump starting a war , don’t forget your burkas.

  • Peter Quibell

    When are one of you going to look at Mike Pompeo or Mike Pence on national television and ask them to stop lying to the American people.

  • David Skeffington

    Coup? A coup has happened by Mr. Trump, his backers and Congressional Republicans. The Republicans are at war with American democracy to now consolidate dictatorial power. What do you think complete stonewalling of oversight, ignoring court orders and cutting off the Free Press, all with the backing from the Republican party amounts to.

  • Luke

    Obama funds syrian rebels to overthrow russian ally bashar al assad without congressional approval and no one bats an eye. The democratic party is only peaceful when a Republican is in office

  • Joan Meijer

    "….we can no longer trust this Administration…" have we ever been able to trust this Administration? The president has lied – what 15,000 times or more – have we ever been able to trust this Administration?

  • Peggy Trawick

    The International Rescue Committee: The Children of Yemen are literally starving to death.with machine guns surrounding them

  • Cloud 9

    You get Pompeo under oath and in fear of jail and he will crumble. What a sad spectacle so many of our politicians have become.

  • Larry Klooze

    IRAN, IF YOU'RE LISTENING…. If you can "find" Donald Trump's Tax Returns for the last 3 decades, you will be mightily rewarded.

  • Peggy Trawick

    The International Rescue Committee: Save the children of Yemen who are literally starving to death with machine guns surrounding them.

  • Margaret Merhi

    Long before the Russian asset became our fake president I knew I'll never trust this evil being. Now same with his yes men.

  • Eziekle Crafts


  • Charles Porter Voice

    You Stupid democrats, you don't understand / If the president wants to NUKE anyone he has the authority to do so. Trump doesn't need Congress to start ww3 and send the Poor Democrats to fight WW3.

  • Mac Mcleod

    What this attack said was that it is fair game to attack American Military leadership in any country.

    I think it also says it's fair game to attack Trump properties wherever they are in the world.

    And that set a terrible precedent. This was a really dumb thing for President Trump to order and even more dumb and frankly suicidal for American Military leadership to carry out.

    This opens the stage four attacks on American military and political leaders anywhere in the world as well as any properties they may own.

  • Joseph Gutierrez

    Lol Trump was so upset that a Republican didn't fall to his knees and take what he was giving. Like the majority of them do.

  • R Wags

    What’s really stunning is that you would think after so many c*ck-ups (kids in cages, abandoning the Kurds, ripping up agreements…), the Administration would get its ducks-in-a-row before committing to this drone attack.
    A simple dictionary check for the definition of “imminent”, would have been a good start.

  • debra mcquain

    Can’t believe that it took that many men, that many hours, to come up with such a one after the other lines of BS….unreal

  • Nicole Love

    (5:47) ~ trump donald said, "he should have been terminated long ago"? 🤔 Wow, he's getting worse with his projecting.😆

    Also, trump donald wanted to make an entrance like putin in Russia. trump donald wanted U.S. Military men standing, following and saluting him as he exited out. But Breaking news!: just about everyone would like to stand and watch trump donald exit the wh, and that's permanently! ….we'll even clap!

  • Alegria Atencio

    WAKE UP repuglicans, tRumputin is using you all to pursue the ORDERS of Putin to break up US laws/CONSTITUTION!!!! tRumputin sold the country and all of you lawmakers who support him blindly!!!!!

  • Lrac Lrac

    Sounds like the intel came from a foreign country not us intel….just going off the rhetoric from trump, graham, pompeo, and everyone else in the know….

  • ManOWords

    And the resolution passed thank God. Now today there are reports Traitor Trump killed this Iranian general and dam near another on the orders of certain Republikkklan senators who will be part of the republican evildoers ready to exonerate the criminal; ready to protect the lying Putin installed fraud traitor in the Impeachment trial by killing?? these generals? Is there any one in our government AWARE of this next GOP dirty new traitorous move? Americans demand answers and the truth dam it. Repukes are already cheating stealing lying and blaming Dems doing what they do and hoping we're all brain dead zombies. Only on Foxsnooze in the propaganda bubble

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