• Lyric Lavender

    TRUTH. Truth is stronger than any power on Earth, combined!! TRUTH CANNOT BE BOUGHT, SOLD, BORROWED OR DEPRESSED! The forces of Satan, the act of the Snake is working, and alive. If we, the PEOPLE do not wake up, we will perish in he rabbit-whole, and awakening in the dark… will be very PAINFUL, and crying will NOT help!

  • Joshua Kirtley

    The problem I have with the Republicans here is that I might want to believe you, that Trump didn't say what he obviously said. It give him the benefit of the doubt, except that every time you give him a chance to correct the record, he calls for more countries to get involved in our elections. Not just that though, if Republicans hadn't spent the past 3 years bending over backwards to lie for the President to cover up for his bad comments and bad policies, and if they'd have actually called him out when he said or did something wrong, I might believe them here.

    So often the President lies and it's so easy to fact check and prove that he's lying and then Republicans will come out and lie and say the President never lies. They lose all credibility. It's why there are only a few Republicans who I can listen to and occasionally believe in even if I don't agree with their policies, like John Kasich. He's Conservative, but he calls Trump out whenever he does something wrong.

  • Lyric Lavender

    funny. most demonrats recall their kids saying…. they must have some very smart kids. USA has a bright future (in Hell) if the people don't stop these criminals

  • Lyric Lavender

    the only people laughed at POTUS (world 'leaders) were the globalist puppets, who recognized in POTUS the ONE WHO WILL DESTROY THEM!!!

  • Angel Asmodeus

    Well MR. Jeffries why didn't the democrat's come right out and bring their star witness out that told all the so called fact's ??? Hard question to answer when you hide everything in a closed off basement now isn't it …..

  • gregory sanders

    The Holy Scriptures In Ephesians 6: 11, 12 And 16 Talks About Wickedness, Evilness And Corruptions In High Places. Read The Entire Letters Of Paul One Of The Apostles Of Jesus The Christ In Ephesians Chapter 6 And You Will See That Paul One Of The Apostles Of Jesus The Christ Was In A Romans Prison When The Spirit Of The True And Living God Allowed Paul By The Power Of Jesus The Christ To Look Into The Future Through The Holy Spirit Of 2016-2019 Which Is Now Too See The Present President Donald Trump, All The Republicans, His Cabinet And All Of His Followers That Is Apart Of His Evilness, Wickedness And Corruptions Of Satan The Devil 😈 That Is Controlling Many Many Many In High Authority. This Evil, Corrupt And Wicked Republicans Are Leading Many Many Many Of The Young Generation Into A Life To Do Evil, To Be Corrupted And To Be Wicked. The Holy Scriptures Is Being Fulfilled.

  • Lyric Lavender

    Obama and Clinton destroyed USA as the 'leader of the FREE WORLD! America (under those two criminals) was the laughing block of the world, with jackals (China, Israel, South Arabia, Russia, EU Government…)taking/tearing her apart!

  • gregory sanders

    I Agree With All Of The Democrats And The True And Living God Also Stand With Them On Impeaching The Evil, Wicked And Corrupt President. Too All Of My Sisters And Brothers In Jesus The Christ I Will Have You All Too Know Satan The Devil 😈 Is Very Angry About This It's Not Going Too Be Over With The Present President, The Republicans And Those That Are His Followers. Satan The Devil 😈 Is Controlling, Fooling And Deceiving Them To Create The Atmosphere Of Division So That The Antichrist Can Step Out Into Power And Bring About World Peace And Many Many Many People's Will Be Deceived, Fooled And Treat Into Believing That The Antichrist Is The Real Messiah Jesus The Christ As Well As Many Many Many Republican Pastors, Preachers, So-called Christians And Many Many Many Other Religions And Denominations Will Be Deceived By Him. Read The Holy Scriptures For Yourself And You Will See That The Holy Scriptures Is Being Fulfilled Before Your Eyes.

  • gregory sanders

    I Want All Of The Democrats Too Know That The True And Living God Will Punish Those That Does Any Harm Too You Are Those That Try To Harm You Keep Standing Up For What's Right. Keep On Showing The Young Generation They Don't Have Too Do Evil, Wicked And Corrupt Things In Order To Get Up The Ladder And Stay Up The Ladder Of Success.

  • Micah Kelly

    I honestly can't tell if the democrats are just lying or if they're so conditioned and brainwashed that they actually believe what they're saying.

  • terry lawrence

    They planned on "Screwing Trump 6 ways to Sunday." Mudd on CNN'S Chis Como says,"The gov is going to MURDER Trump." What kind of shit show is this. Lock up the dems and enough with calling Trump supporters Racist. You'll Never JFK Trump you fools!!! But you are destroying your Judicial System and other Countries are laughing at your Shit Show! Trump needs to Lock them all up for trying to overthrow the gov. Put them in their own internment Camps killary built for Deplorables. All 65 million of us they haven't been able to Kill with Fluoride, Cancer, Vaccines, GMO's and Geo-engineering. Bunch of demons your time has come to crawl back to the darkness from which you came.

  • Judith Aldridge

    Collins is an out and out liar, nobody is knocking Zelenskyy: It has to be remembered that Ukraine relies on aid from the US and he is basically beeing blackmailed by Trump because he is holding future aid above Zelenskyy's head. Trump must be Impeached and he must be found guilty in the Senate and removed from office. Trump has already withdrawn from our vital commitments such as the Paris Accord, The Treaty with Irana and many smaller commitments. If Trump gets four more years Trump will take us out of NATO and he is likely to take us out of the UN. We will have no influence in the world; Tariffs would likely be imposed by many countries against us.

  • F. O.

    I can not believe how crooked the democrats must be to pull these shenanigans.
    Looks like the pelosi crime family are on "auto terminate" mode.
    Good luck in GITMO Pencil-neck, Penguin and Lush!!! You're damned!!!

  • Ö. L.

    I have never in my life witnessed such a polarized tone before. There is absolutely no understanding for the other side. This will not end good for America. The damage is too great.

  • mlzanercik

    (The parable spoken by Jesus of the two Foundations):

    And why call ye me, Lord, Lord,

    and do not the things which I say?

    (Jesus pointed out that those who called him by this title of respect acknowledged submission to him, however, when these same people ignored his teaching, they were guilty of Hypocrisy. (Matthew 7:22-23)<—Many will say to me in that day, (((Lord, Lord))), have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, (((ye that work iniquity/commit sin))). (Matthew 25:10-13)<—And while they went to buy, the bridegroom came; and they that were ready went in with him to the marriage: and the door was shut. Afterward came also the other virgins, saying, (((Lord, Lord))), open to us. But he answered and said, Verily I say unto you, (((I know you not))). Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh).

    Whosoever cometh to me,

    and heareth my sayings,

    and doeth them,

    I will shew you to whom he is like:

    He is like a man which built an house,

    and digged deep,

    and laid the foundation on a rock:

    and when the flood arose,

    the stream beat vehemently upon that house,

    and could not shake it:

    for it was founded upon a rock.

    But he that heareth,

    and doeth not,

    is like a man that without a foundation

    built an house upon the earth;

    against which the stream did beat vehemently,

    and immediately it fell;

    and the ruin of that house

    was great.

    (Luke 6:46-49).

    ***(Hears…and does): One who listens to and acts on Jesus teaching can face any difficult circumstance.

    ***(Heard and did nothing): Not acting on Jesus teaching will cause a person to be overwhelmed by circumstances, eventually resulting in total loss.

  • Inde nmc

    Now we know why the GOP members constantly interrupted the first session with all their objections and "points of order"; they wanted to corrupt the process itself so they could claim the process was corrupt.

  • john knouse

    It's pretty scary that so many talk about how crooked the Dems are, when the Republicans are purposefully ignoring the fact that Trump broken laws.
    I'm a Republican and have been since the day I registered to vote, but I'm not a lemming or a party-liner.
    1) Trump stopped funding via using the OMB to "check for corruption", but yet:
    a) only the Congress has the right to appropriate funds (order the release) BY LAW the funding to be given to Ukraine, and
    b) Both the US Department of State and the US Department of Defense (the two Departments authorized to certify that Ukraine had met the criteria to receive the funding) had said that Ukraine had met thresholds to receive the monies from their funding programs, which included actions to remove corrupt people and correct corruptive actions.
    2) For all the whining that Republicans in the House have been ranting that the Courts should decide whether or not people should testify or answer subpoenas:
    a) Trump ordered his staff and executives not answer subpoenas, which is contrary to law which would require those persons subpoenas to file legal action asking a court to give order or deny their appearance before the House committee, which is a subversion of Constitutional process.
    b) Trump ordered his departments to release no documents, rather than file for a court order to stop the House from being able to subpoena those documents, which is the legal remedy available through the Courts.

    Trump and Republicans aren't angels either, and Trump has clearly broken law and subverted Constitutional process. Yet, Reps just wanna go "oh well…he's our boy" and let it go.
    If any of us here commenting did what he'd done, we'd be in jail awaiting trial.

    You wanna impeach a president for lying about getting sexual favors from a 22 year old?
    Well then, you should definitely want impeach a president for violations of Federal and Constitutional law.

    I'm voting Bill Weld in the primary. If Trump gets the Republican primary, as a Republican I will vote for some other candidate. I won't vote for Trump, and it is because I won't vote for an obvious criminal.

  • jannmutube

    —-> 1) The Crossfire Hurricane team didn't know about the Steele dossier (field notes) before they opened the counter intelligence investigation on July 31, 2016. 2) Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were not involved in the final decision to open the investigation. 3) The FBI wouldn't have told anyone that Flynn was the subject of an FBI investigation (probably for violation of FARA laws).

    4) According to the testimony of Glenn Simpson, released by Senator Feinstein, "Christopher Steel acted on his own to take the dossier to the FBI". No Democrat used the dossier in their campaign. No Democrat turned the dossier over to the FBI.

    If there is someone to blame for taking potential evidence of a crime to the FBI, Republicans have more of their fingerprints all over the dossier. Marco Rubio and Republican Never Trumpers initiated the dossier. Lyndsey Graham urged Senator McCain to give the dossier to the FBI.
    Google: Lindsey Graham urged McCain to give Trump-Russia dossier to FBI (axios)
    McCain dispatched a trusted aide across the Atlantic to get dirty dossier from
    ex-spy after former British diplomat told him about blackmail tapes (dailymail)
    Google: Republican Never Trump movement

    5) U.S. Attorney Durham and IG Horowitz shared information after AG Barr got the report in Sept 2019. Horowitz is not aware of any information that Durham could have that is not in his report and his opinion was not changed by statements to the media by Barr and/or Durham.
    6) Trump was not "spied on". The FBI did not place any CHSs inside the Trump campaign.

    7) The "mistake" in the Carter Page FISA was not made by an FBI agent but by a lower-level line attorney between the FBI and the NSA.. The FBI agent tried to clarify the FISA. Maybe what the lawyer meant by "not a source" was that they didn't recruit Carter Page as a CHS. According to IG Horowitz, the FBI did not place any confidential human sources into the Trump campaign…. indicating "not a source".

    According to IG Horowitz, they didn't know about the "mistake" and file the additional undisclosed information until June of 2017, they didn't know about the "not a source" error until June of 2018 and no one was really aware of the altered memo until August 2019. Strzok had transitioned off the team by Jan 17, 2017 Comey and McCabe were already gone by May 2016. That's long before the mistake was discovered in 2018 – 2019. There's no evidence that they knew of the alleged "mistake".

    Thanks to Republicans forcing the full disclosure of the FISA, it was reported, in the media, that Carter Page had been caught up in a sting operation against Russian spies i 2013 – 2014, who were deported, in the past. His tenure as a "source" with the FBI was probably during that time.

    Since Carter Page wasn't actually an FBI source, I doubt his statements to the media could really be considered exculpatory. It sounds more like it was Carter Page's statements to the media that were misleading.
    …". President Trump and House Republicans are declassifying documents to allege the campaign aide was spied on by Hillary Clinton partisans, but the FBI had been investigating Page’s ties to Russian intelligence for years."
    Google: Carter Page Is a Very Unlikely GOP Hero (The Atlantic, Sept 19, 2018)

    8) The so-called "dirty dossier" did have confirming evidence. Carter Page had identified himself as an agent of Russia, he publicly advocated against Russian sanctions while in Russia during the 2016 campaign against U.S. interests. And his testimony, under oath, actually did confirm part of the Steele dossier.

    Field notes are not expected to be exact, a finished polished report. The lawyer may have considered the testimony of the subsource to be clarifying or representative of Steele's notes or that they got his testimony because of the notes. .. If they determined that information from the subsource was credible, why was it not credible just because the informant recanted … especially, in light of Page's sworn testimony.

    …. "The Steele dossier claimed that Page met with two particular Russians during his trip, but Page insisted that he’s never met either. One of those was Igor Sechin, the CEO of the Rosneft oil company, which is majority owned by the Russian government. According to the dossier, Sechin and Page had a secret meeting in Moscow on either July 7 or July 8, at which Sechin offered Trump associates a large stake in his company and Page said Trump would lift US sanctions on Rosneft if elected.

    Page contemptuously denied all of this, straightforwardly asserting that he’s never met Sechin in a way that sounded more or less believable.
    … But then, under questioning, Page admitted that during that trip, he met with one of Sechin’s subordinates — Andrey Baranov, the head of investor relations at Rosneft, with whom he had a preexisting relationship.
    … Page went on to admit that they may have discussed sanctions in “general” terms, and that they might have discussed the planned sale of a large stake in Rosneft because it was in the news."
    Carter Page’s bizarre testimony to the House Intelligence Committee, explained https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2017/11/7/16616912/carter-page-testimony-trump-russia

  • singleton222

    Nadler is a bumbling idiot with Pelosi’s hand up his rear, spouting nothing but hate and disdain for Trump and conservatives in general. This is just an extension of their tears when Hillary lost. Let them have their purely partisan house impeachment; the American public sees it for what it is. The senate will kill it and history will frown upon what is happening here.

  • Harry Booth

    I'm so glad I can fast forward when these demacrats are on they are so full of shit. and may I say some of these will end up in prison and you can take that to the bank.

  • Clinton Post

    Democrats always say their doing this for the children for our country, as they kill our unborn, and now some states new born children and fellow countrymen.

  • Moshe

    Its funny how the democrats accuse someone else of doing exactly what they have been doing since for ever, including now. I am glad I switched to republican.

  • alcamerc 99

    Democrats in charge, you are making yourselves look life fools, not only that, you are making your followers look like idiots. However, the more you squirm means only that the republicans will have more to celebrate in 2020, so keep it up. What a bunch of imbeciles! Are these people Americans?

  • J Cassel

    Demacrats new name,now the 5th Avenue,oh yes,new lies everyday,and corruption,that's all they know,the whistle blowers hidden,witnesses take the 5th,it's a joke,Just like when Hillary lied,her witnesses took the 5th,this is all hype lies and corruption,to Impeach our Good president.

  • Lexy Ortiz

    Seriously, how hard would it really BE for trump to just APOLOGIZE for his actions and promise America to try to do better in the future by doing his best to restore dignity to the office of the presidency and reunite America???

    This whole mess could've been averted by a simple genuine press conference where he acts contrite and sincere, and maybe an effort to be less of a damn douche…

  • deth bounnhingyong

    I wasted a few hours of sleep to hear the Dems get tore up after questions were thrown at them. Threw themselves under the bus with nothing to hold themselves up with.

  • Jesus is KING

    I'm glad Democrats rejected their entrance, they dont want to participate in the impeachment so why they whine about not letting in

  • deth bounnhingyong

    I have to toss another thing in there. Why is Ukraine in this situation in the first place? There was a Democratic president who was to scared to go on there and do anything to help. He was almost out and where were these Dems at then when they needed help. All you career dem politician's were in office during the invasion and still here now. As Trump stepped in Russia ran. So how much has he helped Ukraine just by taking office. I hope these career politicians who's been in there 20/30 years with nothing changed. Have a dam 2 term and out just like presidential terms. Get out so our country won't be so corrupt.

  • joe curtin

    To Mr Collins: We're not all idiots. Stop saying the POTUS wasn't allowed to bring forth witnesses, they were subpoenaed to testify and refused. Furthermore, you have squandered your chance to bring forth exculpatory evidence by yapping and whining like a pissed off chihuahua. Trump's own ambassadors have confirmed his extortion plot and the transcript writes it in stone. Keep yapping.

  • jannmutube

    —> I don't consider spreading Russian propaganda and fake conspiracy theories, and resisting the truth to the detriment of our constitution, our elections, our national security, and our international reputation in exchange for campaign donations from SuperPacs to be the behavior of "decent" public servants. They serve their donors.

    —-> The IG report did not exonerate Trump or prove him to be the victim of a coup. The FBI did not insert any confidential human sources into the Trump campaign: he was not "spied upon". IG Horowitz did not conclude that agents lied.

    …. And, it behooves us to remember that at the moment Trump was swearing in, his National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, was confirming deals withbusiness partners to build nuclear power plants in the middle-east that would not promote U.S. interests and required the elimination Russian sanctions for interfering in our election.

    According to IG Horowitz, the whistle-blower has a right to anonymity and his or her testimony is no longer necessary as the facts have been confirmed by other witnesses. Surely Rep. Collins knows this and is knowingly promoting a falsehood against Chairman Schiff.
    The Whistle-blower question" @ 30: 21 – 31: 59
    IG report hearing part 9: Senators continue to question Michael Horowitz

    …."Where truth rests, trust builds." (Rep Sheila Jackson, December 12, 2019)

  • Watogo

    Why do all the democrats look so unhappy? Probably because their 3 and1/2 years of fishing for an I impeachment case is without bait. And that is why they don’t have a fish (case). Their fishing line is snagged on garbage and they have ran out of hooks. They need to put away their tackle box and put their poles down and get back to work for the American people who are tired of hearing them speculate where are the fish?

  • Rhys Brigida

    Ted Deutch said at about 01:33:00 that he texted his kids and asked what they were "feeling". Is it a little weird that a representative would speak at length in this committee about his kid's feelings? The impeachment is, after all, about the "feelings" of a liberal representative's kid's feelings…..and the hurt "feelings" of every witness they've called up so far, isn't it?

  • Mark Quintanilla

    Impeachment is certain! I was for trump in 2016, but how can I support him now. There are children dying in jail like cages near our border. Families form Mexico being torn apart because they are trying to save themselves from the horror of the Mexican Cartel and a Mexican Government to afraid to act.

    A 16 year old boy died about 1 or 2 weeks ago due to the FLU in one of those jail like cages because of TRUMP. How ridiculous, when we America have the means to fight this illness. And helped other countries with aid to fight influenza in the past what is the difference now.

    The difference now is that we have allowed a crazy man to be our leader.

    No Republican or Democrat or Independent can deny these inhuman acts that Trump has done.

    If these inhuman acts were grounds for impeachment he would have been impeached already.

    The facts are undeniable from my prospective not One form a Dem. Or Rep. put as a person.

  • The Dink

    WAKE UP AMERICA !!! We cannot let the Left Suceed in Impeaching the President… if this happens, it's all over…their next move will be to abolish the Republican Party…. Hence the Dictatorship begins… America needs (the World) needs more Patriots, Now more than ever!!!

  • noir sept

    The rep arguments are circular. They reference the election without acknowledging the fact that because of their record and this president they lost the house. If anyone should be in fear of losing an election it's the house members and the senators. Dems ran on impeachment for legitimate reasons that existed before the call. They are delivering to their constituencies and the greater American populous.

  • jannmutube

    January 17, 2017 —-> During the Trump inauguration, National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, texted his business partner that Russian sanctions imposed, in part, for interfering in our election, would be ripped up in order to promote an agenda to build nuclear power plants in the middle-east. On day one, Trump's NSA, Michael Flynn, was already under a FISA warrant for not registering with FARA.
    'Good to go': Top Trump aide gave inaugural day ok to nuclear plan – congressman

  • Nicholas Smith

    If you watch this and skip around ONLY to the parts that validate what you think and skip what you don't like then your opinion is invalidated and you are a part of the problem. Both Republicans and Democrats need to listen and be honest with themselves. I am an impeachment supporter and I watch everything from CNN, TYT to even FOX. I real the reports and transcripts. Learn all you can so that your opinion carries more weight.

  • Mopar Muscle

    Now, we have the resistance party not only failing to accept the results from 2016 and trying to overturn them through impeachment, but also preemptively trying to convince the American people that 2020 is going to be rigged too. Schiff literally said Trump will win again if they don't impeach… they know they will lose. THIS is what they are impeaching.
    Simply amazing!

  • Juan Diaz


  • D e x

    I want the Minority to stop waving around the doctored, the fake, the modified "transcript" of the Ukrainian/Trump phone call. it was admitted it was summarized, witnesses have stated it was not the complete record (witnesses who were attacked for speaking hearsay), and the only true, complete and accurate official transcript of the call was hidden on a top secret server, and Congress has been REFUSED access to it, by the branch that is suspected of impeachable acts. They need to stop waving a incomplete record around claiming it is a fact. They are LYING when they say that. Show us the actual record. Let those who were on the call testify. Stop misrepresenting the Vice Presidents threat of "Fire the Prosecutor" time-line. You incorrect timeline is ANOTHER lie.

  • Susan Peterson

    Im am sick and tired of hearing from both sides how difficult it is for the average American to follow. Its quite simple. Democrats have had a boner to impeach Trump the night he was elected. They will do and say anything to do it. This is the Russian invent igation all over again nothing different.

  • Angelina

    Lesko, Jordan, Gohmert, and Right. Wake up and smell the coffee!! The bribery/extortion actions by the President of a foreign power!!! Are extremely irrelevant to what Biden/son have done in a foreign country with or without a corrupt energy company and is only relevant to his presidential election. Looking at the facts subjectively, as a citizen. NO, It’s NOT confusing or hard to follow. The Right wing’s hoopla act on behalf of tRUMP/Right’s dictatorship!! tRUMP should be impeached merely by defying investigative Supenas issued to him or in directing others to defy Supenas!! AND, Continuing to repeat the word Hoax, doesn’t magically make it a reality.

  • Make-Make

    30:47 Order.
    31:14 Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY)
    32:07 Rep. Nadler Opening statement.
    42:59 Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) Opening statement.
    54:08 Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA)
    58:24 Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI)
    1:03:21 Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX)

  • rey rodriguez

    So does this mean that a subpoena is not as serious as we thought??? Is that what you're teaching us ??? Why no one told me this before?

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