How FIDI is preparing for GDPR (data protection legislation)
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How FIDI is preparing for GDPR (data protection legislation)

At FIDI Global Alliance we take data seriously.
We are busy preparing for the launch of the general data protection regulation in May. GDPR means all personal data must be treated carefully
and considerably. We need to be confident we are doing the right thing with the data of
all our stakeholders. For FIDI Global Alliance, that means taking
particular care with data relating to our current, former and prospective Affiliates
and employees, as well as the suppliers we use to support our work. So far, we have carried out an audit of our
current processes handling data, updated our website, newsletters and social channels to
ensure they follow best practice in the way data is collected, identified gaps between
what we are doing now and best practice, and advised and liaised with our Affiliates and
suppliers over how best to plug those gaps. We have also created plenty of content about GDPR on behalf of our Affiliates, building our own expertise about the Regulation in
the process. So what’s left for us to do before the May
deadline? Finalise a GDPR statement for our website, double-check all our processes are
GDPR compliant, confirm all the data we hold is GDPR compliant, create a GDPR checklist
to ensure we’re not keeping any data we don’t need to, and keep reminding our staff
and stakeholders of the need to do the right thing. Want to know more about FIDI and what we are
doing about GDPR? Please contact us at

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