How Much Can You Do in One Day at Universal Studios Orlando
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How Much Can You Do in One Day at Universal Studios Orlando

Jared here down here at Universal
Studios in Orlando again and today I want to do a video where I go in and
just see what all can you get done in Universal Studios on just an average day
I don’t mean like just exclusively a ride challenge like I did last year what
we tried to ride all the rides at the park and failed by the way today I want
to go just the universal do as many shows attractions to show if you buy a ticket give you and idea how much can you do it one day I’m right
here at regular opening time you can see it’s pretty crowded up there luckily I
can use the temporary annual pass holder line it is a Saturday so I figure this
will give you the best idea it’s a Saturday in January I should say so the
park won’t be overly crowded like it is in the summer but it should give you
kind of like an idea what an average day would be like well I’m in today’s
particular hours our 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. it’s a pretty decent time I actually
kind of screwed up I thought it was 10 a.m. so I got here right at the park
entrance at 10:00 and could have been here for an extra hour so I got some
time to make up I’ll give time stamps when I’m doing
things just to show how the flow goes and I’m also gonna do a lunch and a
couple breaks up put in there like 10-minute Briggs here
and there because that’s what it would be like if you were with a family the
other thing that I’m gonna try to do the best that I can is actually use the
regular lines and not the single rider lines you know I’m here by myself
it’s a viewer with a family that’s probably what you would do the first
thing I’m gonna do is some mornings go get a cup of coffee today can’t bake I
have a pounding headache and that’s some interesting stuff in here that I’ve
never tried come here quite a bit but usually just get coffee one of the
breakfast bowls would be a really good time to actually sit in here and drink
coffee because there’s not a lot of people in here like there usually is
well while I was in there I decided to go ahead and get an overnight spall –
overnight Oh Tom if you ever seen one of these
it’s got blueberry toasted coconut and almonds strawberries I think there’s a
little bit of flaxseed in there – real good little breakfast Marilyn Monroe
doing meet-and-greets in front of the today campaign
we’re eating our own meals go get started air ET okay I think I’m gonna
head back to ET first so it it’s 10:30 on the nose I wasted a whole half-hour
since I’ve been in here just getting breakfast and trying to get situated
excuse me time to make up some of that time 10:38
and now it’s time to go and help ET here we go oh my goodness maybe one of the
longer lines I’ve ever waited intreaty we’re gonna ride too late so the lights
are on well et is over it is 11:30 there was
quite a long ride delay on there and um talk to a little bit of a rough start
today but that’s not a big deal we’re gonna make it up I’m sure the cool thing
though about et going down as they turned all the lights on in the queue
line that got to kind of look around that that was neat I think I’m gonna
jump on King and Cotto here cuz it’s only a five minute way oh good
finish up pinging Cotto and I’m gonna knock off the Simpson ride because it’s
only a 15-minute wait after that I need to find somebody for Oakland or
something okay 1206 I think all Springfield is in the books now not
really need to go find something for my head well I went into the kwik-e-mart to
see if I could get headache medicine and I was told that men and black store has
it should work out well because we can go knock that out too
it’s like I’m a headache medicine took it and then I checked the right time a
men in black when it’s 35 minutes I probably need something done at that time I think I’m gonna walk around to see it
back get this ass in the kick in first and before jump on it another ride and
then I might go over and to Hollywood and knock out the universal makeup show
cuz that’s the first available show at this point actually instead of doing
another ride it is 1225 I think what I’m gonna do is take one of my 10-minute
breaks now we go find a bench real quick over here in the mummy gift shop
question you guys thing I think this is gonna become the permanent home for
these guys do you think they’re gonna end up back over by that gift shop in a
horror make-up show it’s just about 12:45 so it’s time for us to go in here
and do our first show of the day.i film here quite a bit but it’s worth showing
again interior la Hollywood horror make-up show
if you’re a big classic monster fan like I am its tons of cool little information
in these little displays and then this side of the museum’s got a lot of newer
horror movie stuff as well as this neat little Halloween
Horror Nights display I really wish they’d add to this display
though give some more information eel juice is out
all right it is now quarter after one just got done with the horror make-up
show headache no wait so we’re ready to start really focusing on getting some
rides in let’s go in here to Transformers 25-minute wait that’s not
to do a bad eating in its path sucking up box like a deranged vacuum cleaner
ever get a visual holding this one it is probably already well 25-minute wait
doubled and turned into a 50 minute wave due to a ride to lady it’s 2:05 so just
move on well it is 10 ever I think we’re gonna do the RIP Rock yes William
15-minute wait 10 after 2 that is it is now 2:30 just got done with a
riffle rocket I’d like getting this one out of the way because I want to get
some lunch here pretty soon and those restraints are brutal especially if
you’ve just eaten there’s also one other ride I’d like to get done before I eat
it’s the mummy so let’s go over there and sleeping get on that real quick difference with the mummy why I like to
do that not after I’ve eaten isn’t because of the restraint system it’s
because of the sudden stops it’s got like two or three of them and that can
be a little bit brutal at times a little bit nervous because I see quite a crowd
over here by The Mummy oh yeah it’s not gonna enter my plans all done with the
mummy it was a 20-minute wait I’m looking at it now it’s up to a 35 minute
wait so I did that just the right time it is just now three o’clock I really
need to figure out some lunch share I really don’t know what I want yet I
think I’ll just head into the monsters cafe and get what I usually get it looks
like the universal took my advice and one of the videos I filmed you couldn’t
see the Wolfman like all the branches were in the way they moved him The
Creature from the Black Lagoon said 1349 it’s pretty good salad I like it excuse
me it’s got like mixed greens a little bit of kale tomato a beef brisket some
kind of grain I don’t remember what that is
last for the branch on the side otherwise they would have put that whole
both of those in there and it’s always just way too much man ah it’s one of my favorite places to visit
even if I’m not eaten just kind of walk around the restaurant well just a little
bit after 3:30 I’m doing pretty good a couple more rides that I want to get
done before Fear Factor starts at end of planning around that they call do Jimmy
Fallon and then like New York area I’ll be done yesterday right over there they still
had the Christmas tree up from holidays went down overnight it’s been a while
stuff written glass all right just just finished up Jimmy Fallon it’s just a
couple more minutes and then it’ll be four o’clock everything seems to be
happening it like 30 minute clips here we believe these two four night houses
back there on the nazerman is blocked it’s kind of hard to imagine but some of
them even utilize the outdoor area from what I understand can’t do it anymore
though that was before they built all those restaurants what not inside it I
feel like they could still utilize these alleys I’ll know the footings a little
bit uneven well I know what I need to go and do next
and I really don’t want to go do it no we’re just gonna have to rip it off just
like a band-aid this is where sure my least favorite attraction at both
Universal and Islands of Adventure it’s not even close I do like Uline a
lot though they did a good job of that I know it’s like the typical thing kind of
bag on that ride but it is really is bad for right as you can imagine time to
head back thanking alia for the first time today now this is the highlight of
Universal Studios and it’s also usually those crowded place in the park look at
that we’re gonna see if we can go game Gringotts done before the fear factor
show starts at 5:30 new 90-minute way not gonna happen right
now I’m gonna have to come back for this one
however you can kind of walk around back here for a little bit
spend some time there’s a couple cool shops we can go look in that I like to
always hit up when I’m here the first of which is the magic on your knife this
one’s pretty me let’s go take a quick peek here mostly like little stuffed animal
merchandise but got some really cute stuff here I’ve never seen the dog
before I’m not saying to new I just don’t never
seen it these little dudes Earl arias $19 for this little froggy these things
are here know what my wife always like that when she comes in here one of these
days I’m sure Linda it’s gonna buy one of these guys I don’t know what they’re
called I’m not gonna pretend to know they got enormous versions of these
things – this is the size I had earlier give you a little comparison we’ve also got some of the fantastical
be small stuff here this is the other one I really like here Weasleys Wizard
wheezes not showing us a million times so I’m gonna be real brief today some
more of those puffy creatures oh no over here are they got real little ones so
there’s at least three different sizes here Weasleys Wizard wheezes will actually
lean into two other shops if I go fair there sugar forms and if we go over here
and pop on the quality footage which is mostly just shirts footage type
things I was pretty brief in the shops but I
spent a good few 10 to 15 minutes walking around Diagon Alley great Brenna
Dagenham before you go in they do have the night bus and then this cool little
fountain there’s always a crowd up there but if you do get a chance on a day
where you can make it up there step up there and look inside that bus also that
little severed head the little shrunken head I mean bullet severed and shrunken
it’s really funny like I said it’s always back there in Diagon Alley
especially on like a busy Saturday it’s even worse you got to kind of go during
the week if you want to spend any significant amount of time and look at
all the little window displays there’s a lot of good things I’m gonna grab a
locker here do men in black wait times a little bit better than earlier still
gonna be close well my score on men and black was too embarrassing to discuss I
had my 15 minutes before fear factor so I figured maybe we should go in here and
take a look at the men in black store know if you’re seeing this in your life
hey that’s not black you’re right just Superman the men in black store is like
a combo store it’s got a lot of superheroes and some transformers
the DC Batman Superman will stuff used to be over where the Halloween Horror
makeup show us I’m sorry the Hollywood horror makeup show used to be then they
converted into monsters and I’m open that they’re not taking that out but
it’s under construction currently there is men in black merchandise over here
but it’s all over in this section Universal Studios actually has quite a
few Funko pop scattered throughout the parks it’s a pretty cool ones to see
these eight-minute black ones this is a cool little plushie it’s based on the
ride in there and they got all these little aliens with these little shooting
targets the ones that I can’t seem to ever hit hey let’s do it just a couple
minutes before 5:30 I really like the SEPA fear factor live I think it’s
pretty cool and the show should be getting started in a second here oh my
god they’re fun scorpions on this floor anyone found here to do these things with fear factor being over it has
reached six o’clock you got a couple more hours still a few things to do as
far as rides go I think I only have Gringotts to do woody woodpecker’s
nuthouse coaster it might be it nope actually I just remembered minion
mayhem and Shrek 4d I also have to do but I need to go over to the kids on
also and check to see if the animal show has any more showings tonight I haven’t
made it back to drink out yet but it does look like I’m gonna be able to
check the celestine and we’re back in the Banshee show well Gringotts is still
a no-go 16-minute way we’re gonna cycle back to that probably last at this point
that is the last show time and I didn’t quite make it I can’t get in oh well hon
go ride woody woodpecker’s and nuthouse coaster this is another one I’m not
gonna be able to do a day in the part with Barney be honest I forgot about it
this last show time was at 4:15 that’s alright this wasn’t about can I do
everything at Universal Studios on one day it’s how much can you do and one day
and right now I’m about to do Woody Woodpecker and that probably could go
over there and do Bibles Playland but that would just be strange because I’m
by myself it doesn’t feel very funny though even though it’s just a kiddie
coaster that’s actually pretty fun I think now I’m going to do is walk back
up through Central Park head through Hollywood and see what’s going on with
Shrek and minion may am perhaps or maybe do a little shopping
but it’s 629 I think I’m gonna catch the 6:30 Universal or make up show again no
I already did this one once today but I really like it so and I was walking by
and they were doing like last call for it so I made an impulse decision once
again excellent show you got a good solid hour left depart get something
done numbers a minion man and 15-minute wait
I think we’ll be able to get this and Shrek done at least well I think I’m
gonna skip Shrek and head back and see if I can do Gringotts because we only
got about a half hour still a lot of people back here in Diagon Alley you
know there’s only like a half hour left before the park closes 20-minute wait
time wait until the end paid off time it over here and get a locker let’s get
this over with well now that it’s a quarter after 8:00
the park is closed Diagon Alley is fairly empty it’s only a few minutes
left in the cinematic celebration I think get a chance to get over and get
the whole thing I was telling the green gods right well that’s gonna do it for
me tonight here at Universal Studios and my attempt to do as much as I possibly
could and one day show you what all you can get done in
one day no I didn’t get every ride in Sheol in
but I did get the vast majority of it was a pretty busy day so I would say
this is gonna be a little bit more on my side of as far as life now just based on how busy it was I’ve
definitely had days where I’ve gotten a lot more done in that part and I’ve
actually been able to go back and forth between Universal and islands of
adventure and do stuff on those days so I mean just kind of keep that in mind
that if you do go on a calmer day that you will get more that it’s done
everything take seemed to take me about 20 to 40 minutes at least to do with the
exception of Beatty and transformers both broke down when I was in there so
those both ate up an hour of my time but hey other than that it was a really good
day so thanks for watching


  • Hammocks to Coasters

    Yes, first… coffee!! I love ET. I didn’t get on that in December, so must do that soon. The laugh path isn’t very funny, lol. Love love love that horror make up show!!! Great video.

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    The entrance is welcoming, with those very tall palm trees, once inside the place looks like ordinary street scenes, interesting, there are lots to see and do, so how long were you there?

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    Great video. It looks like the Harry Potter part of the park was slammed. The rest of the park didn't look so busy. Thanks for taking us along.

  • its a stakesy thing

    Great Vlog , we enjoyed watching, you got way more done than we ever did, but we did get rained off at 5pm so missed everything after that 🤔 Thanks for sharing, have a great weekend 🤗👍🇬🇧🤩

  • Travels with V and Steve

    Last time we were there we only had one day and I was happy with everything we got done but we did miss a few things (like the make-up show). Good reason to go again! ET is a perfect first ride. (Sorry you had a headache. That makes even a fun day rough.) I want to try or at least see Monsters Cafe. Looks amazing! Really enjoyed this!

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    Nice day! I like how you take breaks to shop and eat instead of going to rides after rides. still a packed day!

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