How Sheriffs Defend U.S. Constitution!
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How Sheriffs Defend U.S. Constitution!

what do Oregon Washington and Colorado
have in common many of their sheriffs and citizens have
refused to abide by unconstitutional laws imposed by the federal government
I’m Robyn kinderman and you’re watching jbs Straight Talk in 2013 oregon sheriff’s made quite the
fuss about gun control with many refusing to enforce the strict federal
gun laws as of 2019 things seem to have changed according to an online article
published by Oregon Public Broadcasting the Oregon State sheriffs Association
changed how it approaches the state government as well from the article
executive director of the sheriffs Association John Bishop states I think
we have made a concerted effort to have a good relationship with all the
legislators he goes on to say going in and beating heads and saying you’re
stupid and we’re not going to do this doesn’t work anymore actually it does
work it’s a sheriff’s duty when you consider the oath they took to uphold
the Constitution for example look at Colorado this past April over half of
the counties in Colorado opposed a new law that would allow for gun
confiscation and called themselves second amendment sanctuary cities weld
County Sheriff Steve reams told CNN that he was willing to go to jail rather than
enforce an unconstitutional gun law what we need are more sheriffs like Steve
Reeves who are faithful to their oath to support and defend the US Constitution
and who know that some laws are unconstitutional article 6 of the US
Constitution mentions that the Constitution and the laws that are
created in pursuance of the Constitution are the supreme law of the land this
means that not all federal laws are supreme to state and local laws laws
that are not made in pursuance of the Constitution should be nullified by
state legislators and ignored by sheriffs and other public officials the
Constitution grants certain enumerated powers to Congress in article one
section eight those not listed there are left of the states or the people as
stated by the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution in an article on the new
American com constitutional attorney Joe Wolverton writes a sound understanding
of those enumerated powers is key to knowing when and why States are
justified in ignoring or if they decide to do so nullify acts of the federal
government nullification whether through active acts passed by the legislatures
or the simple refusal to obey unconstitutional directives is the
rightful remedy for the ill a federal usurpation of authority Americans
committed to the Constitution must walk the fences separating the federal and
state governments and they must keep the former from crossing into the territory
of the latter this same example extends from local to county and county to state
if the government entity is trampling the constitutional rights of the people
elected officials have a duty to nullify or ignore that entity to protect their
constituents so instead of working with the federal and state governments to
take away god-given rights Oregon sheriff’s need to protect their
constituents to learn more we recommend you read our booklet on article six
called the founders brilliant solution to big government or watch the DVD this
will give you the knowledge you need to help protect your god-given rights links
will be in the description below until next time take care and God bless


  • Bruce G.

    Americans are losing their interest in America. They are so wrapped up in the insanity of today's world and whatever the "movement" of the day happens to be, they can't even see what an orderly country this used to be.

  • chris b

    We the people need to stand behind sheriffs who stand up against tyranny by defending the constitution.
    Remember your local sheriff has more authority than any fbi dea atf etc.

  • Zealot Now Chosen

    I call it BS, Sheriffs have been helping Non Constitutional LAWS from the start. Every courtroom is un Constitutional they extort Americans and the Sheriff Department help them push their MADE up CODES not Constitutional LAWS BS BS BS BS EVERY flipping DAY. I personally experienced the LAWLESS COURTROOM of FELONS and the Sheriffs DON'T EVEN KNOW THE LAW. IF they follow the LAW then the SHERIFFS should start arresting the POLICE and JUDGES across this Nation TODAY LIARS more LIARS We the PEOPLE are screwed. God Bless us all, as the Final Days has arrived.

  • Seemor Disillusioned

    The ONLY issue our sheriff is concerned with is are you Mormon or not . Legal or illegal doesn't mean a damn thing …at least based on everything I saw working with him .

  • Jim Brown

    Almost ALL "laws" are completely BOGUS.
    How many of these Sheriffs actually realize that they are working for organized crime in the first place ????
    Our court system is run by the queen of England, if you think this is an outrageous statement,
    you simply have never bothered to study Law and the History of Law.
    "Law of the Land", and, Maritime Admiralty Law, DO YOU KNOW THE DIFFERENCE ????
    Do you know why there are so many different versions and conflicting definitions ????
    It's to keep you ignorant of the SCAMS being perpetrated upon the People.

    Codes, Statutes, Polices, Acts, Charters, Decrees, Mandates, Measures, Orders, Rulings,Bylaws, Canons,
    Caveats, Covenants, Dictates, Edicts, Enactments, Injunctions, Instructions, Notices, Ordinances, Subpoenas,
    Summons, Warrants, Writs, Etc, Etc, Etc,

    ARE NOT LAWS !!!!!


    But if you don't know the nature of their FRAUDULENT SCAMS, AND CALL THEM ON IT,
    then they "ASSUME" that you agree with all the hidden terms of their FRAUDULENT "Contract".
    ( Which automatically means that THERE IS NO CONTRACT )
    They even have a couple of fancy terms for it…….
    "Assumpsit", and,
    "Tacit Procuration" ,
    both of which basically mean that, if you don't call them on their SCAM, then they physically OWN YOUR BODY.

    Lets make it a requirement that EVERY Sheriff study and know how these FRAUDULENT SCAMS WORK,
    so that they can recognize a REAL CRIMINAL when they hear these terms being bandied about.

  • Theo Haas

    Attention American Sheeples your enslaved by the privatized Federal Reserve under the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 which is treason Rothschild Morgan Rockefeller are laughing their asses off at you you owe them over 22 trillion dollars and nearly a trillion dollars a year in interest the money in your pocket is Fiat it's not even yours and none of you have a clue

  • John Taylor

    Patriots have the right and duty to oppose a tyrannical government with any means available. This is why they (gov't)want our guns. They would do away with the constitution if they thought they could get away with it. They just keep chipping away.

  • John Sluder

    If we could get all the Priests and Pastors united to attack this NWO and united communities across this land with good small town governments we could stop this communism

  • Jeff Walker

    The sheriff department where I live is full of tyrants. We anyone expects these clowns to uphold the constitution they will be sadly disappointed.

  • Domo

    I know my Norwalk Sheriff's dept follows the Constitution first hand. Yes, right here in Los Angeles County. They could teach other police departments some proper manners and Constitutional education.

  • blackheart 1502

    Don't forget NM, it's becoming a communist state and the sheriff's are for the most part are fighting for the people.

  • Jim Allen

    Okay, so we do this. US Government is not going to be pleased. It's also in thehabit of ignoring the Constitution, and ploughing on withit's tyrannical totalitarian dictatorship, that's replaced the laws of this land.
    The people failed to protect the Constitution, and so their own best interests. The country has been invaded, infiltrated by Khazar Zionists, and has pushed all others out of the Congress over time, the same way they did in Russia in the early 20th century.
    Went to Russia from US, financed by Schiff to do what they did. They were run out of Russia before they could finish. They fled straight home to Manhattan, and started up that same thing here.
    TheKhazar Banking Cabal located in the City of London, directed this, Zionists, are Zionists, some took up a corrupted, perverted form of Judaism, call themselves "Israeli".
    They are not Israelites, they're not semetic at all, they're Khazars, and so are the Headcutters, not Arab, or the perverted Wahabbism that passes itself off as some form of Islam. They're Zionist Khazars.

  • Frank Hughes

    The declaration of Independence secures our rights the Constitution is a tool used to restrict and take those rights

  • 5150psych

    Listen well, government has no authority to enact any gun laws or taxes on guns or ammo because they do not have the authority!

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