How the “Amazon Amendment” will affect your business

Hello guys this is Ted with OAXRAY and today
we’re going to talk about how the Amazon amendment could affect your business. Today I wanted to talk about something that
we don’t talk about a lot and that is Amazon business buyers. So Amazon business buyers have been able for
the last couple years to purchase items with a sales tax free certificate on file, they’ve
been able to purchase it at different prices if you decide to sell an item cheaper to business
buyers or give bolt discounts there’s just a lot of different things you can do in Amazon
business buyer section and I think a lot of people are taking advantage of that. But what we have is Amazon trying to stick
its nose into the government realm. So right now as far as I understand it whenever
a government needs 10,000 paper clips or notepads or whatever it is they generally has to be
this bidding process that goes on depending on the amount that the items are selling for. So there’s been this process going on for
paper clips and what that does is it actually makes it more expensive for the paper clips
because every company is not going to bid on a $1,000 contract for paperclips so there’s
less competition. It’s just kind of a bureaucratic system. So what Amazon is trying to do is actually
put in a bill or part of a bill which is going to make it so that someone who needs 1,0000
paper clips can simply go online like a place to Amazon and just purchase those paper clips. It gets rid of bureaucracy, it’s going to
cut down the time because Amazon is going to ship it within two days, there is not going
to be all of these different requirements that are happening right now where you just
need to wait on this bidding process, wait to get these paper clips and it a long drawn
out thing. They’re trying to make it so that it is very
easy for the government to simply sign up for business prime and then actually just
send this directly to the customers. And you have other companies like Granger
that supply the government with a lot of these products because they know the ins and outs
and how to bid on things but Amazon is saying hey we have a better process, we can ship
it to you in two days, there’s actual competition on our website and if you need paper clips
or notepads we can provide those to you easily so let’s make it easier for the government
to purchase from us. This actually cause the stock price of these
other companies to go down because if something like this passes we’re getting rid of the
bureaucracy and we’re making it so that just about any Amazon business listing that’s listed
as a business listing should be eligible for this program. Now what this means for you is that you might
have government buyers actually purchasing products that you have in stock. So this actually gives Amazon a lot more leverage
and it allows them into the government realm of purchasing items and this actually might
affect your business. So if you haven’t registered for the Amazon
business program which allows you to set specific pricing for business buyers and it actually
allows you to set discounts and for people to get out of the sales tax because they’re
able to put their sales tax information on file so that they don’t have to pay the local
sales tax for your state it actually can be helpfull. So if I were you I’d be keeping track of how
the Amazon amendment might be affecting your business. I think the people who are first in getting
here and understanding some of the things that the government buyers are going to be
looking for will be able to actually capitalize on this the best and made the most money off
of this amendment. So keep your eye on things like this because
this might be something where you might know a supplier of paper clips or whatever it is
that are made in America and maybe one of the requirements is that it’s made in America
or it’s at a small business or one of these other kind of carve outs I guess you can say. So you want to make sure you have your ducks
in a row, if there is something that you know that is manufactured in the US and it’s required
to be, maybe you’re to make sure that you’re listing has the appropriate information so
that the business buyer knows what they need to know and your item will come up on their
radar for being purchased. So keep an eye on this, if you do a search
this is on, if you go to Facebook and you go to our page you’ll also
see this there and you can get some more details about how this might affect your business
and how you can capitalize on this. Thank you guys very much. Have a great day. Make some money using OAXRAY.

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