• Drake Santiago

    Its funny how Christians want to codify Biblical prohibitions concerning sexuality and a woman's autonomy, but somehow conveniently don't seem to hellbent on drafting legislation to enforce Jesus' EXTREME views on charity and pacifism (Matthew 5:38-42):

    "You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye and tooth for tooth.’ But I tell you not to resist an evil person. If someone slaps you on your right cheek, turn to him the other also; if someone wants to sue you and take your tunic, let him have your cloak as well; and if someone forces you to go one mile, go with him two. Give to the one who asks you, and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you."

  • shultsy100

    GAAAAWWWD! Why are Americans so Christian and SO Weird??? I'm not sure what the Christians or the Catholics or the Mormons are doing locally that may violate our liberties or our freedoms … But I do like that tattoo you put on Mitch McConnell's gobbler… Good One!

  • AvangionQ

    4:32 Disagree on just one point: that was a bad analogy to represent racism by, fictional characters should be as close to their source material as possible … fidelity of canon is important.

    PS, good episode otherwise.

  • Nobodies 2Dogbar

    I think all discussions that avoid the global totalitarian economic dictatorship imposed by usury-commiting banksters issue are just wag-the-dog culture wars that serve to divide the poor over the measly scraps left for the rest of us 99%.

  • Octoberfurst

    She's correct about how the Christian Right is like a combination of the very worst of Christianity with the worst of extreme patriotism. And don't' forget the worst of free-market economics. (Think Ayn Rand. Bye-bye safety net.) If they ever got total control this country would turn into a white nationalist theocracy. In other words, a living hell.

  • Melisa R.

    The decline in Christianity is because of y’all extreme Christians. You push people away from god and are a very poor example of being Christ like is. I told my father to be glad that I still believe in god because I easily could have been pushed away. If it wasn’t for learning about god and having a relationship with him before or without all of this exacerbated Christian extremism. When we are sent to heaven I believe that Christians will be judge more then someone that isn’t. Because we are to be representing him and in the right way.

  • Luis Rosales

    Lmao wow! 😅🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

    Firstly, not all evangelicals support the Republicans, obviously there are evangelicals in the Democratic party.
    Secondly, the "radicalness" of white Christian evangelicals can be anything from white nationalist extremists to just your average church going Joe. Not all of them think Trump is a Messiah, because obviously if you understood anything about evangelicalism that would be blasphemy 😂😅😂. Isolating the radical spaghetti monster nutjobs is rather silly…

    Also nobody should be forced to provide you with service, there's something called freedom that just bothers people.

  • Cody Crouse

    This strain of Christian nationalism in the U.S & Europe is just an extension of white supremacy. Leaders like Viktor Orban, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, Donald Trump, Boris Johnson & Matteo Salvini exploit this strain of Christian nationalism. It's not a surprise that (in most cases), their supporters are older white people. They are more concerned with their own feelings & living in their own idealized world than they are about the rights of minority groups & the rights of people who reject their politics. In other words, they want to go back to the 1950's when these groups either didn't exist or were treated as second or even third class citizens & society followed their script.

  • Hasan M

    However Fox news supports leftist liberals outside of America. Especially in places like Turkey, they champion gay rights and all the CNN type things.

  • Cardon Ellis

    What non-scientific garbage. Christians are a decreasing trend in America, not increasing and your hatred for them isn’t “liberal”.

  • nocturnal nerdy nadine

    Lol I had to leave my church and my religion because they were allll Christian nationalists because leaders in the church equate Christian nationalism and Christianity itself. I guess that's how cults happen. I'm a nontheist atm

  • Kevin Michael

    Witnessing these fundamental evangelicals tie themselves into moral pretzels over their support of Trump is hilarious.

  • Karl Kiefer

    Many of these evangelicals are what some call King Cyrus Christians. They claim Trump is their King Cyrus, an ancient Persian king who conquered Babylon 2600 years ago, inadvertently freeing the Jews. Their rule book says Cyrus was chosen by their god to "navigate in chaos." Naturally, they also say toxic Don was chosen. This is an example of a choice-supportive bias, a rationalization which cherry picks and amplifies the good aspects of a choice, and conversely disregards or ignores the bad points. A fairly typical habit of Christians, as well as most religionists, to resolve the many dilemmas which result in the cognitive dissonance that their various dogmas create.

  • Eliyah Benysrael

    The Christian right is mainly white ethno nationalism, bent on re-solidifying their dominance over all other groups under the excuse of fighting oppression of their group by satanic forces they then have the god given right to crush; all while selectively ignoring the actual Bible. Nothing new.

  • Ajmolali82

    Wherever there is a right wing govt anywhere in the country the country quickly detorates.
    Case in point Israel, India,Brazil and of course the US.

  • _B -Lowe_

    That rat analogy almost threw me off. Yeah, gas it's comedy, but it put in way too much savageness where it just becomes ubiquitous mockery of T'ump Imagery.

  • Laura Lafauve

    This is actually extremely old news. If you lived in the US you would know this has been around for as long as Christianity has been in America. It's kind of like a rash you can't get rid of no matter how you try to take care of it.

  • rmoller2

    I agree that shit is going wrong, but your general argument is comparing sexuality/(whatever the opposite of feminism is) too much to religion, while sometimes connected, maybe not the right way to tackle one with the other..

  • uncleanunicorn

    What Christian nationalists (including my parents) don't understand is that if some virulent sect takes over the country, there's no guarantee it will be your sect.

  • ALP7A

    I don't get why the left doesn't understand. God says no to Gay people (and other sins 1 con 6:9-12) and christian upheld it. Thats called exercising their religious freedom. Would you call it discrimination of a church rejected hosting a SSM? It honestly feels like the things you talk about are coming from religious people when infant in comes from their religious books which, for Christians, was writing by God through man (Romans 15:4, 2 tim 3:16). LGBT+ and Christians will always be at odds together. You will call 1 acceptable and the other discrimination and the other side will argue the same from their group.

    And finally WE don't care about controlling your body! Its the baby! Look at every argument (women dying in dark alleys etc) for pro choice…none of them involves the baby! We care about the baby. If we cared about controlling your body, why do we simply do it ONLY when shes pregnant?

    That said its clear SOME of the things these christian groups are pushing are beyond religious freedom such as making the bible being read in schools! This isn't a binary thing of right and wrong, there is so much more in conversation but if you want YOUR side to win..go ahead.

  • BuddyL

    ⛪What really kills me about the Religious Right is the fact that
    1 – they're the VERY false prophets Jesus spoke of in Matthew 13:17-19;
    2 – the Founding Fathers embraced Islam🕌;
    3 – the ACLU defends the civil liberties of HUNDREDS of pro-religious clients PER YEAR;
    and 4 – if Jesus (in all his brown-skinned glory) were alive today, the Religious Right would be the Romans who crucified him.

    Even 'Mr. Conservative' Barry Goldwater knew they were full of 💩.

  • Jón Frímann Jónsson

    Fox News is just a religious television station pretending to be a news station, there is another news station that is just spreading pure nationalism over US (I don't remember its name). Watching from the outside the United States is not going to hell, its already there and has been for some time. There is no wonder the EU is less interested in dealing with US today than few decades ago (as EU was back then).

  • Matt M.

    TV religion in America is all about FREE MONEY and POWER for the preacher, religion is just a tool to have stupid/poor/ desperate people give their money to these FAKE religious leaders.

  • Matthew Ulsenheimer

    The funny thing is, in Germany of all places hate speech and discrimination are illegal, and punished by fines and jail time.

  • Nam Do

    She’s is a Left wing propaganda machine … full of lies.. the right does have crazy people too but the Left’s cancel culture is the worst ..

  • peter lee

    We need to stand up and scream to this bigots that their "religious rights" cannot, will not and is not more important than our CIVIL RIGHTS. These people forget their rights will stop when they impose in the rights of the rest of us. Their rights is not more important than our rights!!! There is a reason we have a separation between religion and STATE.

  • E. S.

    Why do so many people here ignore that fact that the Middle East IS Gilead, while complaining that the Christian right is trying to turn America into Gilead? Christians are intolerant of LGBT & that's wrong, but Islam Sharia is more extreme because they murder them yet you think that's ok? Sex slavery, domestic slavery & chattel slavery are LEGAL under Sharia, and millions of people are brutally enslaved in the Middle East yet you turn a blind eye to it so you can be pc? Islamic Gilead is real & exists all over Muslim countries, people don't object yet these same people are freaking out over a fictional Christian Gilead that hasn't even happened yet? Why is Islamic Gilead celebrated as peaceful yet imaginary Christian Gilead is condemned? Gilead is wrong period, no matter which religion does it.

  • Stoney Curtis

    With Trump in the Whitehouse, stage four cancer is more of a blessing than something to be cured..
    See ya on the other side~!

  • Kristoff Bjorgman

    Typical anti-Christian propaganda right here. Al Jazira is funded by a government that persecutes Christians. Wake up, people!

  • Fausto Levantesi

    I'm a liberal, but if the only alternatives liberals propose to religion are Beyoncé and Queer Eye… WE HAVE A PROBLEM!

  • tyro244

    If Conversion therapy was real, then you could just as easily turn straight people gay. Some body needs to get on that. And while you're at it we need to find a way to convert irrational people into rational people.

  • Sylvain Taif

    Great piece as always.
    It's such an all out war against the secular nature of your constitution that… Have I missed something? You didn't mention the fight to uphold the Jonhson amendment which, if I'm not mistaken, would be another way to increase the influence of religious groups on politics.
    Not to mention religious charter schools and Betsy DeVos.
    Creationism vs reality…
    Mega churches with no tax…

    This subject is so deep ! … I hope you'll prepare another piece.

  • Queensley Eghianruwa

    Can we please stop calling these people Christians? These people are not followers of christ in any way. Christ loved and accepted every one. These people are just conceited bigots who need a title

  • Gerald W Turner

    They pray at the beginning of city council meetings here… Wonder if I should invite a rabbi to make sure everything is kosher . Then read from the necronomicon just be balanced.. what should I do..?

  • tyro244

    E pluribus unum! THAT is our country's motto. They need to put that back on all our money and put THAT up in our schools.

  • Ashley Steel

    Come on Francesca, rats are very intelligent, the GOP ain't got nothing on them!

    Also if you have not seen it already you should watch a documentary on Hulu called "hail Satan" I wasn't sure at first but they are doing amazing work in religious freedom. Definitely fighting for social justice and a growing movement. A MUST WATCH DOCUMENTARY =]

  • Dr M D Aden

    Although I don’t believe Christianity, I am Muslim I like the conservativism and to be religious, I also don't like same-sex marriage and I am pro-life but I also don't support anti-immigrant policies or the injustice of trump’s administration .

  • Pinion325

    Christianity it a white supremacist death cult. The Arctic is melting & the Amazon is on fire. Meanwhile they believe Jesus is gonna show up as the earth takes its dying breath, & "deliver us" to Greenland.

  • Fredrik Olsson

    HEY! Unfair to rats. First of, they're really intelligent and second its been proven they didn't spread the plague, we spread it.

  • Gerry Ma

    If you go back in to history this is the same environment where Hitler came. I won't be surprise if the next anti christ will show in the US and kill us all.

  • Drew K

    I love chick fil a. Maybe there is alot of fake Christians, but look at California, perfect example of what a hedonistic lifestyle does for people. We need more people to stand up and fight back againt all evil.

  • Pray Suguitan

    When the gospel of Jesus is preached unto the four corners of the world—then rhe end comes…
    We are in the end times…

  • DaveT 383

    Chris Hedges has been saying for years, "When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross." And as history has shown time and time again, when religious authority gains political power it always results in the worst kind of tyranny and oppression. Religion has only one place in bookstores and libraries, the mythology section. ALL religions are man-contrived false versions of reality. Nothing can exist outside of Nature. Period. And these people, these evangelicals, they are all a threat to any open society, besides being just entirely full of shit.

  • kranzonguam

    Thank you for this, Frani!! The people need to hear the depths to which the Christian right is willing to go to promote their agenda! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  • Kristian Meller

    Countries with no separation of church and state usually have WAY less religious interference in politics than the US.

  • Young Chahzie

    No, Francesca Fiorentini is a gift from God. Smart and witty, I think I have a crush. That death stare in the bonnet is priceless. Well done.

  • TypeORedPill

    When religious groups become powerful and influential enough to hijack branches of the government, it's time to remove their tax-exempt status

  • Ace HAMMER

    It's just like what I heard Shaun King say on the Tom Joyner Morning Show "when you have been privileged for so long, equality feels like oppression" and that's exactly what is happening now the so called "Christians" can't stand to see that other cultures of people will be treated the same so they are fighting hard against it and mostly winning smh

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