How to Assemble Universal TV Stand AEON 60111 and 60112
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How to Assemble Universal TV Stand AEON 60111 and 60112

Hi, my name is Chris from AV-Express,
today we’re going to demonstrate how to assemble the AEON60111 and 60112
Universal TV Stand. These are both commonly referred to as a tabletop TV stand, universal TV stand or flat screen TV
stand, however both models feature height
adjustment and swiveling capabilities which add considerable functionality to
your TV. The assembly process in the same however the larger AEON-60111 has
a little bit taller column a larger visa pattern as compared to AEON-60112 which is a bit shorter and has a smaller VISA pattern. All right let’s get started. As you can see, we’ve unboxed all the components
to come with our AEON-60111. The column support, the threaded rods the angle metal
brackets, the glass base all of our Hardware and the TV mount assembly and lastly the vertical
rails. Using our instruction manual we’re going to begin. First, we’ll begin by putting the
adhesive feet on the bottom of our AEON-60111 class base. 6 of the rubber feet that can
be installed on it 2 in the center one in each corner. We’ll be using the two
sections and support column is comprised of the angle metal brackets and glass
base we’ll fit each of these parts together and tighten them using the
appropriate hardware. Beginning, using the two threaded rods tighten the two socket
cap screws on to them by hand now insert the rods and the
appropriate washers through the bottom of the glass base to begin. Next using larger portion of the support
columns slide it into place on the threaded rods taking care and making sure that the
plastic inserts at the top an d the bottom of your support column are intact when installed. Now we
will install the first of the two angled metal brackets please take notice of which bracket has
the additional threaded whole, this we’ll use later. The angle metal bracket which has a total
of four holes that are not threaded will be used for this step. also know when sliding the sound of the
threaded rods please take note that the front of this metal bracket is on the
front of the support the column. The cable management system is on the back of the support column for reference. The shorter portion of the support
column is next please take note that the same plastic insert on the larger column
are intact in the same locations before installing. the remaining angle metal bracket will
now be installed on top of the support column once this is aligned properly we’ll use 2 hex nuts on the threaded metal rods to tie this in a place next we’re going to shift our assembly
and we’re going to tighten the hex nuts at the very top of the support column while
simultaneously tightening the socketed cap screws at the bottom under the glass base that we initially installed these must be done simultaneously to snug everything together don’t forget to add the philips screw to
the top of your AEON-60111 this is an added support screw that goes
into the top piece of angled metal to add extra support for your TV. By
locating both horizontal rails and the two pieces of threaded metal tubing along with
the four socketed metal screws in your hardware kit we’ll assemble these to put our TV mount together
which we will soon install. Now that we’ve assembled our TV mount
we’re going to tighten four socket cap screws with the provided Allen wrench now that we’ve assembled our TV bracket
it’s time to install it on the stand Begin by lining it up and centering it
with the holes in the angled metal brackets and using the provided socket cap screws in
hardware kit the washers and also a lock now begin to assemble tighten the TV bracket into place until
secure, but take note not to overtighten is this will affect swiveling capabilities
of your TV stand. now that we’ve completed our TV mount
the vertical rails can now be affixed the back of your TV the combination of spacers and washers
required to affix the rails to your TV will differ with every TV installation please consult the included instructions
to determine the correct hardware for your TV and also the owners manual for your
television let’s get started tighten the appropriate screws and
washers into the back of your TV note you’ll want to use the provided hand tools for
this step. Do not use power tools in order to do so you will see that the TV
were using here as a visa pattern of 400 by 400 millimeters the and AEON-60112 will
handle a TV up for this visa pattern 400 by 400 or 60011 will handle any VISA pattern up to 600 x 400 millimeters now that we have everything tightened
securely and installed onto the back of the television we are now ready to hang our television
onto the column assembly note there are three different cutouts on each vertical
rail these are used to determine the height
of your TV on the stand itself note that the highest of the three
cutouts will lower your TV height and the lowest of the three cutouts will raise
your TV’s height. Now we’re ready to install our television on to the finish column
assembly. Note your height settings that are preferred it securely fasten the TV
into place note on the back of the column this is
also where your cable management clip will be installed into the single
threaded hole now as you can see we have our TV and
the ideal height adjustment at this point there’s two retaining screws will
be installed through these metal tabs at the very bottom now that we’ve put the finishing touches
on our TV stand we have completed the Assembly of the AEON- 60111, but note again
this is also the same assembly process as the AEON- 60112. To see our full family
of universal TV stands visit us on the web at we offer free
lifetime tech support to those who purchase from us through our website in the event you still
need some support or have further questions feel free to give us a call you can reach us at 877-302-8397 we want to thank you for watching and
thank you for shopping with AV-Express


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