How To Claim For Damaged or Lost Baggage
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How To Claim For Damaged or Lost Baggage

Air travel can
be hard on your luggage. That’s a fact, bags can get
beaten up, damaged, delayed and sometimes even disappear completely. In any case, no one
likes bad stuff happening to their bags when they travel. Here’s some good news though, claiming compensation for
lost or damaged baggage with AirHelp couldn’t be easier. Did you know that the average compensation from an airline for
lost or damaged luggage is anywhere from $1,525 to $3,500? That’s because of US
and Montreal Convention air passenger rights laws. In fact, the Montreal
Convention covers 120 nations across the world for
issues related to baggage. So if you arrive at your destination and your bags don’t show
up, don’t leave the airport before you report your missing
luggage at the baggage kiosk, get a property irregularity report and case number for your missing bags. Find out more about how to get your compensation at

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