How to Create A Username and Password For Third Party Access
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How to Create A Username and Password For Third Party Access

In this video, we will show you how to create
a username and password and request access to an account for a third party, not the business owner. For example, a lawyer, accountant,
representative, employee… …or whoever needs access to a client’s account. We protect all the confidential
information that you provide to us. First, go to the website, CDTFA.CA.GOV, and
at the top, click on “Login.” If you’ve never had an account with the CDTFA, you can click “Register” and it will take you to the same place. The Taxpayer Online Services Portal. Click on “Sign Up Now.” The “Welcome” page will ask you if you are the
owner of the business or a third party delegate. In this case, click the third party delegate. The “Third Party Instructions” page will
ask you to create a username and password. “Your Information” will ask you how you
want to be identified: Driver License Number… …Individual Taxpayer Identification
Number, or Social Security Number. Remember, this is your account as a third party, and not the business account, so it must be your information. You will then be asked to enter your address. Once you’ve done that, click to verify. Then save. Then click “Next.” On the “Login Information” page you will
establish your username and password, and… …you’ll be asked to confirm both. You will also set up a security question and
answer and be asked to confirm those as well… …before clicking “Next.” You will then be asked for your contact information:
an email address and phone number. Then click “Next” for the “Authentication Information.” This is where you choose how you want to be notified. In our example, we will select “Only email.” Click “Submit” and you will be
given a confirmation number. When you click “I’m Done,” you will then be taken back to the “CDTFA Online Services homepage… …where you can now log into your account
and request access to your client’s account. The “Confirm Identification” page will appear. When the “Authentication Code” page appears,
enter the code that was sent to you. As a security measure, we ask if
you would like to trust this browser, If this is your personal device,
selecting yes will identify it… …so you won’t have to enter the
code every time you visit. Now you’ll be directed to the “Portal Homepage” page where you can request access to an account. Click it and the “Welcome” page will ask if you are the business owner or a third party delegate. Choose third party delegate. When you click “Next,” the “Security Code” page will appear and ask you if you have one. In this case, select “No.” You’ll get the “Request a Security Code” page. Provide the required information and a security
code will be sent to the business’s mailing address… …and will arrive in 7-10 business days. Two things to remember: you will need a security
code for each account you want access to… …and a security code will expire after 90 days. The “Choose Access Level” page will ask
what kind of access you want… …all, file and pay, file returns, make payments, or view. Select the one that will serve you best and click “Next.” The “Summary” will then give you an opportunity
to review your requests. Do so and then click “Submit.” You will then see your confirmation. Then click “I’m Done,” and then it’s only a matter of getting the security code from your client. Once you have the security code, you can enter
your username and password on the “Login” page. On the next page, click “I want to
request access to an account.” The “Welcome” page will then ask you if
you are the owner or a third party. In this case, third party. And then you’ll be asked if you have a security code. Click “Yes.” On the “Business Information” page, enter the security code, along with the other required information. And click “Submit.” You’ll see a “Confirmation” page with
a confirmation number. Then click “I’m Done.” And now you have access to your client’s account, as you see at the bottom of the screen. If you still have questions, please call our
Customer Service Center at 1-800-400-7115. [Music]

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