How to File a Schedule B Using the Upload Feature
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How to File a Schedule B Using the Upload Feature

[music] In this video we will show you how to file
a Schedule B using the upload feature. Of course, all of this information is confidential
as you go through this process. The Schedule B is for allocation of local taxes. You are required to complete a Schedule B if your business conducts one or more of the following. If your business does not conduct any
of the listed practices, but you find yourself on the “Activity Question Page” you will select “Previous” and allocate the taxable
sales on the Schedule C under your registered location. If your business conducts any of the listed,
you will select “Yes” to the Activity Question and will then be taken to the Schedule B. In this example, we will complete the Schedule
B using the upload feature. To begin select “CDTFA Website.” Once your workbook is downloaded, begin by
entering the taxable transactions here. Your taxable transactions can be located on your return. You will then place the taxable transactions
on the correct county line. Once the amount remaining to be
allocated reaches zero, you can then save the Excel workbook. For more detailed instructions on how to use the workbook, please click on the “Instructions” tab below. You will then go back to the return online. You will select “Upload” on the Schedule B and select the correct workbook to upload the local tax allocation. Once uploaded, the “Remaining taxable transactions to be allocated on local tax schedules” should reflect “0.” Please review the schedule to ensure accuracy. Once finished, select “Next.” If you have additional questions
regarding the Schedule B… please call CDTFA’s Customer Service Center at 1-800-400-7115.

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