How to File a Timber Yield Tax Return and Harvest Report
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How to File a Timber Yield Tax Return and Harvest Report

[Music] In this video, we will show you how to file
a Timber Yield Tax Return and Harvest Report. We protect all the confidential information
that you provide to us. First, go to the website, CDTFA.CA.GOV, and
at the top click on “Login.” That will take you to the Online Services
Portal. To file a Timber Yield Tax return, you must
login with a username and password. For assistance with creating a username and
password, please watch our tutorials online. On this screen you will see a list of available
tax and fee programs. In this example, we are filing a return for
a Timber Yield account which falls under the Timber Yield tax. Click on the “File, Pay, and View” link
located here. On the CDTFA online services page, we will
enter our username and password. Then click “Login.” On the portal homepage, under the Accounts
tab, we will click on the “Timber Yield” hyperlink. This will take us to the Timber Yield Account
page. Under the Periods Tab, click on the return
period for which you would like to file. In our example, we will file for the 3rd quarter
2019 period which is displayed by its return end date of September 30th, 2019. Click the “File Return” hyperlink next
to the period for which you are filing. We will start by answering the two questions
listed. “Is this your final return?” The second question asks,
“Did you harvest this quarter?” If this is your final return you will select “Yes.” If this is NOT your final return, then you
will select “No.” For our example, we will select “No,”
since this is not our final return. If you harvested this quarter, you will select “Yes.” If not, you will select “No.” For our example, we DID harvest during this
period, and we will select “Yes.” Click “Next.” This will take us to the Harvest Report page. To get started, we will click the “Harvest
Plan/Contract No.” hyperlink. Please be advised that you will
need to complete this process for each Harvest Plan/Contract No.
you have listed. A box will pop up, and we must enter all the
required information to proceed. After entering all the required information,
we will click on “OK.” Upon adding this information, we will be directed
back to the Harvest Report page where we will click “Add Species” for the Harvest Plan/Contract
No. we just updated. A box will pop up, and we will click on “Add
a Record.” Another box will pop up, and we must enter
all the required Logging Information to proceed. After entering all the information, we will
click on “Add.” We will then be directed back to the Harvest
Detail pop-up box where we will click “Ok.” The information we just entered will populate
in the table. We can verify the Harvest/Sale Name, the Timber
Value Area, and the Total Volume Removed. To delete a Harvest Plan/Contract No., we
can click on the “X” icon for that record. If you did NOT harvest under a
Harvest Plan/Contract No. listed, delete the record. To edit a Harvest Plan/Contract No., click
on the pencil and pad icon for that record. To edit a species, click on the “Revise
Species” hyperlink for the corresponding Harvest Plan/Contract No. and follow
the same steps to delete or edit as we just covered by using the “X” icon to delete
and the pencil and pad icon to edit. It is important to note that you cannot proceed
to the next screen if you don’t delete any Harvest Plan/Contract No. under which you
did not harvest for the quarter. In our example, for this filing period we
did not harvest under contract number 22222 and will delete this entry by clicking on
the “X” icon. A pop-up box will appear to confirm deletion. We will select “Yes.” In the event that you do not see your Harvest
Plan/Contract No. listed, you may also add a Harvest Plan/Contract No. by clicking the
hyperlink to “Add a Record.” You will be prompted to enter the appropriate
Harvest Plan/Contract No. information. Be sure to click on the “Add Species”
hyperlink which will appear once you have added a new record to include the species
information for the record you wish to add. In this example we have no additional records to add. We can move forward by clicking “Next.” This will take us to the Harvest Report
Summary page. This page gives you a summary of all the Harvest
Plan/Contract No. records you have included in this return. If you need to make any edits click on “Previous,”
otherwise, click “Next.” The Summary page will provide us with the
Total Harvest Value per county and a breakdown of the total amount due. If you have harvested timber and the Total
Harvest Value for all Harvest Plans/Contract Numbers fall below $3,000, you will NOT have
an amount due. However, you will still be required to file
the return. Enter your required information. Once you have entered all your information,
click “Submit.” When you click “Submit,” a window will
appear to confirm your intent to file electronically and that your return is true, correct, and
complete. Please read the information carefully. Enter your password and click “OK”
to submit. This will serve as your authorization and
confirmation. You will not receive a confirmation email. This Confirmation page represents
a return filing only. To make an electronic payment, click on the
“Make a Payment” button. To print your submitted return, click on the
“Print Return” button. If you still have questions, please call our
Customer Service Center at 1-800-400-7115.

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