How to File a Tobacco Products Distributor Tax Return
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How to File a Tobacco Products Distributor Tax Return

[music] In this video, we will show you how to file
a Tobacco Products Distributor Tax Return. We protect all your confidential information
throughout the filing process. First, go to the website and
at the top, click ‘Login.’ This will take you to the Taxpayer Online
Services Portal. In order to file a Tobacco Products Distributor
Tax Return, you must login with a username and password. If you don’t have a username and password
and need assistance, please watch our tutorials online. Identify the account type for which you are filing. In this example, we are filing a return for
a Tobacco Product Distributor account, and then click on the “File, Pay & View” link. Under the Login heading, enter your registered
Username and Password and select the blue ‘Login’ button. Once logged in, under the Accounts Tab, select
your ‘Tobacco Distributor’ account. Under the Periods Tab, select the ‘File
Return’ hyperlink next to the period for which you are filing. For this example, we will be selecting the
return for June 30, 2019, which represents the June period end date. After selecting the period, you will be brought
to the Initial Questions page to answer a question regarding your sales activity. If you made any sales of roll-your-own tobacco
from a non-participating manufacturer (directly or through a distributor) you will select
‘Yes.’ For this example, we did not have any sales
of roll-your-own tobacco from non-participating manufacturers to report, so we will select
‘No.’ On the Taxable Information page, enter the
Wholesale Cost of all Tobacco Products Distributed. For examples of calculating or estimating
the wholesale cost, refer to Regulation 4076. In this example, we will enter a Wholesale
Cost of $150,000 dollars of tobacco products distributed. Exemptions represent nontaxable transactions. In our example, our Wholesale Cost of Tobacco
Products Distributed included $50,000 of interstate or foreign commerce sales. If you choose, you can save your work at any
time by clicking the ‘Save Draft’ button. Enter your password to save. You will then be directed to a confirmation
page. Now that you’ve saved your draft, let’s
go back to filing your return. Click the ‘Continue Editing’ button. Now we are back to your return. After entering your taxable and exempt transactions,
click ‘Next’ to continue filing. On the Excess Tax page, you will be asked
if you collected excess tax. If you collected more tax than what is due,
select ‘Yes’ and enter it here. In our example, we did not have excess tax
to report. Let’s continue. Review your Summary Page. If you need to make an adjustment, click ‘Previous.’ To print a draft of your return prior to submission,
click on the ‘Save Draft’ button below. If the information displayed on the page is
correct, click ‘Next.’ On the ‘Your Information’ page, enter
the required information, and then click ‘Submit.’ When you click ‘Submit,’ a window will
appear to confirm your intent to file electronically and that your return is true, correct, and
complete. Please read this information carefully. Enter your password and click ‘Ok’ to
submit. This will serve as your authorization and
confirmation. You will not receive a confirmation email. This confirmation page represents a return
filing only. We recommend that you print this page or take
note of your confirmation number and the total amount due, as you will need them to make
a payment. To make an electronic payment, click on the
‘Make a Payment’ button. To print your submitted return, click on the
‘Print Return’ button. If you still have questions, please call our
Customer Service Center at 1-800-400-7115.

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