How to File a User Use Fuel Tax Return
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How to File a User Use Fuel Tax Return

[Music] In this video, we will show you how to file
a User Use Fuel Tax Return. We protect all the confidential information
that you provide to us. First go to the website, CDTFA.CA.GOV, and
at the top, click “Login.” That will take you to the Online Services Portal. To file a User Use Fuel Tax Return, you must
login with a username and password. If you do not have a username and password and
need assistance, please watch our tutorials online. On this screen, you will see a list of available
tax and fee programs. In this example, we are filing a return for
an Alternative Fuel User account, which is under the Fuel Taxes Program. Then click on the “File, Pay, and View” link located here. On the CDTFA online services page, we will
enter our username and password, then click “Login.” On the portal homepage, under the “Accounts”
tab, we will click on the “Alt Fuel User” hyperlink. This will take us to the “Alt Fuel User” account page. Under the “Periods” tab, click on the
period for which you would like to file. In our example, we will file for the 2018
period, which is displayed by its return end date of December 31st, 2018. Click the “File Return” hyperlink next
to the period for which you are filing. We will then be prompted to identify which
fuel types we will be reporting. Please select “Yes” for any fuel type
you wish to report and select “No” for any fuel type you will not be reporting. In our example we will only be reporting
Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). We have indicated this by selecting “Yes”
for that fuel type and “No” to all other fuel types. Once we have properly selected which fuel
types to report, click “Next.” This will take us to Schedule A – Compressed
Natural Gas Nontaxable Use of Fuel. If you have any nontaxable values to report,
please report those values in the appropriate fields. In this example we do not have
any nontaxable values to report. Once we have entered the nontaxable values
or have determined that we do not have any values to report, click “Next.” We will now enter our taxable information
for the Compressed Natural Gas fuel type. Please remember that you will see this same
screen for each fuel type for which you are reporting. Be sure to report any tax paid to vendors
in the appropriate field. After entering all of our taxable
information, we will click “Next.” The “Summary” page will provide us with
the total amount due, which includes any penalty and interest if applicable. If you wish to make any edits to any information
click on “Previous,” otherwise, click “Next.” Enter your required information. Once you have entered all your information,
click “Submit.” When you click “Submit,” a window will
appear to confirm your intent to file electronically and that your return is true, correct, and complete. Please read the information carefully. Enter your password and click “OK” to submit. This will serve as your authorization and confirmation. You will not receive a confirmation email. This “Confirmation” page represents a
return filing only. To make an electronic payment,
click “Make a Payment.” To print your submitted return, click “Print Return.” If you still have questions, please call our
Customer Service Center at 1-800-400-7115.

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