How To Get The Best Out Of Universal Studios Singapore (USS) | 4 SIMPLE Tips
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How To Get The Best Out Of Universal Studios Singapore (USS) | 4 SIMPLE Tips

Before you go to Universal Studios Singapore, here are 4 tips that you absolutely need to know because these 4 tips could possibly save you a lot of time and money. Tip #1: Always Buy Your Tickets Online Why? Because reason number #1, if you come here on a weekend, the queues are going to get crazy. Time spent queueing could be time spent in the park. And reason number #2 is you could save a few dollars. If you buy your tickets at the entrance, you are going to be paying the full amount of 81 Sing Dollars assuming you have no memberships or other incentives. But if you buy your tickets online, you will get 10% discount immediately. If you are interested, the links to the discounts are below this video. If you have the Sentosa Pass or the HiPPo Pass that will be even better, you could save a few more dollars. But if not, 10% off is better than no discount at all. So this is tip number #1, always buy your ticket online. Tip #2: Always Go On A Wednesday If You Can. Wednesday is the best day to go on a weekday because the park has significantly lesser people compared to the rest of the week. The worst time to go is obviously the weekend and the Singapore holiday periods such as March, June, September and December holidays. If you have to go during the peak periods then I would recommend that you purchase an Express Pass, which brings me to tip #3. Tip #3: If You Want To Buy An Express Pass Then Buy It Online & A Few Days Before. Why? Because when I was in USS on a Wednesday last week, I bought my Express Pass for 120 Singapore Dollars. That is the most off-peak period and the express pass already costs S$120. I couldn’t imagine how much it will cost during the weekends and peak periods. But if you buy it online, on Klook, it only cost S$70.00 for goodness sake the only downside is you have to buy it in advance. And speaking of this, do you really need an Express Pass? Yes and no! I bought my Express Pass because I was in the park alone. I have no friends or loved one to queue with me. It was going to be boring as hell if I was to queue 45 minutes all by myself for a less than a minute ride. So it makes sense that I invest S$120 to get the best experience because I was there to record the entire park for you. But for your case, I reckon you are going to be coming in a group. With friends or family so if you don’t mind chit-chatting and having fun while queuing then you definitely don’t need the Express Pass. To me, Theme Parks are not just about the rides, it is more about the bonding with your loved ones. So even though you only played a few rides but at the end of the day, you have fun! Then it is a wonderful day! You don’t need an Express Pass. But this tip is here in case if you are considering to get an Express Pass. I highly recommend that you purchase your tickets online because you are going to be saving at least S$50 per ticket. My final tip is: Always Check The Weather Forecast First. One reason a lot of people don’t take advantage of online tickets is because they are afraid of paying first and then they don’t turn up later for whatever reason. Yes, you won’t get a refund if you don’t turn up. That was definitely my biggest fear, I contemplated if I should get the Express Pass online and that cost me an additional S$50 to get it when I was here. But if you have already done your due diligence, then you have nothing to fear. You can go all in knowing that even though it rains, chances are it is not going to rain for long unless it is the monsoon season or the rainy season. or whatever season so my final tip is to check the weather forecast, I know it is common sense but surprisingly a lot of people totally neglect this and they regret later. Why spoil an entire day for a thing you could do for less than 10 seconds? So in case if you totally forgot about it, I’m here to remind you that coming to a theme park like Universal Studios is going to be an entire day thing so it is important that you do your due diligence. So these are my 4 tips for you. I hope you find them valuable. If you do, please give this video a thumbs and subscribe to my channel. I’ll be doing a lot more exploration and exciting things for you so stay tune and till then, take care!

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  • Jeremiah Say

    Prices may differ on Klook depending on seasons but it is definitely cheaper than you buy it at Universal Studios' entrance.

    It is always better to search for a few more websites to know that you are getting the absolute best deal.

    Have a blast at USS with your loved ones!

    Hope this video helps,

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