How Trump Plans To Keep America White
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How Trump Plans To Keep America White

Besides Stephen Miller
getting back at the Mexican kids who called him “pinche gringo” in high school, and when he asked them what it meant, they said, “beach body,” and so he kept calling himself that for years? I’m Francesca Fiorentini,
and in this episode of Newsbroke we’re looking at how this administration is systematically trying to unbrown America. And that doesn’t just mean mass deportation: It means ensuring brown people are forever excluded from democracy. The cats out of the white hood, people: This administration,
and the Republicans who support it, are trying to stop immigrants
of color from becoming citizens, and they’ve been
working on so many levels, you really have to
step back to appreciate it all. Trump’s immigration
policy is like Monet’s water lilies, except they’re just turds floating in an
undrained swamp. Listen, I get wanting to look away from
the issue of immigration: It’s painful to witness, like a train wreck, or your parents having sex on a train that’s wrecking, but like, your parents are into it? So, to recap where we
are in this ring of Hell: ICE arrests have gone up
by 33 percent since 2016, and ICE has held an average of over
42,000 people each day in 2018– the highest average since 2001. Under the travel ban against
Muslim majority countries, the State Department has rejected
more than 37,000 visa applications. Visa denials have also skyrocketed specifically among
Mexicans, Caribbeans and South Asians. Trump is now trying to
hold children in detention indefinitely, and is issuing deportation orders for immigrants undergoing
life-saving treatment for genetic diseases. That is a lot of sadness at once, so here is an obese cat playing with a baguette. Oooh look at the hind legs! Hoo cha cha cha cha ooooh! But some countries
haven’t seen much change at all. For comparison, only three Canadians were
denied visas in 2018— and that’s only because
they were trafficking insulin. Hey, buddy. Sorry to bother you, but I heard about your glucose problem. Also, the administration wants to eliminate family-based visa programs
except for spouses or minors, stop all refugees from entering the U.S. and is even thinking of changing
the Constitution’s fourteenth amendment, which guarantees birthright citizenship. We’re looking at that very seriously— —birthright citizenship— where you have a baby in our land, you walk over the border—have a baby: Congratulations, the baby is now a US citizen. Mr. Trump, that’s your son. We know that privately Trump
has said he doesn’t want people from so-called “sh[censored]t-hole” countries, which we know means
those with Africans and Latinos, because he then
turned around and said he wanted more immigrants from Norway, which he might want to reconsider because 71% of Norwegians
believe Donald Trump constitutes a real threat to world peace. Trump’s affinity for Norway is as one-sided as all of his relationships, romantic or otherwise. All of these things amount to
the great American unbrowning —the strongest part of Trump’s presidential legacy next to cold filet-o-fish. But no matter what he says, it’s what he and the GOP are doing
that’s ultimately important. So we might say that this is all just about
attracting qualified immigrants and what they call “merit-based immigration.” It’s time to begin
moving toward a merit-based immigration system—one that admits
people who are skilled —who want to work. Okay, those who have skills
and contribute and— about 680 migrants were rounded up
at seven food processing plants in six cities in Mississippi— —are f[censored]king working. That raid, targeting mostly
Latino workers, was also on the
first day of school in Mississippi leading to this unforgettably wrenching moment. Hmm, let’s see. Which workers have more merit? The people who make your
Popeye’s chicken sandwich possible? Or whatever lackeys took that kid’s dad away from her? I better see MAGA chuds getting up
at 5 in the morning to pull out chicken gizzards for $7.00 an hour. Suddenly feels like a skill, huh. Wanting to switch to a
merit-based immigration system is a thin veil for racism that also directly discriminates
against the working poor because it’s utter hypocrisy
that immigrants are being punished instead of companies
who hire undocumented people to be able to keep paying crap wages that no citizen would want. And yet, the Republican Party
is basically putting all of the remaining rotten eggs it has
into the bigot basket, which pits white people
against brown immigrants. Just listen to Senator—and guy who never helps you
with your bag on an airplane— Tom Cotton as he falsely
pits immigrants against American workers. We bring over a million immigrants into
this country a year. That means it puts great downward pressure on people who work with their hands and work on their feet. Now, for some people,
they may think that that’s the symbol of America’s virtue and generosity. I think it’s a symbol that we’re
not committed to working class Americans. What? If anything, corporations aren’t
committed to working class Americans. And the government
denying people citizenship status, ensuring there’s always a powerless work force, actually helps them to do that. Undocumented people
are like movie extras: They’re underpaid and overworked. And while their work often goes
unnoticed, they’re critical to every film. Getting mad at them for doing work
nobody else wants to would be the equivalent of
Jennifer Aniston going “I feel threatened by coffee girl number six.” And to further divide the American people, the administration has
introduced the so-called “public charge” rule, which denies green cards to people
who have used social programs or might use them in the future, even though undocumented immigrants are already barred from receiving any public assistance. That’s like adding another sign next to “you must be this tall to ride” that just says, “You must be this short to watch your
brother from the bench like a dweeb.” But this isn’t just about cruelty. Republicans are running a larger,
race-based political play. We know that by the year 2044,
non-hispanic white people will no longer be a majority. And now the Trump’s in office,
anti-immigrant zealots have been emboldened, and everyone from Fox News pundits
to local politicians are saying the quiet part out loud. In some parts of the country it does seem like the
America that we know and love… doesn’t exist anymore. My suggestion—recommendation: Keep Marysville a white community
as much as possible. If we don’t do something
about immigration very, very soon, the demographics of our country
will be irrevocably changed, and it will be a very different country. It will not be the country you were born in. No nation—no society has ever changed
this much this fast. No nation? Ok, just for some context, Turkey has taken in over 3 million Syrian refugees while the US has taken in 18,000. Americans claiming we’re
number one at something we’re clearly not is proof that we have not changed at all. Ok, but if I’m picking up with they’re laying down, that means there will be fewer alienated, white men
with access to assault weapons and more cumbia and biryani? That sounds amazing! Now the thing about Trump’s
anti-brown immigration policies is that… they’re not going to work. The Washington Post estimated that even if Trump got his way
on limiting brown immigrants, he’d only be pushing back the date
at which white people become a minority by a maximum of five years. So why even attempt
to alienate non-white immigrants if you’ve already lost a white majority
to that terrifying prospect of equality? I can think of only two reasons:
1) delaying demographic changes gives white nationalists a few more years
to start their mythical race war. Of course once there’s a remake of Top Gun
with only black lesbian pilots and Lizzo singing “Take My Breath Away,” which would definitely kick it off. Also, I’d watch the f[censored]ck out of that… before I go fight. But the real reason to sideline
just enough brown immigrants has everything to do with how the GOP has
hijacked the democratic process. Republicans don’t have to kick out all
undocumented immigrants or rescind green cards or take away visas; They just have to limit them enough, and make sure that the rest
are never part of the political process. Take the US census,
which is coming up in 2020. The Trump administration is determined to add a citizenship question on the census and was narrowly stopped
by the Supreme Court in doing so, but they’ll keep trying. Newsbroke did a whole episode on the census,
which you should watch after this. See with the citizenship question,
the government can scare brown communities across the
country into not divulging their information and thereby undercounting them
and shaping democracy for the next decade. One think-tank estimated that
between a citizenship question and new methods of census-taking, the government could under count
as many as 4 million people. All this matters because the census
determines how much funding a state receives. And it can sway a
presidential election since the census determines
how many lawmakers each state has and therefore how many electors
in the electoral college it has. Oh yeah. We still haven’t wheeled
that pile of garbage out to the curb. Although it is the only
thing keeping Ohio relevant. You know, since Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. And all that’s funny because Alabama is poised to actually lose representatives after 2020. because their population is dwindling. and that’s ironic because
Alabama is also leading the nationwide charge to exclude undocumented
immigrants in the census even though counting them
would help them keep political control. Because no one said racism was smart. Yet while the citizenship question
was struck down by the Supreme Court, gerrymandering along
racial and political lines was just upheld. Good job Brett and Neil—Here are your milk biscuits. Brett, that’s Neil’s! No, No, Brett—Shh! For a refresher, gerrymandering works like this. Let’s say you got a city—
It’s 60% black and it’s 40% white. Ok? Here’s how you ensure white people stay in charge. Divid the city into four voting districts. But you put the entire black
population in one district. 60% of the people. And then each district elects one
City Council member. And voila. Racist a ratatouille. [chef’s kiss] The census data will most certainly
continue to be used by GOP lawmakers to manipulate the electorate in favor
of Republicans, smaller states and white people. So this anti-immigrant crusade
is not Stephen Miller’s long con to winning San Diego’s annual
guacamole competition: The Guac Bowl. Though he’s not ruling it out. This is about making sure
America is ruled by a white minority. It’s the same thing that motivates voter
suppression in black communities and preventing the
formerly incarcerated from voting. The goal is to insulate American democracy, no matter how brown the country gets, and protect it… …from actual democracy. So yes. Our immigration
policy is cruel and inhumane. But there is a point. And that means that in
addition to real immigration reform, we have to hold tight to our democracy …like a baguette. Oooh so chonky! Thanks so much for watching Newsbroke. Please follow me
@Franifio on Twitter and Instagram. Let me know that you are watching. And follow AJ+ on Youtube, and Newsbroke on Facebook Watch. And… all the other… platforms and things… Are we on Snapchat? Is Snapchat still a thing? [in background] No. Let me know if any of these
demographic changes scare people you know, whether your relatives
or people you’ve spoken with or just, you know,
the angry lady at Target. There are many of them. How do we handhold our white people
through these demographic changes? I want to know in the comments below. And thanks
so much for watching.


  • Joseph Moore

    Despite the number one fact check for this shows different data while she cherrypicks it to feed a narrative. There are more legal Mexicans than ever coming to the US today. And trump administration has deported less than Obama. And the policy that trump was putting in place was to target citizens whom will have a role in the country rather be dependent on government programs. As far as the jobs well illegals take up 113 billion over the 10 billion they pay in taxes

    As far as the factory incident well more than half of the the people already had a warrant or final notice. And people with children were even given more time, except for criminal charges. These people all used fake ss and some were record of actual living people (ID theft ).

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  • Nicito Sta. Ana


    Claim: Trump wants America to be white

    Truth: Trump offers citizenship waaaay back in 2018 (there's nothing wrong in controlling the borders. Not even the most powerful country can accept all immigrants without regard to culture differences and integration. Just do it legally)

  • milos dvoranak

    As a jewish person i fully agree. White people trying to have nation for themselves, separate themlseves have wall etc. This is clear indication of nationalism. White people must be stopped. Pls support Israel.

  • Savannah king TJS

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    So you folks think Trump is going to open the doors WIDE open for Norwegians, but don't you people WANT the U.S. to be LIKE Norway and Sweden anyway???
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    My parents come from No. 26, but it wasn't like that before 1975, when most of my family came here, stood in line and all became U.S. citizens (as my parents in 1962). You're being a good fellow Italian here, Goebbels, Mussolini and his Blackshirts would be proud with the propaganda you are selling to those that need villains and play the victim, for everyone to see how virtuous you are, how much you really really care about us. This is taken even further in-depth, including your insanely stupid jokes:

    Please, you want every state Red, so you basically want it to turn into downtown LA and San Francisco (and other cities) that are RUN by Dems/Progressives here in California. WE are your litmus test on what happens when the Elites/Wealthy Dems take hold of the state and neglects it all (the "wealthy" you all seem to hate), and they ain't cleaning it up. Its young conservatives getting people of ALL ideologies to clean-up the garbage thats been festering for years, and bringing light to the unbelievable numbers of homeless in our streets.
    Keep selling your sales pitch to the uninformed and blind . . . they are following off the cliff. But KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! It's not only making people walk away from your party, they are RUNNING.

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  • Paul Standaert

    Illegal immigration is… ILLEGAL! If you want to come into the country, you do it the legal way.
    They use someone else's social security number in order to get a job and then the person who owns that social security number gets involved in the hassle of having to pay that illegal immigrant's income taxes.
    Perhaps abolish social security and then that won't be a problem anymore.

  • This Is Karl

    Is she too dumb and/or naive to realize that all other federal departments, including the DOJ and DHS, are not allowed to use census data in their operations for 70 years? The 'Stuff You Should Know' podcast even included it

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    Little known fact: Us softy Canadians have a merit based system and it has worked for decades. We have one of the toughest and comon sense immigration policies in the western world. A point system based on multiple factors including education, skills, engish or french language abilities. Gaps in our economy that need to be filled. It has nothing to do with where your from or skin colour. Ask immigrants what they think of people skirting the system after thier years of hard work and determination to come to Canada. Lefties are useful idiots at best and deceiving power grabbers at worst

  • 5%LowBattery

    SO WHAT HAPPENS when America crosses that milestone and becomes a majority-minority country? There won’t be any fireworks or bells, and in truth this country’s infrastructure around wealth, politics, education, and opportunity is so entrenched that white people, and white men in particular, will still hold the reins of power on Wall Street and Main Street for quite some time. The change is likely to be more subtle. You will see it at the grocery store, in the produce section and condiment aisle. You will see it in classrooms, where the under-18 population will reach a majority-minority state in just two years. You will notice it in pop culture and in advertisements, where businesses have already figured out that the color most important to their bottom line is green.

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    World population will soon double to 15 Billion. America is the only country with any natural resources and land left. The world desperately needs go get Americas' borders opened. Trump 2020

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    And they are scolding others about America's immigration policy.

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    Looking at this video objectively and looking into the facts that Francesca is citing, it is clear that she is cherry picking data. For every person denied a visa from the countries Francesca cites, 10-14 people from those countries were allowed visas. What is disappointing is that the data was obtained from the state department and clearly Francesca decided to cite certain data while not addressing the other data. Very disingenuous. Now you know why Trump was elected President. These sort of videos don't help your cause in the next election. If your intent was to prove that orange man is a racist, then your "facts" fail to support such a case.

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    Don’t believe her sweet face fool you.. This is meant to deceive and divide.. her logo has the American flag, but all of it is from AJ+ Al Jazeera. Not all humor is so innocent.. and btw, this is really what Hate Speech looks like, coz it divides people.

  • Madartist2424

    Do you morons understand that more immigrants were locked up or deported under the Obama administration? Oh wait I can’t say that because it goes against the narrative that Trump is racist. Btw most minorities groups in America are way better off than the eight years under Obama. African American and Latinx groups are more employed compared to 4 years ago, more people are actually able to get medical care, and our overall economy is seeing incredibly high growth. So where’s your issue? Is it with the Korea situation, because that issue is getting better. Is it with oil consumption or global warming? If that’s the case you should be complaining to your democratic senators who are traveling around in comfortably gas guzzling SUVs and jumbo jets, buying houses in areas the claim are going to be underwater in a few years, or spending time on vacation.

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