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How Your Vote Might Not Count in 2020 | NowThis

A growing number of states are trying to make it harder for a lot of us to be able to have our voices heard in our elections. But why would anyone want to Today we’ll find out who are some of the most suppressed groups of voters in America and why they’re being targeted. Unfortunately, the U.S. has
a long and troubled history with voter suppression. Let’s not forget that women didn’t get the
right to vote for a long time. Even after that, African Americans faced
systemic voter suppression in much of the country until the civil rights
laws in the 1960s. We sat down with an expert on
voters’ rights, attorney Marc Elias, to help us understand it all. Let’s start with young
people and college students. In 2020, it’s projected that What’s interesting about
student and young voters is that legislatures seem just fine saying, ‘We don’t want college kids voting here.’ Like, they seem just fine saying, you know, ‘We don’t want college students or young voters participating.’ A number of states have
put restrictions on voting that particularly impact young
voters and college students. Some states have closed polling locations on or near college campuses, made college IDs an ineligible
form of photo ID, and more. There are states that have said in order for a mail ballot to count or an absentee ballot to count, there needs to be a street address. I went to Hamilton College for four years, I don’t even know there
is a street address. I certainly don’t know what
the hell the street address was for my dorm, which is, in some of these
places, what they require. And as a result, they throw
out large numbers of ballots that are cast by students without full street addresses. And the students sometimes don’t even know the ballots have not been counted. They fill ’em out, they mail ’em in, and then they’re just not counted. Another group often targeted
by voter restriction laws are Latinx and Hispanic voters. In recent elections, they have also primarily backed Democrats, One way state legislatures
are targeting these voters is with – So voter purging is the
removal of names of people who are registered to
vote from the voter rolls. And there’s good voter
purging and bad voter purging. Unfortunately, in the last few years, and particularly in the last few months, we have seen Republicans
in Georgia and elsewhere take advantage of these laws and really do aggressive purging. – There are a number of ways
voter purging has been misused and disproportionately
disenfranchised people of color, including Latinx and Hispanic voters. 28 states use a program called the Interstate Voter Registration,
or Crosscheck for short, that was widely criticized
for targeting voters of color, including Latinx people. That program incorrectly flagged voters with the same first and
last name and date of birth living in different
states as duplicate voters that should be purged from their lists. But according to the U.S.
Census, people of color, including Latinx people, overrepresent in America, which means they were
more likely to be added to a state’s removal
list than white voters. In just December 2019, the
ACLU of Kansas announced a settlement that would
suspend the program for the quote ‘foreseeable future.’ Another way Latinx and Hispanic
voters are being targeted is by a new wave of
mail-in voter restrictions. – We’re currently suing Arizona. Arizona passed a
law to make it a felony for anyone to collect and deliver to the county or to the mailbox a absentee ballot that isn’t their own. About 70% of
Arizonans vote by mail. And in the more rural counties, the counties that have large
Native American populations and have large rural Latinx populations, you
have even higher than 70% rates of vote by mail. You have, you know, long
distances to mailboxes. So the communities had self-organized themselves so that people would fill out their absentee ballots, seal them, and then bring them to a community center, and then someone would then drive them to the nearest
post office or county office. And that is something that is aimed squarely and directly at those two voting populations. – And finally, African Americans. African Americans voters
are the most impacted group by voter suppression efforts nationwide. In 2020, there will be 30 million eligible Black voters in America. In recent elections, Black voters have overwhelmingly supported
the Democratic Party, with 90% of Black voters backing Democratic candidates
in the 2018 midterms. And that might very well be the The ways legislatures try to
disenfranchise Black voters vary from state to state,
according to Elias. He also says that any law
enacted to make voting harder more often than not
will disproportionately affect Black voters the most. Here are some of the most
commonly used methods, though. Voter ID laws. About two-thirds of states, or 35 in total, currently have some form of
voter identification laws on the books. Some states require a photo ID, while others require non-photo
forms of identification, like a Social Security card
or a birth certificate. On the surface, these laws sound like common-sense requirements to be able to cast your ballot. The GOP says they’re only
trying to fight voter fraud, which is extremely rare in the U.S. Maybe you’ve even heard
an argument like this: – You know what, in this
state, you have to show a photo ID to buy Sudafed. Yet, something as important to our system and way of life as voting, you don’t have to even show a photo ID? This only makes sense. – But that actually doesn’t
make a lot of sense. Because buying Sudafed isn’t a constitutionally guaranteed right, but voting is. And these laws, of course, disproportionately disenfranchise
African American voters. Various surveys estimate
that as many as 25% of African Americans don’t
have a government-issued ID. But about 90%
of white Americans do. Another way African Americans
are having their access to voting suppressed is by limiting access to early weekend voting. In the 2008 election, 54%
of African Americans in Florida and 35% in Georgia casted their ballots
at early voting sites. – Well, it turns out that
African Americans in particular make heavier use of weekend early voting than the general population as a whole. The Black church is a
very important institution, particularly in the South, and so very oftentimes, the
church serves as a centerpiece for making sure people are registered and are participating in
the political process. They can’t endorse candidates, but they can encourage
civic participation. So many of those communities have come to rely on weekend voting, particularly Sunday afternoon voting, but even Saturday voting. Voter suppression is like death by a thousand paper cuts. Voter suppression isn’t always the dramatic
things you see on TV, where, you know, polling places are closed
or access is blocked. Sometimes, it’s just these small, little
steps that make it that much harder. – And discriminating against eligible voters, introducing barriers that
keep them from voting, keep democracy from working.


  • allene Soracco

    It's almost time to give your vote to
    BEN DOVER 2020
    Voting is used as a gauge to see how many people are still indoctrinated…nothing more!! If you didn't pick up the blatantly rigged primaries in 16…you think your vote counts. Lol..the dnc said in court that they have the right to rig the primaries!!! What part of that don't people seem to get?? Seriously Wtf does it take to get cult members to see exactly what their cult leaders actually are?? Dam uhmerikins are dumb AF!!

  • Michael Kahr

    The UN should oversee the American election. The world should sanction the US and force it to free and non-rigged elections.

  • Happy Emo

    Informing people on voter suppression and what groups are targeted is important, but that title is super misleading and the video isn't harmless. The way the information was presented may discourage the groups listed from voting.

  • Leanne Rice Baker

    Just VOTE. Omg. Don’t be put off or defeated by videos like this. Voter suppression is real but you still need to VOTE. In every election. Local to national. And support groups that are working to end suppression and gerrymandering.

  • CaptainKzer

    5:43 by rejecting this argument -saying that requiring a photo ID to vote is infringement on a constitutionally recognized right – if they want to not be hypocrites they must also apply this reasoning to things like gun purchases which are explicitly constitutionally recognized in the bill of rights. If they don't apply this argument to all constitutional rights, they don't believe in the value of the argument itself, only the policy they use it to support in this case.

    Utter Hypocricy

  • Judah Robinson

    Hi everyone, Judah here with NowThis! 
    I learned a lot while working on this video. One thing that I found really interesting, was how some student voters have had their ballots thrown out without their knowledge in past elections. What surprised you the most after watching this video? Let me know in the replies.

  • pax und peace

    There is still voter suppression in the US in poor neighborhoods are less polling stations. They have far longer rows than in other counties

  • michael lawton

    Meanwhile, in California. Despite the human doo-doo in the streets, drug use, and the homelessness do to the failed liberal agenda and their policies, people continue to vote for the same Democrat morons! Go figure?

  • Kerkopes

    African American, Native Americans and Hispanic Americans need to get their ducks in a row. Find out what your requirements are before you get to the voting booth …. if you need photo ID ….. GET IT (etc.) There should be ZERO excuses this time 'round. Take personal responsibility for your right to vote. (or risk having it negated erroneously]

  • Mowgli Hajduk

    Really, this is news? Anyone ever hear of the electoral college? It’s not a new thing. Anyone remember the election of 2000? How about the 2016 election? Jfc, if you think your vote counts you are dumb af.

  • Murphy's Law

    Maybe we need to have a question on the census like are you a legal citizen? Cali is 44.6 percent Non English speaking.. To the laymen that means almost 1/2 of Cali is from someplace else.. Maybe Cali should only have the electoral votes for 12 mil people? Voter fraud is getting off the charts. I am hoping we all need the real ID for the 2020 votes. Look if you can get a drivers license you get get the real ID which is proof you were born in America or you are a legal person.

  • D B

    Our votes never actually did count. As long as the electoral college exists then no vote counts. That's why it was created. To suppress votes. Counting votes one by one is the only way to do it.

  • Veronica Mulero

    This is great to learn what states use Voters suppression. However, I am a Hispanic voter since I was 18 years old. And fortunately, I am in a state that don’t use voters suppression. What I feel, that those who are not registered because they feel they are not represented or they feel they are not heard. Well, register and state your voice. Go vote!!!!

  • John sweda

    Don't communities in America have post boxes all over the place, usually in a quarter of a mile radius there's at least one post box.

  • phillip st

    a governments only job is to oppress it's people by any means it chooses otherwise the people would be the government policing itself paying taxes to nobody …in other words…y'all pay money to oppress yourselves under the delusion of protection from oppression painted by the government…the oldest profession on earth …the real prostitutes …pay us and get fcked

  • Human Inc.

    So what's the best answer so that these communities can have their votes counted? Voting is a right and voter suppression should be a crime.

  • Toot it and boot it

    As a Californian, my vote is about 1/10th as powerful as a vote in Wisconsin. I still vote though and so should you!

  • Masen S.

    We’re not going to talk about trans people???? Yet again? How are we always discounted in these discussions? These issues impact us too, because a lot of us legally change our name and gender marker, and it’s a long, arduous process which I’m going through right now. Some of us are non-binary trans & may have X on certain documents, but our gender assigned at birth on documents that don’t have X as an option. We’re also much more likely to be in poverty, to be homeless and jobless

  • Bonnie Forman

    Is anyone going to mention that it is always Republicans and Republican-dominated states that suppress voting and purge registered voters lists. It's always them and it should be illegal. Republicans should not be allowed to oversee their ballots. They aren't to be trusted, ever.

  • Justin Norton

    "There is good purging and there is bad purging", how is any purging good? If you are eligible to vote, then nothing should stop you from voting.

  • Kweku Williams

    Why is this country afraid of establishing a federal holiday for voting more over automatically enrolling all citizens to vote.

  • BlueTalulips

    Take this video DOWN! You should NOT be discouraging people to VOTE by saying their vote won't count!!! The title alone will do just that!! TAKE THIS VIDEO DOWN!!!

  • Matteo

    Until we compel a majority of the electoral college to vote with the national popular vote, you’re vote does not matter at all. And until we ban PAC-bribes from buy politicians, no voter matters—only rich donors.

  • Tina McLaughlin

    I work my area polls. I see new faces, and they are ready to vote! Those other states must be run by bleach white haters! That is not right!

  • William Hall

    Seems like the left is always complaining about this—the reality is voter ID laws are completely valid. Most, if not all, states have programs available to get a free state ID for the purpose of voting with surprisingly little requirements. Most, if not all, businesses allow for time off to vote. Being able to vote is a civic DUTY, not simply a right.

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