I Celebrate Harry Potter | A Celebration of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando 2017
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I Celebrate Harry Potter | A Celebration of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando 2017

Hey guys! Tessa here. But you can call me Luna. I am here in Orlando, Florida At the celebration of Harry Potter. The celebration of Harry Potter! I was invited by Universal Orlando Resort to share with you my experience. Yesterday I got to walk around the park a little bit. Here comes the train! ALL ABOARD THE HOGWARTS EXPRESS! Look! It’s Hogwarts! It’s the castle! And then we went, and the celebration began. First we had a private Q&A with some of the Harry Potter cast. “I auditioned for Gilderoy Lockhart.” “Yeah. I don’t get it. Don’t understand.” “I do! I’ll show you a picture of what you looked like when you were 12.” “If all I was remembered for as an actor is my work in Harry Potter, that’s not such a bad thing at all.” I actually got to ask them a question. It was very exciting So we’re all fans of harry potter, and we love it, and it’s amazing So what are you guys fans of? If you could say, like, I am a fan of this, what would that be? You could tell just how much they love going to this celebration and being amongst these passionate superfans who just love Harry Potter. And then they did a kickoff of the celebration. We got to hear about all this cool new stuff that’s happening in the Harry Potter universe, like Fantastic Beasts, Cursed Child, new Pottermore stuff, and the Forbidden Forest. At the studio tour in London, they’re adding a whole new Forbidden Forest section. And then there was this huge Confetti cannon, and confetti was just flying through the air My favorite part would have to be when Warwick Davis was conducting the frog choir. It was the best Today we’re going to go to some panels We’re going to hear from Minalima, who did all the graphic design, including my favorite: the Quibbler Today we’re also going to check out the exhibition, so I’m pumped It’s a quaffle toss Yes! I can be a chaser! Is this how you hold it? Look, guys. It’s Hermione and Hagrid! This is Lana, she’s the coolest. “My giant friend.” Friends. We’re friends, right? Follow the spiders. Aragog! So cool! Hello, Aragog! Please be nice to me. I love Hagrid, we’re best friends. You don’t believe me? ahh Harry is savage. Tried to make a troll. This is for all the trolls in my comments Such a beautiful place to be with friends! You can just feel the Harry Potter magic There’s always a great atmosphere with a new park, even moreso doing a celebration. Very excited to walk down Hogsmeade. I’m all about just walking around. There’s some other layer that none of us understand, because it touches people and makes people feel less alone. It’s helped lots of people through difficulty, and it’s inspired people to read, generations of people: adults and children who’ve never read the book before now devour books all the time because of Jo. They tell you that there’s room for everybody, and that you have a place in the world. Everywhere we go in the world, people know about Harry Potter There was a kind of wave of positive energy and love. I wanted to tell you guys all the things that I celebrate about Harry Potter. I celebrate platform 9 3/4 I celebrate the Hogwarts Express! I celebrate thestrals I celebrate Hogsmeade I celebrate Hogwarts! I celebrate Ravenclaw tower “I celebrate Slytherin” I celebrate Hagrid I celebrate Harry “I celebrate Hermione” I celebrate my home “Alohamora!” “Wingardium Leviosa” “It’s LeviOsa, not LeviosA!” Expecto Patronum! “Avada Kedavra” You’re a hardcore Hufflepuff! “Lumos” “Lumos!” Lumos! LUMOS! Everyone here just loves Harry Potter so much, and it’s such a wonderful experience and a wonderful atmosphere! Can I just live here forever? Hogwarts I celebrate Harry Potter “I celebrate Harry Potter!” “I celebrate Harry Potter!” I celebrate Harry Potter! “I celebrate Harry Potter” “I celebrate Harry Potter” “I celebrate Harry Potter” I celebrate Harry Potter Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home. Thanks Universal! (kiss)


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