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I’m Just a Bill Parody | Follow The Money | TakePart

Phew, you sure got to climb a lot of steps to get to this capitol building here in Washington. But I wander who that sad little scrap of paper is I’m just a bill! Oh yes! I’m only a bill just trying to get through on
capitol hill. I thought the power of my ideas would carry the deal but i’ve been told that it doesn’t work that way Cuz the lobby game has come to town, with lots of money to pay To pay They hail from K Street, with influential thoughts that roomies and TV spots Hired to make opinions sway now red or blue their parties are sustained Listen to all that noise who are they all arguing about That’s my friend health care reform He wanted to ensure the masses He was a bill yes only a bill but lobbiers spent 700 mill to give their ideas some extra clout and now the result of public option is out Oh no that’s awful! You think that’s bad? Wall st lobbyist have Main st deranged. Half a billion later, regulations unchanged They meet for tea and say no to taxes Some say they have caused financial collapses you know what’s funny even with all that money, they can’t rob your ballot, your vote keeps their jobs Yeah a bill is just a bill, but your vote can get it through With strong public will Hold your reps accountable, you have a say


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