• SMS enterprise

    Matt Gates completely nuked these witnesses, why don't you play the clip of that ABC? Because it destroys the fake impeachment narrative..

  • Shannon G.

    At this point the whistle blower should step in and I'm willing to bet!!! It's someone very close to Trump. Pence!!! We know you blew the whistle now stop hiding you little Android and dethrone this low class mobsters and all his get rich quick minions

  • Nonah Yobusiness

    Sadly, Democrats will need very expensive 24/7 protection soon from the millions of law-abiding citizens of America. Very, very stupid actions on their part will turn the American public against them. EPSTEIN DIDN'T HANG HIMSELF. WHY IS ADAM SCHIFF VERY GOOD FRIENDS WITH ED BUCK… THE GUY THAT DRUGS AND RAPES BLACK MEN? (because he might be in on it?)

  • Constance Fields

    Today was a waste of Time ,its ashame they gettin payed to conduct a bunch of B.S. on impeachment of Trump For Real Folks !!!! We the Prople needs to March Down on Washington n the Deep Swamp n serve they Asses n By the way Thanks for Electing Trump bck to Office 2020 Got my Vote
    👍 Democratic Party has lost it glad now to be Independent n tht just wht they are makin Alito of us become

  • Momma Biggs

    Nader was falling asleep during testimony. Impeachment proceedings against the President of the United States and the judiciary committee chairman couldn't keep his eyes open during testimony! Another sad day for democrats.

  • Nineveh Ishaq

    This is a waste of money!!!!! Hey I m all for woman power but Nancy Pelosi your wasting tax payers money for this! Now all of sudden democratic want to make things better with all these candidates for president! I m not a republican or democratic because both of side are a piece of shit liars!!! Sick and tired of the bullshit you try to sell us Americans!! All candidates sell us a dream which is all bullshit!

  • gracefulcat68

    when are taxpayers going to stand up and call bullshit?! stop wasting our tax dollars, and the time you all were voted into office for… voters can choose to vote for trump or not! today's debacle went to the republicans… as were the previous charades… dems are stooping so low now! the party used to be something to be more proud of…

  • Tre

    So still no solid evidence of corruption and abuse of power by POTUS?? Sheesh… another sad day for the Democrats. Go Trump!! MAGA 🇺🇸

  • Diane Merimon

    No whistleblower testimony no case. Republicans have been allowed to question….but the Democrats will everything they can even if they have to lie to get what they want. They have cried like babies since the election. The majority of Americans vote in a change and the Democrats are too arrogant and dimwitted to see that! No man told me how to vote. The first Clinton was impeached but still served out his term by a convenient bombing in middle east. Sure didn't want another one in office. We are tired of politicians lying to the American people and serving their own agendas and to hell with the people

  • Seven Black Swans

    I believe with all my heart that My President is doing everything with good intentions. He doesn’t want to go down in history like this, and why would he ?
    This is a rediculous farce of the most demonic kind !

  • Seven Black Swans

    🎶“ Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will live as one”🎶

  • Bernard Phillips

    "I'm not too sure what attempting to abuse office means, or how you recognize it." – the moron Johnathan Turley, 'nuff said.

  • Kathryn Nissen

    I am watching Collins opening statement and it has struck me that in all the public proceedings the republicans shout. Collins is shouting now. Other republicans shout at witnesses. What they say makes no more sense when shouted as it does in a normal spoken voice. It seems rude to me and rather angry, defensive and desperate. Had I been a witness I would tell whoever shouted at me that I am not hard of hearing and ask politely why they were shouting at me. .

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