Importance of early intervention
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Importance of early intervention

– So early intervention, it’s critical. It’s the most important thing
I could tell any parent. Again, I can’t stress
enough, if you’re having any concerns, go see someone. It’s better to go get the help than wait. I’ve seen children, it’s amazing,
that come into my office. They had no language; they
engage in tons of behaviors, and it’s looking not good for families. But they come in there
and they get the help, and they get the
intervention, and years later, these kids, you wouldn’t
be able to pick ’em out in a crowd as having autism, so the earlier the better is what I find with these children, and
what the research is finding. If you get the help, the
child can do really well. – Early intervention is
critical for laying down the foundations of development. It is like feeding the roots of a tree. Every part of development
is going to be a platform for your child to learn. Everything they do in those early years, between say zero to five, zero to six, as part of the developmental process, are gonna be skills and abilities that they will build upon
in their learning years. So it is critical to
have early intervention in order for there not to
be a developmental gap, and therefore not a
learning challenge later on. – Early intervention is
one of the greatest gifts that you can give your child. No matter where you’re living
in the U.S. or globally, you will find a university or a hospital where you can be directed to
an early intervention program. The children there will
learn social interaction. They will learn order. They’ll make friends. Hopefully they’ll learn sign language as a means of total communication, using every means to express
themself as possible, whether speech, as I say
sign, or other manipulatives. Just enough cannot be said about it. It really gives your child
the best early intervention actually, as it suggests,
the best start to life, in a really comforting,
secure environment. I’m very, very blessed that
my son has been at UCLA.

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