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Impractical Jokers – Not Mayo, Mustard | truTV

We’re here working
at the awesome “Jurassic World: The Ride.” And we’re carrying these
nifty little walkie-talkies. At some point, the guys are gonna give us a seemingly innocent line in advance that we must then use
to answer the crazy question that’s about to come over the walkie-talkie. And everybody around us
is gonna hear the question, and I mean everybody. The question is, will we have
the guts to answer the question? Joe: If you can’t answer
the question, you lose — err! Joe? Watching anything
good, sir? What you watching,
YouTube or…? Uh, yeah, I’m watching the ride. Oh, what do you mean? -Oh, the video from the ride.
-Yeah. He’s at the park
watching the ride. This is what, “The Mummy” ride? It’s great, right? Come in, James.
James, are you out there? James? Uh… Uh, yes, go for James. Were you the one that put “The Mummy” ride footage online, bud? Well, no. Of course, you know, you’re not allowed to take video
in “The Mummy” ride. Everyone knows that
in the park. Well, the views are going up as we speak. Someone just started
watching it, and everybody thinks that you’re
the one that rode the ride and put that
footage online. I mean, it was
a private video. Nobody would be sitting around
watching a “Mummy” ride video. Right? Hey, guys.
This is Sarge. We actually have
a pinged location. It seems that this video
viewing is in your area. It’s feet from you. Is there anyone with a multimedia device? The demographics say
it’s a male. Why is someone paying to come
into the park to sit down to watch the ride
on a small screen with not-good audio,
as opposed to enjoying everything
that we have to offer here because we do have
so many attractions? That person sounds like
a madman, to be honest. [ Laughter ] All right, Murr, your answer’s gonna be, “Not mayo — mustard.” Oh, got it. Hey, bud, we’re getting a report. Did you slop mayonnaise
on a toddler’s head? [ Laughter ] Not mayo — mustard. Okay. Thanks for the clarification, bud. No, I’m not an animal. [ Laughter ]


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