Inside Classified Briefing: Trump Admin Calls Checks On War Powers ‘Disrespecting Our Troops’
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Inside Classified Briefing: Trump Admin Calls Checks On War Powers ‘Disrespecting Our Troops’


  • Sam Lim


  • frances -duty

    What he is saying is that each circumstance is decided individually not one 18 years ago means its ok to do in an issue today different circumstances call for individual initiatives

  • Kate Coombs

    Besides his determination not to read anything because he thinks he's already an expert on everything, I suspect Trump can't read well enough to get through the whole Constitution. Also, why would he want to read the parts that aren't about him?

  • Barb Skrypek

    I hope that these same GOP Senators will be impartial when it comes to Impeachment time in the Senate and decide to go against their party then when it really counts!

  • Trent1007

    All of this is in line of Putin controlling the Orange muppet ‼️
    Distrust and discrediting America further decreasing our influence. While serving as a distraction for Putin to meddle in the 2020 election 🗳 with no real understanding of what happened in 2016 elections and no counter measures in place to prevent it come 2020

  • Lotta Sunshine

    Turn the calendar back to 2017. Before Trump tore up the Iran nuclear deal, we didn't have these problems, did we? This is all Trump's fault, but he won't accept responsibility. There was no reason for us to back out of that deal, since Iran was honoring the agreement.

  • Sharon Mores

    This was not a consultation, it was an afterthought. Inadequate Senate leader, sec. Of state, president, vice president, and most of the other nitwits in the White House.

  • Tajai Calip

    I say the Media and the insane Community disrespected the Troops when I wrote my poem dedicated to the Troops, " No more Fallen Soldiers." I did not appear to want to disrespect any Troops. The People and the Staff must have told the Troops something very insane as usual. There is not any History of Anyone I know hating the Troops that they would do something to their care packages. Reveal who these slimy snake are. We would not give the Troops poison cookies or cookies with drugs in them. Who is behind such manipulations. Someone is very jealous that we have our mind in tact and our lives together. We want to contribute good news and the haters want to spread hatred. We are tired of those People lying on us. Remove them from our society. With the haters around. People are NEVER going to trust good decent People. We do not want anything from the Troops. We want our local Governments to remember that they are peacemakers are let the Troops remind them.

  • Gary R

    Qassem Soleimani, the Iranian general killed in a U.S. strike.

     Trump’s Plan: Sometimes you got to put someone in a box to get them to think outside the box.

  • Separate Realities

    It was just a matter of time. We are so close to ellection time. Trump is desperate. It's not over. The closer we get to the ellection, the more insane Trump will get!

  • Dark Rainbow

    This will turn Republicans against Trump. When they wake up and decide they would rather have Pence in charge, Trump is a goner.

  • Dung Mai


  • Fred M

    Add to all this crap, the republican gang of lawbreakers are doubling down on support for him instead of distancing themselves from him

  • cindy clarke

    How many more of America military have to die before we say enough is enough? Trump said he would bring back our troops not send more to their slaughter, this was the action to take away from his impeachment ,why is it this administration think American citizen are going to lap up their lie's for another year ,time to get normality back in the WH

  • Mary Hjort

    The president and his administration disrespected the men and women in the armed services, the Constitution and the American people when they allowed Trump to withdraw from the nuclear arms treaty and impose debilitating sanctions on Iran. That act, precipated all the events which followed … including the attack on the American embassy in Bhagdad.

  • Bjarke Stemann

    Pure logic. The attack was only made to create the argument: "Any critic of Trumps administrations actions are unpatriotic"

  • garveydent

    You can't tell me these congressmen just realizing this admin had been skirting the constitution until now!! This is all just for show and they will still allow this to happen.

  • gwen roberts

    Military briefing…..was, well, too brief: 75 minutes. Congressmen had questions that remained unanswered.
    They were not told what Soleimani was planning. What was the imminent threat? What did his death prevent?
    They were told, "Do not discuss, do not debate…."
    How many congressmen will obey that? Probably most! 
    Thank you senators, Paul, Menendez, Brown, Merkley and Lee, thank you rep. Crow, Khanna and Connolly! We need a real leader.
    We need Tulsi in the White House!

  • DianeD08

    Trump do not care about congress or everybody. He is king. The constitution die every day with Trump.
    Trump is mentally disturb. Realize it.

  • Malcom Lahey

    How can this Maniac President be is becoming clear that Trump is totally incapable of looking after the national security of the US.. the constitution is sacrosanct.. maybe a civil war..

  • Maryvone Fayolle

    Have you not understood until now that Trump is a tyrant and those around him like the Secretary of State his fixers the rest of the republicans are like zombies rubber stamps –

  • nutin butruth

    Where was mslsd when americans were killed? Was it the lead story that night? I know it wasn't because every lead story here is orange man bad.

  • suzanne adamson

    He'll keep bringing war threats every time the Impeachment trial proceeds. trump believes he has Carte Blanche via Article 2 &, unfortunately for the nation, so do his enablers.

  • Bad Kat

    Setting our soldiers up to be killed on foreign soil with no valid reason is the most unpatriotic thing a draft dodger could do.

  • Johan Labuschagne

    Why was Soleimani taken out? Reasons would be: 1) he butchered the living daylights out of ISIS (which is a close ally of the US – they use and support them as a proxy against Assad) and 2) he was busy arranging a truce with Saudi Arabia, another sin because SA is  an obedient little 'yes brother' of the US, and 3) Iraq's are tired of the US occupiers who butchered a million Iraqis in an ILLEGAL war, based on a pack of lies, and slowly becoming buddies with Iran.

  • Josie Fox

    Trump is a clear and present danger to the entire planet and must be removed. He cheated in 2016 anyway and has been caught trying to cheat in the 2020 election. What does an American president have to do to get removed if this is all just business as usual??

  • Karen Memhardt

    The problem is not just Trump, it is the Republicans like Rick Perry and the Democrat's like Biden who have been involved in milking the foreign governments for favors, deals money for them, their friends, family.  So therefore they are all afraid to declare Trump unfit and in collusion with Russia, because Trump knows what they have been doing.  Most people I have talked to state these problems with our USA representatives making these under the table deals in stead of representing the American people.  ALL of these REPS who have been in office for more than one term need to be voted OUT of office.  USA economy, the condition of our country infrastructure shows American needs have been ignored.  Spending billions/millions on buildings, monuments when the schools, educational needs, job deficit, income deficits, medical care, housing needs are blatantly being disregarded.    Trump, and anyone Federal or State that have sat through the financial crisis and taken no action must be removed from office.  Spending billions of dollars overseas when our own country is suffering, our own people are suffering has to be stopped.  America has been and is being sold out by these people in office.  The Generals who are killing other country's young men and women are also killing our own.  Trump's sending thousands of our people over seas to be killed was outrageous, and the Generals who went along with his actions all need to be removed, retired out of the Military.  Peace seeking is not killing.  Trump is being followed by the republicans like he is a HITLER….Trump's recent actions of wonton disregard for human life, statements threatening the American people with the police should be evident, he needs, must be impeached and the Republicans who stand in the way need, must be voted out of office.  What has happened to our Country?  Leaders? Moral values?  Religious Leaders?  Care of people, pride in who we are and what we have stood for as a Nation and as a people?

  • d d

    It is clear that Trump is using the American flag as a cloak
    to conceal his devious, self serving misdeeds. He has repeatedly accused his detractors of treason and lack of patriotism. This of course
    is far from tbe truth. The words of Bob Dylan serve as a perfect description of Trumps approach to patriotism and politics.
    " They say that patriotism is the last refuge to which a scoundrel clings. Steal a little and they throw you in jail. Steal a lot and they make you king"

  • Vicki Dansereau

    And this is why if you think this potential war is over you are mistaken. This is what all countries want. For us to fall apart as a democracy. Congress you better start listening to all minds, or you will not be able to fix this.

  • Debra Blasus

    Also disrespectful of Miliary Officals pardoning Navy seal. Now works on Trump campaign and selling clothing about GET BAD BOYS..

  • James Thomas

    The media & elected representatives should refrain from Trumpian tactics of name calling & bullying people they may not agree with. Everybody refers to Suleimani as a very bad person. I know nothing about him & I am confident others know nothing about this man either. Still they keep parroting abusive rhetoric because that helps in self justification the aptness of their cause & actions. The British would have been right in calling George Washington & his buddies terrorists and very bad people. They were seditious, advocating the overthrow of the rightful ruler of America, King George III. Now GW is called the Father of the Nation, we build monuments in his honor and carve his face into hillsides. Is it not right we give the same value, esteem & deference to a foreign leader fighting to free his nation from the invader, the interloper to secure their freedom? Jesus said, "do unto others what you will they do unto you". A famous general said "the best way to win the hearts & minds of your vanquished foe is to build a golden bridge over which they could retreat saving face. Someday they will cross that same bridge and return to make peace. Humiliate them and you have made an enemy for generations.

  • Thales of Malinda

    It was interesting, I recently looked up red flags of a cult. Sign 8 was "rules and values do not apply to leader."

    Sign 6: followers aren't allowed to ask questions or question authority. In other words open dialogue is welcomed.

  • Josie Fox

    10,000 lives ???? What about the millions of innocent people you killed in Iraq then ? Are those not lives? Murica is the world's bully boy so no wonder Trump. You elect a man who locks up kids and takes food stamps from the poor so how many lives are lost there?

  • Avis Tumpkin

    Stop this president, at all meants. We don't want war. Put his sons out in frontlines. Then his senses would come back.

  • Debi M

    The general may have been a bad guy, but there was no imminent threat to us. He was playing in his own backyard when trump murdered him.

  • Robert Roland

    The Senate will still enable him to do whatever he wants and praise him for it. When they're very own benefits are taking away, maybe they'll come to terms to remove him. So to start shooting at the Republicans with this idea. Enterprise Corruption. We could start RICO on both Trump boys for charities fraud, bank fraud, money laundering, wire fraud, embezzlement, check fraud, impersonating as an government agent, and campaign fraud. If I've left anything out, please fill in the additional charges. Trump may resign. If done quickly.

  • Semper verum

    So senators can't discuss it amongst themselves, but Donny blabs about it in the urinals
    at Mar-a-Lago to some guests ?
    Does Donny have any idea how it is supposed to work, or is he willingly/ knowingly breaking the rules?
    The janitor there knows more state secrets than congress does…

  • Gary R

    Derek Demulling – The details of that medical exemption remain unclear and controversial, and most draft-related government medical records from the Vietnam era were not preserved.
    Despite the supposedly “short-term” nature of Trump’s disqualifying physical condition, on 17 February 1972 he was reclassified 4-F (not qualified for military service), presumably due to the abolishment of the 1-Y classification the previous year.

    "I know it was a favor," said Elysa Braunstein, along with her sister, Sharon Kessel, in a report published on Wednesday. The two said that their father's account implied that Trump did not have the foot ailment that kept him out of the war.

    The Times did not find any paper evidence to corroborate the account of Larry Braunstein's daughters.

  • Kegga Puusi

    While Donald is always the smartest person in the room; in his own mind. In reality, he is usually the dumbest. Unless Louie Gohmert is there.

  • Isidra Lopez Ortiz

    In other words in the famous words of Mulvaney we do this all the time, (Trump gives the order and we obey,) so get over it”.

  • Leon Donnelly

    The USA is cutting its own throat under Trump. Get rid of lying traitor criminal President Trump and his evil lying regime. Save yourself America.🇺🇸


    ……. here's Trumpy's muddled 3:00 am thoughts — recalling S. Miller and Hannity's wacko words 24 hours before the Iranian general was taken out — ….. "Yeah, if I do this drone thing, those dems will completely forget about that evil impeachment thing hanging over my genius mind. Now, as I think this though a little bit more, get me three fish delights and two cokes (and I mean 2 lines of coke). Yup, they'll see what happens….. man, I love being king and that 2nd amendment!" Sniff, sniff.

  • Stampede Musicja

    The citizens of the USA is caught between being Trump or anti-American. Good one Trump, real gangsta with the biggest military backing. Trump still don't believe he's really the President of the US, knowing his deeds. He just wakes up saying how stupid thou art.

  • E. G.

    Pedos protecting pedos:

  • Serene Marine

    It''s also disrespectful to our Congress-American people denying witnesses-documents in a Senate Impeachment trial. So Trump should shut up about what is respectful to America. He is the last one to know

  • James Bond 007

    If u think this is over think again the Iranians have backed out the GCPOA and Restarted their Nuclear Activities they putting in bunch of new high tech Centrifuges and start it Enriching nuclear materials. Mr President Iranian people were Demonstrating against that brutal regime in Tehran in last 5 months more then 1500 young Iranians including a beautiful Precious 14-year-old Persian Yung Lady have lost their life’s trying to bring change 😢😭😤unfortunately what u have done is u have Destroyed everything those kids worked / Sacrificed for I was happy that u didn’t care and never said or Tweet about Persian people being slaughtered by their government because if u had the Mullahs would called every person they Arrested American agents and Executed all of them unfortunately the Cloud of war have completely blocked the sunlight

  • Jaime Cano

    Just a quick question
    If you suffer from heel spurs then how could you possibly play so much golf which requires your heels to rotate and push constantly?

  • Boyd Gilbreath

    I'm speechless. No wait! I'm feeling something! Oh, it's just ongoing shame that these paid flunkies represent what I thought was not a S'hole .

  • Oak Tree

    The troops take an oath to support and defend the constitution. This is no disrespect to the troops. Well spoken senator Murphy , it is about time you guys start following the constitution as i recall from my school days. Ask the troops do they feel disrespected by Congress for doing their job according yo the constitution?

  • Nicki Snyder

    This general INSULTED trump last month, THAT IS WHY TRUMP KILLED HIM. If trump really needed the guy gone he could have sent a spy to arrange an accident…..then deny it (he's not above lying) but he WANTED everyone to know if you insult trump you get killed. This has nothing to do with America, or our security…this is always all about trumps ego. Trump wants the world to be trained like his sycophants that if you worship him & excuse his every crime….you are rewarded….if you fail to worship …you are attacked.

  • Sagir32

    It all boils down to presidents have been taking more and more power away from congress. One man shouldn’t have the choice as to what we do militarily. Put the power back in congress where the thoughts and voices of many are heard, debated and voted upon as outlined in our constitution.

  • See Softwr

    (Just fake number): The USA is such a protected country that over 96% of American people don't know what is hunger. Even over 60% of those same american trying to expose them self to hunger in some DIET but fail lamentably. Maybe a max of over 10% of American took a bullet.

    In some country, it is the opposite way, over 60% of the population know hunger in a daily basis and because of hunger; 4% are on the edge to meet the creator. 50% have taken a bullet or a gun. And they have song like "death to America". So at least 60% of American peoples will not understand because they even fail at a simple Diet. Let go eat my steak is waiting for me!

  • Kyle Holland

    The "Christian" Nazis sure HATED any thought of legal oversight over Hitler, the same way that the KKK, and the Confederates, and the Republican Fourth Reich, HATE the thought of Don the Con having legal oversight over Don the Con.

  • Mark Chippendale

    Sending your troops to an unjustified conflict – and potentially sacrificing them like toy soldiers – is by definition DISRESPECTFUL of their value and possible sacrifice!!!

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