• Dicky Jones

    Asians getting a taste of racism and bigotry from those kind caring liberals. Whites have been dealing with this for the last 50 years so welcome to the club…

  • Gianni Marco

    Wow…so why not also insist that there have to be an equal % for all graduates and jobs: people would be graduated from the different faculties as a % of their membership in the American population (i.e. 13% of Americans are black, so 13% of medical school graduates must be black); and once a job/profession has reached saturation in any particular ethnicity, no more people of that ethnicity should be allowed to enter that profession?

  • The Snow Nigro

    talking about overrepresentation at the Ivy league schools, Jews make up 23% of the student body in Ivy League schools despite only being 2% of the population.

  • The Snow Nigro

    If the Ivy League is going to have a system in which the student boddt reflects the demography of the nation, every other catagory should srhink and the white one should increase.

  • Tim

    Most colleges would be only white and Asian if things were fair. How many non-black people are allowed to go to that black university? I think it’s called Howard university. It’s not even win when a black person gets into a black college.

  • 50 Pct Amused

    That's what grinds my gears about racist white liberals. Liberals LOVE minorities. They'll always treat them nicely and extend a hand – but only if said minorities are inferior to them in some form – whether it's intelligence, finance, job positions, etc.

  • Mana Coromandel

    Race shouldn't be a factor but it is. Just like it is in all areas of society including the media. Perhaps the question is why are quotas there? If you think it is because certain groups are lazy, less intelligent, complain more or want a hand up then take a step back and look at your views. End racism now ☺☺☺

  • Jammzy

    Even if you agree with this monster you can't seriously respect the fact that he doesn't let people talk or make points. He only had stats for 1 school. That says enough.

  • Tommy9834

    Here you go folks. The "tolerant" left arguing for literally how they need to limit a minority group, and a "privleged white man" saying we shouldn't be restricting the number of a minority group.

  • tameone

    I love how all these people are complaining about the small percentage of minorities getting into harvard over asians but no1 is saying anything about all the kids getting in because their parents went there and have no merit to get in! Yall so bias its ridiculous! Also, you act like the percentage of minorities have low scores or something..they are still the top percent in scores..they have to use other factors to determine who gets in! Also, lets put this to the real world..you think the people with the highest scores always get the job? NOOOOO they don't..jobs also take into consideration other factors!

  • Ravi Peiris

    I'm an Asian from India and have been discriminated since I was admitted to the University of California system back in 1988. It's not just Harvard. Living in California, Asians are discriminated in the work place when they are told to be bilingual Spanish.

  • Tomoe Gozen

    I live in Japan, but I want 2 say,Asian Americans FIGHT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The SAMURAI SPIRIT is with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Medusa Skull

    I am asian and I know. Asian are good as hard work and we learn quick. What we lack is breakthrough in intelligence and breakthrough in creativity. We are good as learning from others but very bad as teaching other what we know. We are also very weak as presenting our goodness. We like other to voluntarily recognize our accomplishments and not want to promote by default. We are proud, too proud actually, and easily becoming victims of embarrassment. The bottom line is, Asian is what Asian is, you cannot change that.

  • stardust dragon

    Blacks are delusional for thinking everything is theirs. There would be nothing in this world but a wasteland but because Europeans made and invented all the things that has made this world great they say it belongs to them. Blacks go back to wonderful Africa land of the free and free of deadly diseases and the list goes on and on. This world will fall and it will be because of blacks and Islam.

  • David Rapalyea

    Ivy League? Google 'Yale shrieking girl' for grins. Completely out of control kid hounding an adult into final unemployment.

  • Joel Evans

    “Historically” underrepresentation IS the factor, not race itself. Is the takeaway from the left narrative. So tucker next statement is to say that his guest ignores the “Historical” underrepresentation that Asians, MEXICANS, native Americans, Italians and Irish suffered. It’s ALL A CROCK

  • olzt100

    Only an idiot would compare religion to race in a nation that was made by race. The fact that we still have Native Aermicans on reservations, all not on original lands, show whites pushed them into isolation. The trail of tears was forced on Native AMericans the same way slavery was forced on blacks.

  • A T

    Harvard grads are a bunch of loonie tunes who graduate and often get involved in corrupt activities in every industry they flock to. I run an engineering company and I would NEVER hire a Harvard grad. Nor would I ever hire a grad from any of the east coast Ivy League schools which are a mecca for breeding morally and ethically corrupt people.

  • Olay bsaysol

    If this was about Blacks all hell would break out – let's be honest…someone would lose their jobs🤷‍♂️…I'm not saying this against Blacks so don't get me wrong…🤝…white folks walk on eggshells when it comes to Black agendas…

  • John Sagnella

    I teach in Asia. The Asian students get all the answers to exams. The take the tests sometimes 3 dozen times until they memorize the answers. Fact is 45% of Koreans drop out in the first year.

    They can't read write speak or listen in most cases. They use site that post homework and use other agencies to help them do the assigned work.

    I also went to grad school with Koreans. They cheat.

    They come from a country that teaches how to repeat as a show of respect to the scholars they are plagiarizing.

    Confusion thinking vs Socratic

  • dreann23

    Just face the reality. Hispanic and black students have much lower IQs' than asian students. Thats why they have to use "diversity" as a protection to get into schools or else there would be all asians in good colleges.

  • NewYorkNYKer

    I saw dark Indian student got accepted in Harvard Medical school with 3.1 GPA.. How? He fixed his identity as African American!! That makes sense?!

  • NewYorkNYKer

    Caucasians are too generous and understandable to Afro Americans but not to Asians cuz their voice is silent. I am sick of AfA raise their voice with anything like approach Police officer when he said dont move.. no gun found and protest??? Asians or even hispanic know what is right thing to do in those circumstance. So what is something that you dont understand?? Dont move means dont move!! 21 means 21!! Even kindergardens listens!! It's either you did something wrong previously and your instinct make stupid judgement? Right??

  • pureum kim

    Even 20 years ago, there were allegations that Harvard and other top schools discriminated against Asians- It is sad that it takes a lawsuit to try to bring out things. Schools should value diversity of ideas and thoughts not biological aspects. Also, we need to focus on fixing broken schools first. My undergrad econ professor said that if you want more people of certain race go build better schools in those districts. Unfortunately, that has not happened and that was almost 15 years ago- Liberals should really focus on fixing broken schools (e.g. Chicago) not fixing college admissions.

  • oyunadawa lokiyisangkim

    this is so disgusting its not about asians. this is about white elitism. they want to protect white elitism, white majority, white privilege. this is about maintaining the status quo for themselves. it was never about anyone else but them. they use others/this policy as a disguise. this
    whole runaround about doing asians wrong, its not just about doing us wrong, its about doing everyone else wrong to make it always rite for themselves. so ridiculously scandalously disgusting for asians to have their name besmirched and for other minority groups to be pinned
    against each other. to always deflect but then to never be introspective.

  • Will Moffett

    Tucker Carlson's mother, Margaret Carlson, was a journalist featured on political talk shows. Then, even though there are very few such positions out there to fill, her son became a political talk show personality as well.What a coincidence! Or maybe it wasn't a coincidence. Maybe Tucker used his family connections to get where he is. In fact, to assume otherwise is to be patently naive. Tucker's wanting to kick out the ladder for people who might have disadvantaged, the opposite of how he was privileged, is pretty scabby even for Tucker.

  • KD

    How many children of the 1% are represented at Harvard or really any Ivy League college? Hint….it is much much higher than 1%. Are they historically under-represented and downtrodden group as well? Puhlease, the jig is up. IMO thats much worse than trying to fix the problems of blacks and Latinos by looser admission standards.

  • Mamiya Phan

    Personal qualities have always been a factor to Ivy admission. Asians dont have the personal qualities the Ivies want and need. End of story.

  • Stephen Kim

    Seeing the reactions to the lawsuit is so disappointing. I have yet to see any blacks or latinos step up and say anything positive in defense of the asians that are being discriminated against. Yet so many of us asian americans are saying that we would take the hit to keep affirmative action to help blacks and latinos.

  • Shawn Peterson

    They are clearly discriminating against Asian men. The plaintiffs that are suing Harvard for affirmative action discrimination or demographics in Harvard deserve to win. If they don’t end up winning, which by just listening to what data the suing side has attained and will be able to use to dispute and investigate to present in a federal court of law. They will clearly be able to win unless the federal court system becomes unjust.

  • Shawn Peterson

    It wouldn’t be a concern because they are the white Protestant rich privileged kids, that’s why it isn’t a concern. Jesus don’t use your fancy language to try to put yourself on a high horse when the point you are arguing is irrelevant

  • Thanatos Ragnarok

    Asian hard work is being taken for granted. Hard working to get good grades? Yes you’re Asian. This is normal. You’re being a very good law abiding citizen? Yes, you’re Asian. This is normal.

    Being Asian myself, I know Asians will keep quiet and won’t speak a word. I thought we Asians were smart. See Blacks and Browns? Time to cry and complain too. Otherwise, enjoy being submissive punchbags.

  • Frank S

    I do hope that Harvard loses the lawsuit because affirmative action is racist. Nevertheless, I think that whites, Jews, and SE Asian-Americans should boycott universities that discriminate in the name of racial equality.

  • TheUsername217

    Harvard is 64% white 5% black and yet he wants to take away the quota? For what? So the white block can grow to 80%? Taking away the quota would definitely not benefit Asian Americans

  • Mike M

    just once in one of these stories I would like to have the black man just admit that black people are not as smart as other groups and because I am black I think they should be given a step up and put in schools they are not qualified to be in.

  • bean bean

    bro, you can have a diverse environment outside of school, Harvard is to accept best students, not to choose by name, k? blacks ARE underrepresented, but so are Asians, but society listen less to Asians, it's just sad.

  • bill nguyen

    He lost the arguement then he resorted to slavery 😂😂😂 classic. Thats y yall will never go above, nothing can stop me im all the way up!!!!WE WERE KINGS N KANGZZ

  • Pavel Ten

    I think more Asians need to speak out about their issues. It is our problems and staying silent we willn’t fix them. Only with help of other people we can make a change

  • Haha Hehe

    Why should Recent arrivals of rich Nigerian background be on affirmative action Programme??? What wrong are they righting here??

  • Billy Anderson

    This black guy knows dam well that Asians and whites are being denied college because of their race and higher IQs ! Hell there's radical libral proffesors who are doing opens saying that white males should have their constitutional rights stripped from them and the college administrators do nothing , our own government looks the other way while whites are openly discriminated against! And we also know many black high schools have been caught pure lieing about their test scores !

  • Billy Anderson

    There's more poor whites than there are the total black population and they been set on the back shelf! This guy is a lieing asshole like most of Tucker's guests!


    I don't understand why they are so upset. You are going to get into hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt just to get the same job as someone who went to a state school no one knows about. If I was Asian I would see this as a privilege to not go there because at the end of the day you'll not have any debt and you will be in a much better position to start your life right out of school.

  • SteakCity 300

    I understand it’s institutionalized discrimination but as an Asian-American I pride myself on working better and harder under circumstances that are essentially preventing me from succeeding. No Ivy League university? Cool, I’ll become line worker and make 100k a year, or a foreman that works my way up to huge 6 month commercial contracts or work to open my own restaurant or catering service etc.
    This issue isn’t going away anytime soon so let’s adapt and not victimize ourselves here and proceed accordingly.

  • Kan Ding

    I guess Harvard doesnt want all its students be asians….Because no one likes us 🙁 I want to go back to China

  • Jack Gunn

    It blows my mind that the Supreme Court actually approved of "affirmative action" in college admissions in 2016. I thought we all agreed that racism was wrong.

  • John Blackman

    take them to the cleaners . they won't change until their bottom line is hit . the fed. govt. should pull their funding until the administrators toe the line and the college swamp is drained . just another snob facility with an evergreen mentality . how come thomas sowell hasn't been on to comment . he would make these know nothings look as stupid as they are .

  • Rock telling Rock telling록이라니까 락이라니까

    Ladies and Gentleman of the orient, let's make a muderous rebellion to eliminate the discrimination of asians in prestigious universities. That way, there will be no discrimination against asians in this country's prestigious universties. If you stay still, there will be no end to discrimination. And I have something to say to the discriminating interviewers of perstigious universties. What is it discriminated againist you? Would it feel good to discriminate if you were in the opposite position? And What if there were more yellow people in prestigious universities that white people? There's nothing wrong with it. If you don't stop them from entering the east, they'll be admitted. If there are many asians, it's your opinion that there's no place for other students to enter. And other people don't think so. And don't you think that if you suggest asian adimissions, there will be no asian adimissions? So in that sense, you don't have common sense. So you change your mind.

  • Richard O'Keefe

    There are groups A and B. According to this university lecturer, it is OK to discriminate against members M of group a now because members of group B were discriminated against before the M subgroup were born. I am a bear of very little brain and blatant hypocrisy confuses me, but it sounds to me as though that Harvard lecturer is saying "It's OK when we do it." So his objection to discrimination in American history is not that discrimination as such is wrong but in who was doing what to whom.

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