Insider’s Look at Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights
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Insider’s Look at Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights

At Universal Orlando Resort you have this epic vacation destination with dynamic shows, state-of-the-art ride attractions. It’s really a place the entire family can enjoy… but in the fall when the sun goes down things get a little different. Perhaps even a bit darker. That’s when we transform Universal Orlando Resort into the Premier Halloween event… Halloween Horror Nights. [ Screaming ] Halloween Horror Nights is the biggest and the most immersive Halloween event in the country if not the entire world. You could come come as a guest during the day and see the park as is but when the sun sets the park literally does transform. The heart of the event really is it’s haunted houses that plunge you 360 degrees into these horrific environments. Our scare zones, which are our outdoor areas where we build new environments that also have also have really unique characters in them. And also our show content which is very dynamic theatrical experiences. People want to be scared that’s why people go to horror films or watch a scary TV show. Halloween Horror Nights is really living a horror film from the time you walk into our gate to the time you leave. Around every corner, around every turn, we’re going to be right there to scare the daylights out of you. Every year we’re finding more and more ways to scare our guests. You’re not going to want to miss what we have in store.


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