Insomnia Interventions May 1, 2020
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Insomnia Interventions May 1, 2020

my name is Erin Desmarais and I attended the insomnia intervention CPD program in December 2017 with my colleague Cynthia Leung. We’ve known for a long time that chronic insomnia is a common problem in
primary care we know that sleeping pills don’t work very well and have long-term
side effects. As practitioners in primary care, it’s exciting to be able to offer
an effective first-line treatment as an alternative to medication. We love that
the day was packed full of information and was delivered in a very
user-friendly way that gave us practical tools that were easy to implement. In
fact, after completing the insomnia interventions program, Cynthia and I were
motivated to create a 6-week program in our workplace that was successfully able
to run five times since April 2018. If you would like to learn more about
cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia and how to offer it in your
setting please join us on May 1st

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