Intervention am Deutschen Theater: MIND THE TRAP 9.1.2014
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Intervention am Deutschen Theater: MIND THE TRAP 9.1.2014

Where is the key? I want to know … I found the key damnit! Are you filming? (Cameraperson) Yes I found the key. It was in the Deutsches Theater. There are thousands of them. They stole them all! (General muttering, unintelligible speaking) (Statements from the stage, different speakers) I didn’t just not come, I’m even here. You didn’t just not invite me, I also … (unintelligible) You didn’t just not invite me, I came anyway. I wanted to see
whether there’d be free coffee. I may not be invited, but I wanted to have a look. You may have not invited me, but I have something to say anyway. I wasn’t just not invited; I’ll be leaving in a second. You didn’t just not invite me, but I had nothing better to do anyway. You didn’t just not invite me; I was also just bored. You didn’t just not invite me;, you’ll be speaking about me. You didn’t just not invite me; we even came. You may have not invited us, but we didn’t let this be taken from us. You didn’t just not invite me; I’m even here. You didn’t just not invite us; you’ll be speaking about us. You didn’t just not invite us; you even disinvited us. (From the lectern, Çigir Özyurt) Dear audience, welcome to MIND THE TRAP! When we, those who are labelled „young people, people with a migration background from non-Western countries, people with disabilities and people with low incomes“, looked at MIND THE GAP!’s flyer, we found it touching and adorable that the organisers came to the conclusion that barriers to access exist. It was an ambitious to try to change something. Nonetheless, we noticed several considerable traps. This is why we, a network of critical individuals
working in the Arts, didn’t want to have to miss this opportunity
and we’re joining in. You didn’t just not invite us, we came anyway. We came in order to extend you a helping hand and provide you with free tutoring; one could even call this development aid. We were surprised that the term ‘high culture’
still exists. Apparently, some people equipped with resources from the so-called high culture have climbed so high that in the meantime, have climbed so high that in the meantime, and find themselves not able to understand
contemporary culture and cannot get out of this trap. We asked ourselves why there are no invited
speakers of Color here, no people who are actually active in the Arts, no people who have to get by doing there work for little money, no experts with disabilities, etc. Basically, no people affected by the topic at hand
have been invited as experts. (Comment from the group) – Yep The monocultural biotope is once again speaking about us in an effort to keep itself alive. We asked ourselves why a conference about access barriers costs 40 Euros, has no sign language, isn’t translated into different languages and does not provide childcare. We asked ourselves why young people,
the topic of this conversation, cannot take part today because this conference is taking place at a time at which most young people are in school. And we asked ourselves why the racist, sexist, classist, ableist, etc. discrimination of people at cultural institutions is not being called out as what it is. Traps beyond traps; as you can see, the thresholds are high,
ladies and gentleman and all those, who define themselves differently. In order to make it easier for you to participate in the 21st Century, we thought that we could offer you an easily accessible event – an alternative conference with the title
MIND THE TRAP! The experts that are unfortunately missing here will be amply represented there. We even took the time to compile a list of speakers that one could have invited. Those who want to find out more about our intervention are welcome to join us tomorrow at 2 PM in front of the Deutsche Theater in order to hear our position/be present at our
press conference. You didn’t just not invite us; we’re leaving and hope you have fun speaking about us, instead of with us. We will leave you alone in your parallel society. Kind Regards, the network MIND THE TRAP! (Applause) (From the lectern, Ulrich Khuon) You could also stay. What would you say if we invited you now? (Cameraman, quietly) – Too late. (From the lectern, Ulrich Khuon) Well, that’s at least the offer I wanted to put on the table. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, ahm, thank you for this kick-off that has, again, made us aware that, ahm, those who take action, ahm, obviously open
themselves up for criticism. Those who take action, act in a certain way and not in others and this critique, I think, ah, is something one needs to bear. And above all, one needs to also deal with it or respond to it.

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