Intervention Early as Possible  How I Cope
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Intervention Early as Possible How I Cope

We know that we
did the right thing by getting that early
intervention at the earliest possible time. And with us, that was the 16 to
18 month mark with our daughter and 4 years old and up
for our two other ones. So just taking
our time with that and really breaking it
down, because if I thought about the big picture,
I couldn’t handle it all at the same time. And now, even at the age they
are, if I get overwhelmed, I go back to let’s
talk about today. What therapy do we have today? What doctor’s
appointment do we have? I can handle this. I’m not even going to look
at next month’s schedule, because it will just
worry me too much. Same with research. I would start researching
and read more about how kids are in the future
with these diagnosis. And I would stop
researching that and go back and
research just the age that my child is at right now. This is where I need to
stay, in this moment, or it’s too overwhelming to
even do the simple steps.

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