Intervention in Libya: Caused by Israel
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Intervention in Libya: Caused by Israel

Today we are forced to acknowledge that there is no concrete proof of the use of mercenary forces by Gadaffi. Yes, indeed, since your colleague also says that she has seen no mercenaries at all, and that all this was a legend spread by the media. Can you confirm this assertion? Absolutely, the work done by Donnatella, and it’s for that, that we have send investigators acting on-site, it was to see if we could really find mercenaries. This was not the case Notably, there was the case of a young Algerian, whose boss had to do a testimony how he had worked in a bakery. Well, he was suspected of being a mercenary and well, now, honestly, we don’t have a trace, we have nothing confirming this rumor. Lévy is a French journalist and publicist and co-founder of the “Nouvelle Philosphie”, in English “New Philosophy”. Behind the curtains, Lévy was lobbying by the then French president Sarkozy, for the intervention in the war. In Libya the philosopher became a warlord, the speaker for the uprising, that “drove the West in the war against Gadaffi”. You recount, for example in one of your books, that it is as Jew that you made your travel to Libya. Yes, that travel, that time in Libya, was as Frenchman, as writer and as Jew. And when I’m at the square of Benghazi, the one where Nicholas Sarkozy and David Cameron went to speak a few months later, I speak there. They all take me for the ambassador of Sarkozy. I say to them, I’m no ambassador, I’m not even a supporter of Sarkozy, I’m Frenchman and Jew. Son of Israel. You represent tribes, I’m also the representative of a tribe. The son of one of the oldest tribes in the world: the tribe of Israel. And those guys, applaud me at that moment. They applaud this idea, this circumstance and this truth, that a son of one of the oldest tribes of the world, the tribe of Levi addresses the Libyan tribes. A great part of your book is devoted to the genius of Judaism and Israel, too. Is Israel untouchable for you? Israel is untouchable, yes. Last question on this, you are very attached to the state of Israel. To its survival and existence and its life in peace. Doesn’t this upheaval of the Arab revolution and especially in Libya, threaten the stability of the state of Israel? Wait, I’m more than very attached. I’m unconditionally attached to Israel. I’m an unconditional friend of Israel. And it is as such that I say to you: On the contrary. This Arab spring, I think it’s good for Israel. Where Gadaffi is extremely dangerous and where the international community has a role to play, is that he has airplanes. That these airplanes can, firstly, realize a true ‘Viva la Muerte’ of oil with Ras Lalouf and Bayda at stake. These are two cities, of which I indeed confirm that they have fallen in the hands of the insurgents, since yesterday. It’s crucial. If Gadaffi has control of these cities, he is capable of realizing a great inferno of petrol, of which he probably dreams of in his demonic head And secondly, he has fighter jets, which can depart from the base of Sirte, come shoot at the crowd, which will be united every day, which holds the cornice of Benghazi. So the international community today, it seems to me, has the power. And that which they ask, the provisional government of Benghazi, is help to render the aircraft of Gadaffi incapable of causing harm incapable of causing harm by jamming his system of transmission, incapable of causing harm, by bombing two airports. The aiport of Sirte and an airport in the south of the country, which is the bridgehead for the mercenaries, which come from Chad, from Niger and from Mali. And bomb the bunker of Gadaffi, which serves also as base of departure for his works of death. In Zenten, in the west, the philosopher has encountered the insurgents, according to whom the rebellion will never accept political negotiations as long as Muammar Gadaffi and his family are in power. The boys I have seen here, the men I have seen here, for them the idea of a political solution, which would sell out their fight, which would hand them over to the soldiers of Gadaffi, would be unbearable. BHL also went to the prison of the town, where he encountered Gadaffist prisoners. The idea that the army of Gadaffi is an mercenary army, is no legend. The idea that these men fight for money and without ideals, is no legend. All that is true. The presence of Judaism is attested in France, even before France was France, even before it was Christianized. We must not forget the expulsions, the expropriation, the forced conversions, the wearing of the “rouelle”, which would echo sinisterly some centuries later as another piece of yellow fabric. I don’t forget that the republic, which had emancipated the Jews, condemned Dreyfus to forced labor, to afterwards recognize and cancel this monstrous injustice. I don’t forget the dark period of collaboration, which experienced the law in service of an odious anti-Semitic policy. I don’t forget that French authorities, in French uniforms, presented themselves in the morning of 16 July ’42, in front of buildings carefully selected, to arrest Frenchmen, to put them in Vel’ d’Hiv’ during three days and three nights before sending them in French trains to the death camps. I don’t forget that these women and these children were snatched in their sleep, to be put against a wall of hate, by those themselves who would have the mission to assist and protect them. I won’t forget any of that. The Holocaust. Which wasn’t committed by Arabs, but by Europeans. Which didn’t take place during the Middle Ages, but in the 20th century. The Holocaust, which is the shame of modern times. The blindness of the world, the silence of nations in the face of the enormous crime, which was being committed, remains an irreversible smudge in the conscience of humanity. And we have all contracted, towards the Jewish people, a debt, which can’t be extinguished, and the only way to acquit ourselves of this debt, is to never compromise on the security of Israel. That is the issue. There is a debt on the heritage of humanity. The Europeans had the mad idea of the Holocaust. France and Germany. France doesn’t compromise on the security of Israel, because Israel is a miracle. Israel is a miracle. I want to say, that my entire political life, you know this, I have defended Israel. It’s rightly because my entire history has been to be close to Israel. I will never accept that we put at stake, the right to security of Israel. Never. It’s the fight of my life. We think that peace (for Israel) is possible, that the initiatives are for the taking. Exactly, because everything comes together. Look at Iraq, look at Syria, look at Libya. One can say it’s a catastrophe, yes. But we can also say that it is an opportunity to work on something. And nevertheless, you did undergo much reproach, three years later, of having involved yourself in the conflict. At this point, do you regret it today? You personally. But not, not one second. If I regret it? You’re kidding. Not one second. I think that it’s a beautiful thing that France has done, it’s a great thing. You, who has pushed for the intervention in Libya, isn’t there something on your conscience? Yes. In 2011 you wrote, that what arrives, a new Libya without Gadaffi, will be better. In 2015 is it really better, the new Libya? Yes. – Yes? Yes? It is not as… It is not so beautiful as you can let tell you, because history doesn’t happen in one day, and not even in 4 years. It has taken a century in France, it has taken ten years to do the French revolution, it has taken almost a century to proclaim the republic. So obviously in a country like Libya, which has never known a state, which has never had a democratic culture, it’s true that it takes some time. But we are the worst placed, us French, to give lessons to Libya of the speed of passage towards democracy.

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  • mark elliot

    The Young Turks are a Zionist media outlet of the left. The real Young Turks murdered untold Armenian Christians after torturing them and cutting off their hands. There were so many hands that you could have laid them out and built a highway. The real Young Turks were Crypto Jews. No surprise that Cenk and his Zionist backers chose that name.

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