INTERVENTION – The Webseries, Episode 3, Out with the old
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INTERVENTION – The Webseries, Episode 3, Out with the old

Wake up slut!
Drink this haha
Can’t have you dying of thirst Drink up
hehehehe feel good?
little more hehehehhe What do you want..
shhhh What do you what do you want
from me? I do the talking
shut up what a mess
whew jesus
ha figures…it’s not mine What are you going through my things now?
Where’d you get this?
It was in your car Who’s is it?
I asked you a fucking question, you stupid bitch.
Are you going though my things! You don’t go through my things. (I didn’t
mean it) You understand that!
NO!!!! No Tony!
You don’t go through my things! You worthless filthy piece of shit! (I didn’t mean to!)
Mommy? Here, put this on. It’s not going to stop
bleeding Just put it on there
Owww Oh god. You can’t keep letting him do this
to you. Well, what am I supposed to do?
Well, you need to leave him. How am I going to do that?
Well, what about the kids, they can’t keep being around this. I’ll help you. You can
do this. You need to think about the kids. I mean,
what are they going to learn from all this?
I know… You gonna help me?
Of course, I will. Irene, I will always be there for you.
I am gonna need all the help you can give me.
You got it. You need to keep your fucking paws off her
you animal! (let go of me you stupid bitch)
Come on, bring it on you bastard! You know, get the hell out of here
(fuck you), before I call the cops. (fuck you)
Oh no! Oh no! Get your hands off of me. (no no)
This isn’t over. Oh yeah it is…
It’s over, get the hell out of here! Who are you? What do you want?
Want? Why do you always think somebody always wants something from you?
I can’t breath. Wake up wake up!
Don’t pass out on me, don’t pass out on me, bitch.
hahahahahaha All you do is take take take
How many marriages have you destroyed? How many children have you lost?
Well, my child…I am going to change how you look at the world.
I am going to change the way you look at people, the way you do things.
A little deprogramming…yes… take a nap…


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