Introduction to Legislative Outlook on Lexis Advance® – Show Me How Video Series
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Introduction to Legislative Outlook on Lexis Advance® – Show Me How Video Series

Introduction to Legislative Outlook This is a short video on Legislative Outlook
on Lexis Advance. The Legislative Outlook feature allows you to determine the probability
of passage for each future stage in the legislative process and to gain insight into whether or
not pending legislation has a likelihood of passage or failure. This will greatly assist
in reducing the time needed to analyze legislation. The Legislative Outlook feature is available
for all pending legislation. Begin by pulling up a pending state or federal
bill. The document has a section called Progress,
showing the percentage the bill has to progress to the next stage of the legislative process.
This is not the percentage it has for overall passage, merely the chance it has of progressing
to the next stage of the legislative process. It is rated as Low, Medium or High. The Progress
field also shows where the bill is in the current process. The algorithm takes into account the state’s
partisan breakdown, the sponsor’s influence, and the path to passage. The state specific
factors are weighted for each jurisdiction. Next to the Progress area is a link for Legislative
Outlook in Detail. This feature shows more detailed information
about the bill, showing the analysis of the various stages. It includes the sponsor of
the bill, as well as the sponsor’s political affiliation. The Legislative Details also show the party
make-up for the chamber. Below that area are details about the sponsor’s
years in office, as well as their success rate in the previous legislative session. This detail provides you with solid information
that you can use to assist in predicting whether or not this bill has a high, medium or low
chance of passage. The Legislative Outlook feature provides the
tools you need to better understand and predict whether or not legislation will become law,
using an easy and efficient method to allow you to visualize the process. By using the
Legislative Outlook feature, this will result in better outcomes for you and the clients
you serve.

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