Introduction to the FDA & Health Working Group
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Introduction to the FDA & Health Working Group

Hi, I’m David Hyman. I’m a professor at Georgetown University Law
Center and I’m the Co-Chair of the FDA & Health working group of the Federalist Society Regulatory
Transparency Project. So, the reason we have a working group
on FDA & health is these are both very important areas, not just to the economy, but in terms
of the day-to-day lives of Americans. So, FDA regulates food, drugs, medical devices. And for drugs: no drug gets on the market without the FDA determining that they’re safe and effective. The health side of it: we have a very large
health care system. We spend a couple of trillion dollars a year
on that and about half of that flows through the government and pretty much all of it is
regulated by the government at various levels and with various mechanisms. And, so, there’s a basic Goldilocks problem. You want to make sure you’re regulating just right. You don’t want regulation that’s insufficient. And you don’t want excessive regulation. And, so, the working group is basically involved
in looking at the FDA and also the larger health care sector to make sure we’re at the
just right level of regulation. The challenge is that you don’t want to overprotect
people, because if you keep a drug from coming onto the market that is, in fact, safe and
effective by waiting too long to approve it, that has real costs for patients. They can die prematurely. They can suffer
pain and disability. And, so, you want to make sure they’re not
approving unsafe drugs, but you want to make sure that they’re not dragging their feet
too long on drugs that are, in fact, safe and effective. So, the FDA and the health care system touches
more peoples’ lives than probably any other aspect of the regulatory state and, so, you
should care and care a lot about this because it involves a lot of money, it involves the employment of lots of people, and it involves peoples’ lives. If you’re interested in learning more, go to, and you can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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  • bill thompson

    And big Pharmacy pays people off under the table. They won't find a cure for cancer ,because there's too much money involved. I have quite a few dead relatives to prove it.

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