IOG Gov Talks: Episode 5 – Fiscal Federalism and Decentralization in Iraq
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IOG Gov Talks: Episode 5 – Fiscal Federalism and Decentralization in Iraq

Hi i’m Cory Campbell at the institute
on governance welcome to IOG gov talks let’s get started I’m here with senior
researcher Mike Fleet to discuss the IOG’s multi-year project in iraq on
fiscal federalism and decentralization so Mike tell me about this project so
through the IOG, Canada is supporting a decentralization of a more capable
provincial governments that are better equipped to provide basic services the
people of Iraq the project which began in 2015 supports a federal and
democratic Iraq are working with the different levels of government to help
define the roles and responsibilities and accountabilities as defined in the
Iraqi Constitution the first stage of the project was role that over a period
of three years the first element focused on government institutions and working
through the decision-making processes and practices that affect fiscal
federalism decentralization this involved working with the executive the
legislative and judicial branches of government as well as looking at the
interactions between the ministries and the governorates themselves the second
element targeted the individual actors within these institutions and broader
civil society so the prime activity involved intensive training and
knowledge sharing between elected and appointed public figures as well as
members of civil society organizations and how they can work together better and
support the institutions that can provide better services to the people of
Iraq the next section of the project also funded by Global Affairs Canada
continues to work via three main components so the first is a gender
component where we work with civil society organizations and female
politicians on better practices for advocacy and government accountability
for example this involves the launch of our women cohorts which is where we work
with women at the federal provincial levels as well as different CSO leaders
giving them together to provide advice and knowledge sharing on how they can
work together for advocacy and become more effective actors in a decentralized
Iraq second is a leadership development capacity building so so how we do this
is that we’ve been working with the University of Karbala to help establish
the center of excellence and lastly involving institution
which focuses on the pilot projects in the governorates Diwaniyah and Maysan where we
assist in the decentralization process from the federal government to the
provincial governments that sounds really interesting so why is the IOG involved over all the projects meant have the ultimate outcome of increased support of
a sustainable federal and democratic Iraq with senior public service
executives in the government of Iraq at the Kurdish Regional Government and some
governorate having increased ability to lead in this ongoing transformation the
IOG is a wealth of expertise individuals who understand how
government operates in a federal structure as well as the politics
involved what we offer in Iraq is providing nuanced advice and assistance
in working with the Iraqi government on the federal process and how that in turn
can provide good governments thank you Mike for more on the work that the IOG
does internationally go to

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