• Harvey Weinstein Ejaculated On Me

    Can you imagine the mindset of somebody who would stand and cheer in the street because they are now permitted to end the life of a human bing inside of them? I'm honestly speechless. Welcome to the 21st century.

  • Not Real

    So now when a woman has a miscarriage they should get zero sympathy because by their own standards they havnt lost a baby.

  • King Damager

    A sad day for Ireland. They are celebrating a terrible mistake. Their population is already in decline. Now they can look forward to half of their future generations being aborted and a accelerated decline in their population. They will have a sad future.

    That is just part of the practical reasons to be sad about this. The killing of babies for overwhelmingly selfish reasons. There is just so much wrong with this.

  • Rosenblum

    The whole world finally enters the 21 century, just the United States and their christian fascists are still stuck in the darkest middle ages.

  • Tiaan Laubscher

    Amazing to see how a whole nation needed to vote so that Woman may have the right to decide what they can do with their body. Well done Ireland. you have my support

  • Ver Coda

    I’m sure we Irish apologise for not being what the zealots on Fox News would prefer us to be. How unfortunate we are not to be American… although, now that I think of it, we’re not involved in any wars anywhere. And we’re not deposing leaders to set up oil deals. And we’re not propping up Israeli or Saudi butchers. And we’re not bombing thousands of men, women and children. And we’re not killing tens of thousands of people a year with mass shootings and gun murders. And we’re not run by an absolute fuckwit of a corrupt leader under intensive investigations, cheered on by people who think the planet was made 6,000 years ago. Still, we’re worse than Merrrka, eh…

  • E Johnson

    Regardless of the outcome, Irish politicians already set in motion the importation of millions of Africans into Ireland. While all of the braindead women abort their futures, in the end all that will be left in Ireland after 50 years will be the black invaders

  • angelo lopes

    Another Soros victory who funded masses of the abortionists.Disgusting millions of children will be killed.

  • John Stefanyszyn

    See, the Irish are truly Catholic.
    See, the Irish truly follow the teaching and example of 'Pope Francis'.
    ….see how they worhsip and live by the spirit of FREEDOM "my rights" "my religion" "my sexual lifestyle" "my fornication" "my abortion".
    Note that the vast majority of abortions are not done for medical/health reason BUT for personal freedom.
    …and they are willing to sacrifice their unborn child on the alter of FREEDOM.
    And 'Pope Francis' has defined & declared that this FREEDOM "my rights" is good.

  • Soleil Honey

    LOL…All the Idiots in these Comments with their Bullshit Pro Life Propaganda.

    Very Happy about this Ireland News and Hope other Abortion restricted Countries follow suit in the Future.

  • Lee Guilfoyle

    Superb outcome for Ireland and freedom of choice. Organised religion has no place in today's society and this is just one more step towards distancing it from government.

  • bryan allan abian

    These people are angry because their stupid lifestyle holds a consequence. This is just selfish and stupid

  • John Rogers

    This fucking disgusting. All the young people that revel in this and are backed by the insane leftest media that murdering the unborn is something COOL. Imagine if that fetus was YOU. These people make me sick!

  • Im1sickpup

    For the first time in my life… I am ASHAMED to be Irish …..
    Congrats guys, now Ireland is no better than America.
    Have fun murdering babies because you won't use protection.

  • James Farrell

    I understand womens' desire to exercise more sovereignty over their physical being, but what is unfathomable in all this is the public jubilation over the "right" to snuff out the existence of another. There is something unusually sinister in the public display of joy in this legal victory. I wonder how many of the lovely young women in this video would not be among us today had this happened, say, 30 years ago?

  • Slappy McSlapster

    Sad, sad day….the Prime ministry said, "….this is Ireland's second chance to treat everyone equally and with compassion and respect." I guess EVERYONE BUT THE UNBORN CHILD!

  • Jeff Jennings

    Does anyone think that the Pence-Trump conservatism had an effect on the outcome of this? Is there a possibility that international disgust with rhetoric emanating from the US presidency helped push this through in opposition?

  • justsay no

    There is no longer a right wing in ireland. Its becoming a liberal dump. Look up the 2040 plan. The plan is to increase the population by one million. So why legalise abortion? To justify mass immigration. Its one of the easiest places to get citizenship. Another 3500 passports handed out this week.
    Planning permission being sought for a number a large mosques..
    The native irish will be a minority in their homeland by 2050.

  • American troll girl girl

    You only have 4.7 million people. Doesn't seem like you're reproducing anyway. Keep it up you'll be extinct.

  • Luca Blight

    I am all for people having access to abortions if really needed and under strict regulation….but that reaction from the crowed….that is a tad f-ing weird and bizzar!!!! who cheers for such a thing like it was some kind of football team winning… hell i don't really know how to describe it. Most of the girls i know who had abortions were not exactly celebrating it and remain emotionally scared long afterwards.

  • John Morrissey

    To have voted no in this referendum would have made no logical sense. The current situation is, Irish citizens/residents have found themselves in awful circumstances where they are forced to go abroad or online for a solution, or that they were denied a compassionate solution in a crisis situation, a horrendous reality that could face a loved one of yours'. No one's ambition has ever been to have an abortion, it is not a place where anyone wants to be, it is a terrible choice, sometimes the only option, which is a harrowing place for anyone to find themselves. Exporting the ordeal has happened for years and will continue to happen if the vote was no. A yes vote, accepted reality and allowed women to be treated with compassion in their darkest hour. A no vote wouldn't have changed reality or saved a single unborn. It would have continued with exporting the ordeal and would have continued with abortion pills being bought online without medical support. A yes vote was the logical and compassionate thing to do.

  • Al Clark

    It was crazy. People whooping and hollering, throwing fetus's in the air, fucking with abandon. burning their condoms in the street….crazy I tells ya.

  • HistoryBuff97

    Was there just a complete blanket ban on all abortion before? Or were there exceptions made for things like rape, incest and severe birth defects?

    Because if there wasn't, that is pretty fucked up. I'm all for banning abortion except in those cases

  • Sennie White

    I'm sorry, Ireland, but it feels very disconcerting to see such open celebration of the passage of such a heinous act.

  • Barbara 1

    You dont understand.
    Before if I was pregnant and had a big cancerous tumour, I could not legally deliver that wanted baby so that I could get chemo to save my life. Is that fair?

  • Barbara 1

    If I have a baby with no brain which is going to die soon after birth, is it fair or healthy to legally make me go full term with that pregnancy if I am struggling to do so? That WAS Ireland.

  • pmgmail

    The Irony is that we are now going down into a cesspit. Whereas in the States where abortion really kicked of after Roe vs Wade, they're going back to Pro-life. Pray for us here in Ireland…

  • Matthew Enriquez

    FINALLY. I don't care whether you're pro-choice or pro-life, Ireland had such a strict ban that made it hard for women to save their own lives. Whatever your opinion is on abortion, such a harsh ban equates to forcing a woman to sacrifice her own life for a fetus in some cases. There is nothing moral about criminalizing someone who just wants to live.

    (Edit: I had initially stated it was a complete ban, but the comment below corrected me)

  • john logan

    Fox News doesn`t seem to be upset about this at all. They almost seem happy. Are they Conservative or what?

  • ya boi skrubnugget

    Why abort the child, it's not the babys fault to be born so why should it suffer the consequences.
    It saddens me to see people celebrate the killings of unborn children, I would've kept the fucking baby instead of abort it because it is a part of me, I gave it life.

  • IrelandVonVicious

    The Irish acted fools on this one. 1/3 of the next generation will be thrown in the trash.
    Atleast it will be done by the weakest who voted this way and as thier genes leave the gene pool it will go back to how it was.
    Too bad it will take a few generations. It will happen in the U.S. first. The backlash will come.

  • SmithsnMoz

    If you're Irish Catholic and you voted "yes" to abortion… YOU MIGHT WANT TO CONSIDER GOING TO HOLY CONFESSION.?

  • Robert Browne

    Cannot provide health care, houses, new scandal every week the country was awash with abortion loving media. From the get go nothing but 100% biased media coverage. The “leader” of FF campaigned against his own party 70% of whom said they wanted the right to life protected. The Irish are nothing more than stooges and useful idiots for cultural Marxists. The population proving themselves to be easily fooled. One political party called People Before Profit failed to mention they were rowing in behind the Abortion Industry. Amnesty International funded by Soros went all out to extinguish the rights of the unborn. Amnesty are nothing more than a criminal enterprise who have hijacked that which was once good.

  • Ident man

    Well done ireland and we'll done on fox news for actually publishing a headline that isn't riddled with conservative bias

  • Ali Razi

    They tell you what has happened in ireland in a stupid referendum but they dont tell you most stores buycott israel products and people protest in front of US embassy in Dublin after the US changed its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

  • Lee Dillon

    Look abortions happen get over it! I know that women buy online medication here or worse to terminate and just go to the uk.sure the US still has executions on living human beings …we don't (as much as I would agree on some ). also ALOT of gun deaths we don't ! so dont be so quick to point fingers. Catholic church doesn't rule these days. They were busy raping children.

  • Egg Benedict

    I'm just laughing at all you retarded Christian conservatives who still think god is real 😂 wake up you retarded fucks. The bible has been proven false so many times yet you still won't face the truth because you can't admit you're wrong. If we all came from Adam and Eve, we'd all be incestuous. But we aren't because Adam and Eve were fairytales.

  • Faux Bummer

    You allow abortions up to three months pregnancy. You don't allow it in the last 3 months. You shouldn't allow it in the second trimester though it's a contestable issue. Government should not pay for abortions on demand.

  • RoboFuryMan

    Watching you ignorant little shits cry in the comments brings tears of joy to my eyes. You people would rather see a fetus grow to it's fullest potential and die from natural causes during childbirth along with the mother than see a health threat with no potential to suffer be removed before it develops into a conscious being. This is a victory for scientific facts and the fight against human suffering vs philosophical, religious moral rhetoric.

  • wuvlee

    Good for Ireland! Teen girl suicides might just drop now in Ireland. They have the highest rate in the EU…..wonder why. 🤔

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